Why Men Cheat With Less Desirable Women

Today’s Freaky Friday and I would like to talk about some of the undercover freaks like Arnold Crush-a-maida and a few other men who have cheated on their wives with women that aren’t even worth the trouble.

I’m finding most of the time when men cheat, they cheat with women that are either working for them or close to their family and are in a subordinate position. We can go back to the Clinton-Monica Lewinski debacle and see how easy it is for a man to become attracted to a woman that’s less desirable financially, intellectually and even physically than their wives sometimes. Too many wives feel that their husbands are more inclined to go after a desirable bombshell when they want to cheat. That’s rarely the case, and even when it is the case, the relationship with the bomshell bimbo is usually shortlived. However, that plain Jane looking woman that your husband may be around all the time, gives him easy access and control.

First of all, it’s not hard for a man in a powerful position to make a plain Jane feel desirable. All it takes is a subtle compliment. The plain Jane is usually envious of the beautiful, glamorous wife, anyway. So her best weapon of revenge is to sleep with the husband. It’s vengeful because Ms. Plain Jane will keep their secret while holding in her laugh in the presence of the wife. Also, these men tend to find the less powerful women easier prey because they figure they can control them emotionally, and most of the time, financially also. Just imagine how that maid felt when Gov. and Mr. Arnold “I’ll be back, movie star” Schwartzeneger responded to her flirtatious ways the first time? She no longer felt like a second class citizen in the presence of Maria Shriver. She wanted to be number one in his heart and the way to do that was to drop her panties and let him have it any way he wanted, especially raw. The lady herself was married, but her husband couldn’t even hold Armold’s jockstrap, as far as she was concerned. These men are dumb enough to think they have the situation under control because of their powerful position. Who would’ve thought John Edwards was cheating on his wife? Why would a president allow an intern to give him a blowjob? An intern? It’s because these powerful men think they can control the situation when it involves a subservient person.

The fact that these men don’t even care to use protection while cheating, only reaffirms the belief that they are invincible. Strauss-Khan is going to find out the hard way about his invicibility as the woman he allegedly raped has been allegedly diagnosed as HIV positive. If Clinton had gone further with Monica Lewinski, I’m sure there would’ve been a lovechild there as well. Monica was too happy about the blowjob, so she blew her chance to take it to the next level. She was young, excited and couldn’t keep her mouth shut, literally.

The fact that when men like Arnold, Clinton, Jesse Jackson, and even the IMF Chief Strauss-Khan who allgedly raped a maid in Manhattan, are defended and supported by their wives in the media is very disturbing. Arnold has a history of groping women, Clinton has a history of being naughty with other women, Jesse Jackson has had affairs in the past as well, and Strauss-Khan has a history of forcing himself on women. However, the common fact in all these cases is that these women chose to ignore these behaviors from these men because of their powerful positions in society. That type of behavior is not curbed because it’s often overlooked by the wives, even before they decide to marry these men.

I know most women want to be with a powerful man, but there’s a price to pay when you marry a powerful man. The maid may be laughing at you, the nanny may be clowning (ala Jesse James), the secretary may be jestering you and the personal assistant may just know that you have no oral skills or rythm in the bedroom. These women are not as undesirable as you may think. They might just have one up on you.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    It has nothing to do with less desirable women; even with the education, the intelligence, and the money, you guys are weak when it comes to pussy lol… I think it’s time for you guys to stop underestimate the power of pussy lol…


  2. Richard Jeanty
    Richard Jeanty says:

    I think that men that aren’t used to pussy are overwhelmed by pussy. Pussy is only as powerful as you allow it to be. Some men don’t know how to keep from being affected by pussy. No pussy control = loss of judgement.

  3. Richard Jeanty
    Richard Jeanty says:

    Please understand less desirable doesn’t necessarily mean lack of intelligence, income, education or beauty as it relates to this post. I used the words “Less Desirable” in the sense that these men are married and they prey on their subordinate.

  4. Vanessa
    Vanessa says:

    Rich, PUSSY, the thought of PUSSY, the desire to get MORE PUSSY and just mere fact that it’s unlimited is POWERFUL. There have been wars waged, countries bankupt and millions of people died all because of PUSSY. Unfortunately, the holders of the PUSSY don’t realize how much power it wields until it’s too late for the getter of the PUSSY. Look how many MEN have been brought down because of PUSSY…I can’t name them all, but trust and believe, THEY NOW KNOW THE POWER OF PUSS and what can happen when they fuck it OVER!!!

  5. Richard Jeanty
    Richard Jeanty says:

    In some capacity, you may be right about pussy being powerful, but if it’s so powerful, why are women selling it on every corner in every city around the world for so little money?

    I guess the smarter women know the value of their pussy, but I can say the same for Charlie Sheen who chooses to finance his women right up front sometimes, right?

    I don’t think anything in this world can be that powerful unless we empower it ourselves. After a while, believe me, pussy is not really all that matters in this world.

  6. DEE
    DEE says:

    Most men in general tend to cheat with a less desirable woman because they think they can get away with it by thinking one would never believe they would stood so low.

    Women have to keep their eyes open. We have to remember that (DICKS) have no conscience and men in general like to have their cake and eat it too.

    I don’t think it has anything to do with pussy. Most men are so arrogant they think they can get in any panties @ anytime they please.

    Sure they can! They’s so many chicken heads women out there who are willing to lay on their backs or knees and hands just because their selfesteeme is so fucking low and really believe they will never get a boyfriend let along getting married. So, revenge of the nurd is sweet! Why not messing around with a married man!

    Being less desirable can be physical, but it alsocarries many meanings. From mental status to one’s atttitude ect…

    Not that I want my man to cheat on me, but if he’s gonna cheat he better to do it with a woman that measure up to me because if for some reasons the truth comes out and miss low life decided to confront me I better be saying, damn! Bitch looks so good i wanna have a threesome with her and my man. Otherwise I will kick his ass. LOL! (LIFE IS TOO SHORT ENJOY IT!)

  7. DEE
    DEE says:

    Pussy is though, but it’s not that powerful! Because if it was all men on earth would be happy! They wouldn’t leave their wivwes for another nor a fine ass young thing for a simple girl! THINK ABOUT THAT!

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