Whiting away our pains and dysfunctions!

There’s so much wrong with the black family, most people think they can right the wrongs by marrying white, as if white people didn’t create the dysfunctions for black people, and as if white people don’t have dysfunctions themselves.
White people’s divorce rate would be just as high as black people’s, if they were forced to deal with the obstacles that black people have to face on a daily basis. The resilience of black folks is the reason that the black race is even still around. White people and the rest of the world have done all they can to break the black race, but we’ve managed to glue the pieces of the broken puzzle that we have been dealt, and try to keep it all together.
Rich white folks jump off buildings and commit suicide daily over bullshit that black people could overcome with a 40 ounce. White people murder their entire family over bullshit that black people could overcome over a game of Dominoes with some random dudes in the neighborhood. White people murder indiscriminately and have an appetite for violence that no psychologist has dared to explore, because white supremacy trumps white dysfunction. You have a president in the white house currently who’s the poster child of white dysfunction, but some white people see absolutely nothing wrong with that.
What do you think happen when mixed babies are born? They also inherit those dysfunctional traits from white people, and they pass them on to many other generations of black people they may end up having children with. The nature of African people is communal. I don’t have to even choose a specific group of black people to highlight this point. Whether it’s an African American, Haitian, Jamaican, or Ghanaian family, black people in general feel a responsibility to their kin and community. The most successful person in every black family usually ends up helping the rest of the family members that are less fortunate. That is our nature. Every black NBA player, NFL player, singer, rapper, black mogul, lawyer, doctor have at some point in their lives look out for family members. Now, the selfish group that we have become came from the diluted blood of white people passed on to our forefathers against their will. White people like to take as much resources as possible from others, so that one family can become prominent. Have you paid attention to the Queen of England lately? What about the Rockefellers and many other rich white families? Why are they so rich, while so many people in their country live in poverty? Who started that selfish, greedy, rich trend? Look at most of the white billionaires in the world? They give back because of what they can gain! They live so lavishly, they don’t give a fuck about those living on the street. The villages in Africa used to be about all the people in the village, not some of the people. Our blocks used to be about all the black kids in the neighborhood, not some of them. We used to look out for each other. However, we are now becoming more white than ever, and community has an entire different meaning to us. White people didn’t invent block parties. They didn’t invent potluck. They didn’t invent many things that black people have now forgone and given credit to white people for having created them.

We have lost our way by becoming more white than we need to be. Even Africans are more white than ever. It is in white people’s nature to be greedy and want to control all the resources of the world. I won’t even talk about their appetite for illicit drugs. We inherited that bullshit from them as well. Heroin epidemic anyone? Black people were never like that, until we started mingling with white people. Communal is in our DNA!

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