Who’s destroying the black community?

Who’s destroying the Black community?

White people have had control over the most influential weapon against our youth for the last 25+ years or so in Hip Hop. The most damaging influence of Black culture has been Hip Hop, and to a certain degree, R & B music as well. If you take a closer look at Hip Hop and R&B, and all the white executives at the helm, you’ll have a better understanding of how the narrative changed from Public Enemy, Jungle Brothers, De La Soul, KRS-One, Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, Brand Nubian and all the other influential rap and R&B artists who weren’t able to pass the torch of edutainment to the next generation. Black artists used to educate while entertaining. We no longer ask the world “What’s Going on?” in a song. We no longer “Fight the Power” in a song. The R&B artists of today go straight to the sex. They don’t even know how to “woo” a woman with words. As for the rappers, most of them act like they came from special education. They’re just recycling the same garbage lines about drugs, women, cars, more drugs, selling drugs, disrespecting women and shooting other black men.
Once calling black women “bitches” in every rap song became mainstream, black women themselves adopted the moniker, and every black woman started to refer to herself as a bitch, as well as her friends. It’s difficult to be around a circle of women who don’t refer to themselves and their friends as “bitches.” Now, as far as us calling ourselves “niggas” every day, we have the rappers, comedians and even R&B artists to thank for that. This extreme phenomenon was reinforced when NWA came out of the west coast. While we can say the song “Fuck The Police” was a political statement to a degree of social awareness, but NWA was probably one of the worse things that happened to Hip Hop. They made gangster life mainstream, and the East coast and the rest of the country soon followed. Their message was conflicted, because they only had few songs that dealt with the social issues we faced as a people. They’re all millionaires now, so it doesn’t matter, right? While Dr. Dre would later introduce many positive songs that got lost in translation, he couldn’t stop glamorizing the hood life. He brought Snoop out to tell everybody, “I don’t love dem hoes.” Jay Z was replacing them, while other men chased them in “Big Pimpin’.” What these kids aren’t realizing, is that these rappers who claimed not to ” love dem hoes, and replacing them,” all got a wife at home. While they are commercializing the degradation of black women, these fake messengers are tying the knots and making sure they have a woman who becomes the center and the rock in their world.
There’s a lot of young men growing up today that are under 30 years old who have no idea what it’s like to respect a black woman. Every station they turn to, they’re being told not to find love, that black women ain’t shit, treat them like disposable garbage, black women are only good for one thing, to waste their money on bullshit, to throw money up in the air for no goddamn reason to make it rain, don’t bother going school, and just worry about the flashy lifestyle, because that’s what life is pretty much about. From Biggie, to 2 Chains, the message has been the same. How come 2 chains isn’t talking about his college education and his wife in his music? Young Jeezy’s son is in college, why isn’t he rapping about that? Rick Ross had an honorable job as a correction officer, why is he ashamed of it? Remember when it used to be cool to be educated? We were on the road to achievements. White people had to find a way to shift that positive influence, and Hip Hop became the perfect catalyst. There’s a line of wannabe rappers waiting to sell their soul for a dollar and fame. Even Tupac, as much as he was positive, he was also conflicted as an artist, because they tainted him as a person by sending him to prison on a false rape allegation. Unlike most rappers, Tupac never got any woman pregnant. He didn’t even leave behind a child to uphold his legacy, but white people had us believe he was a rapist, though.
We have to get to the root of our problems and understand how white people use pop culture and our art to destroy our community. The latest trend has been those reality TV shows. It just seems the more baby mamas a guy has, the better his chance to get on a reality show such as Love and Hip Hop. Rich has about 9 children by many different women, Stevie has a truck load, Young Jock has a boat load, and still counting. These are the images that our young men and women are seeing on a daily basis, so many of them aspire to be like Stevie, Young Jock and Rich. In addition, the young women see nothing wrong with becoming somebody’s baby mama. That is how you easily break down or weaken the family structure in the black community. While a lot of ignorant black people see it as entertainment, they fail to realize the sub-conscience is built on the subliminal. We’re constantly at a crossroad in the hood, because people are looking for an easy way to survive.
When black women decided to become the most educated group of people in this country, it was offset by a study that claimed they only had an average of $5.00 in savings. When a young lady hears some bullshit like that, she’s most likely to forgo a college education, because she will see it as a step into debt, without any benefit to her life and development as a person.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the truth, but when the truth is being twisted to encourage a lack of drive, that’s not the truth I want to hear. In addition, though black women are the most educated, they still make the least amount of money. How is a young girl supposed to look at those stats and be encouraged to get an education? She’ll most likely want to be a vixen, so she can live the fake glamorous life that she sees on Love and Hip Hop. Somebody like Cardi B, who seems to have a speech impediment of some sort, makes a great argument for being rachet. She went from the strip pole to the top of the chart. We have to pay closer attention to the underlying message that white society is sending to our community. The problem, however, lies in the fact that so many black people are willing to become the messengers. Jay Z was a messenger for a long time, before he decided to have a message of his own. He waited to earn millions of dollars, before that reality set in. How many kids has he influenced during his voyage to millions? What he’s doing now does not offset the damage he caused over 10 albums where the drug game was his favorite subject. Jigga is not the only artist, though. I don’t want to single him out, because almost every rapper in the last 25 years was sold the same blueprint to fame and riches. The black community has suffered the brunt of their rise to the top through their music and lyrics. Now, the focus is to effeminate black men, and we have people lined up ready to do just that for a few dollars and fame. Some rappers are completely fine with wearing a dress. Some black men see nothing wrong with performing fellatio on another man. They don’t even consider that behavior homosexual. Have we really come this far for our children to feel normalized by homosexual behavior?
We’re not paying close enough attention to how the black community is guided. The fake wealth, fame and all the other fictitious dressings attached to success is lost in translation by us. It is no longer admirable to become a teacher, a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant, a plumber, a carpenter or any other profession that requires hard work. Many of today’s black women are automatically drawn to ballers. Unfortunately, we have a lot of black men balling their way into debt, jail, or death, to keep up with this narrative being sold by the media. This is where we’re supposed to grab hold of the wheel and start steering our children to the right course. We can’t rely on a white racist system to be fair. They have never been fair. They thrive on our destruction, and they understand there are far too many of us willing to give them a helping hand.

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