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Meet Richard Jeanty

richeyes“I want to help people of color realize that their dreams do have potential and they don’t have to continue to be enslaved in a close-minded society.”

Captivating the mind with spellbinding, provocative and ingenious storytelling, author/publisher Richard Jeanty is a master craftsman–and tireless crusader–in the burgeoning arena of “urban literature,” as well as in life. Founder and President of his own RJ Publications, Jeanty turns words into vivid images, painting well-formed characters that compel the reader to become involved in their sagas.


  Sunny Delight "The Reader"

Mr. Erotica

Okay, where do i start? I could not put the book down. This was a record read for me. Kendra is naughty and nutty and Dave was crazy to even look her way to begin with. This book was great

Sunny Delight "The Reader"

Meeting Mrs. Right

This book flipped the script on male/female relationship and i enjoyed the approach that the author took. Jeanty has brought to light the fact that parents sometimes force their sons to be promiscuous just because they don’t bring a woman home every now and then. Women can learn a lot about men from this book. Congratulation on a great book.



I recently meet the author in Forestville, MD mall at a book signing, and I stated to him that never I never notice or paid attention to RJ Publications before. He suggested several titles of his books to me, I brought a couple and HOODFELLAS was off the chain. RJPublications you are doing the DAMN THING right along w/Cartel and Triple Crown. HOODFELLAS was a great read, I read the entire book in 4 hours. Watch out for Crazy D and the Asian Mafia, from the ending of the book, it looks to be a sequel I can not wait.

SandyThe lovely lady that is Alway Reading

Ignorant Souls

This series is my most favorite of Jeantys’ – He puts out this series seperately wanting the reader to want for more. I was first introduced to this series with “Neglected Souls” thinking this was indeed the first part. “Neglected No More” was then followed with me saying what an ending and now “Ignorant Souls” (the Prequel)revealing the beginning of it all. I was very much happy with the way the story was written. The sequence of events were well sought; The plot was creative and belivable; A Great Read!

YoliAtlanta Ga.
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