White women are the number one reason why white men are empowered!

First of all, we must take a look at who’s birthing these boys who grow up to become despicable men. Whether we’re talking about Harvey Weinstein, Trump, Matt Lauer, or any of the other white sexual deviants in society, white women must shoulder the blame for raising these sick bastards, and continue to support them as adults. I can applaud and stand by the “#metoo” movement, which was started by a black woman, but white women have managed to empower these sick demented white men by remaining silent, and allowing these predators to prey on more victims.  It’s not really about when they’re ready to come out, but more about what they can get until they are in a comfortable enough position to come out. Meanwhile, more victims are preyed upon, as some of these white women build their careers, and allowing these white sexual predators to become invincible with the judicial system. Predators understand who they have to forge relationships with, to remain powerful. When your inner circle is made up of judges and politicians, it’s very easy for a person to believe he’s untouchable. Most of America’s political influence can be bought, and even judges have their price, so a predator relies on those relationship to maintain his predatory behavior. White women allow that behavior to be refined and mature when they keep quiet long enough to get out from under the predator. Practice makes perfect, so they say!  When a sexual assault victim chooses to remain silent because of career, it basically means you don’t care about the other women coming behind you in the same career path, who also have to deal with the predators who abused you. Harvey Weinstein’s list of victim is way too long, and took too much time to build. Most of the women on his list are white women who became successful in their own right, while pursuing their acting careers in Hollywood. Their path to success was through Weinstein, but why didn’t they stop him in his track? They continued to empower a rapist, because the rapist was the path to their success. These sexual deviants are made stronger, because so many women choose their careers over their pain. We all know that white men have a history of raping men, women and children across the globe, and some judges have managed to normalize that behavior by handing out light sentences to these predators. Some of the most influential men in America have been accused of rape. Many of them have raped children and served less than 3 years in prison for their heinous acts. We can go all the way back to Africa to dissect the dichotomy of rape, as it was brought to the continent by the white man. If Africans were “naked” or wore very little clothing around one another and there was no rape issue, where was that behavior learned?  Many black women committed suicide to avoid being raped by these sick bastards during the voyage from Africa. The raping of black women didn’t start on US soil. Many African women never set foot on their slave ships, because they opted to take their own lives, instead of allowing a white man to rape them.  Even more committed to being forcibly raped for the protection of their children and their husbands. White men see rape as a power trip, and they even sodomize men, because it gives their weak asses a sense of strength, since they know they are truly the weaklings of the world physically.

I’m sure Weinstein’s circle is full of rapists, because white men like to boast about their deviant acts. Whenever someone condones the act of rape, they might as well be a rapist themselves. White people even want to go as far as romanticizing the relationship between Thomas Jefferson and his rape victim, Sally Hemings. It was never a romantic relationship, it was simply an arrangement for rape sessions at Jefferson’s will. He was a rapist, because he never recognized any of the children that Hemings bore for him. Jefferson was no different than Harvey Weinstein. He abused his power and took advantage of another human being, because he knew there were no consequences to his actions. Weinstein’s actions, however, remained inconsequential, because his victims chose to remain silent, in order to attain success in their field of acting.  Sarah Hemings and many other black women had no choice. White men ran rampant, raping every back woman they could, without without any repercussion for their action. This behavior has carried over for many centuries now, but not once did these white women stand up against their husbands, to make sure they were not raising a bunch of rapists who would unfurl on society. Certain despicable behaviors are passed on through DNA, and we know that there aren’t anybody with pure African blood left in the western world. In addition, certain behaviors in society are learned and practiced because of exposure. Since white people like to claim that Africans walked around naked in the jungle, let me point out that rape was never an issue prior to the white man’s presence in Africa. Sexual predators have been normalized to the point where the White House is occupied by serial sexual predator #1. In addition, these sick bastards are trying to also normalize pedophilia. What kind of sick world are we living in? Who’s birthing and raising these psychopaths? Again, we need to go to the root of the problem, because these men didn’t birth themselves. White women aren’t raising white men to respect anybody in society. They raise them to feel they are superior to everybody, including their own mamas. We need a feminst movement because white women aren’t doing their jobs as mothers. Unfortunately, some black women are following suit as well. Certain behavioral issues should be tackled in the home, but white women aren’t tackling rape and other deviant behaviors, as it relates to their sons.  I can’t speak for the fathers, because they were most likely raised without respect for women, so they can’t pass on to their sons what they don’t know. However, we must hold white women responsible for the despicable behavior of the white men they raise.  You have to start teaching your sons to respect you and other women!

If the first woman who was raped by Weinstein went to the authorities right after it happened, he would’ve been stopped in his track, and he wouldn’t have been able to continue to go on a raping rampage where hundreds of women are victimized. In addition, a network of rapists wouldnt’ have been able to get off the ground, because the first rapist would have been exposed soon enough. Again, we can all act like these women are victims without responsibilities if we want to, but they are, and were, responsible to protect the young up-and-coming actresses from predators like Weinstein. Let’s shine the light on the entire white society, not just the portion where we want to show compassion to the victims, because they were silenced by a powerful magnate. In the greater context of history, Trump is not the first man to have had abused women sexually. Thomas Jefferson was also not the first president to repeatedly rape his slaves. Sally Hemings is the only recorded case we know about, but I’m certain there were plenty others. Stop accepting the history white people like to dictate to us. Look at history in its entirety, in order for us to understand how to remedy their sick behavior.

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