White people took over. It’s a wrap!

Game over! It’s a wrap!

It’s in white people’s nature to be controlling, and try to take charge of shit that doesn’t even pertain to them. We can start by highlighting the fact that they are very intrusive, when it comes to meddling in other countries’ affairs. They want to force democracy down the throats of the entire world, while democracy is just a farce in America. They want to talk about human rights violations that exist in other countries, while they violate the human rights of black people daily in America. They wanna talk about the imbalance of power in countries like N. Korea, while they refuse to allow black people to gain any power in America. The hypocrisy is at a level where mirrors would break, if white people decided to take an honest look at themselves in the mirror.
Having said that, I want to address the fact that Jerry Jones and other racist, controlling scumbag owners in the NFL have just killed the movement for social injustice against black people. While I commend Kaepernick for starting the movement and bringing scrutiny to this particular cause, at the same time I was angry with Kaepernick when he allowed some no name white man to steer him to take a knee, instead of sitting down for the National Anthem like he initially intended. Fuck that white man and his veteran status! Lately, these people are becoming veterans because they’re buying into the propaganda of false perceived enemies fabricated by the government. They have paid the NFL millions of dollars to convert the most racist assholes to patriots. False staged homecomings by soldiers during halftime at sporting events are Hollywood productions financed by the government. This movement is not about Veterans. It’s about black people getting murdered indiscriminately by police and civilians alike, and now white people want to tell us how to grief and fight back. This is a classic case of slaveowners controlling the grievance of their slaves. Last night, we had racist prick, Jerry Jones, who cares about nothing more than the value of his Cowboys, forcing his players to protest, by dictating to them to take a knee before the anthem, along with him. Just a defiant move to show Trump he’s his own man, but he won’t allow his players to be their own men.This is the same racist asshole who sounded like a plantation owner days earlier, by telling the players they would be off his team if they protested on his stage. Yes, he called the gridiron his stage. I don’t recall seeing that racist bitch ass on the field tackling anybody, blocking, throwing or running the ball. Fuck Jerry Jones!
I’m frustrated with the fact that these NFL players have forgotten that Kaepernick risked his career, which is why he doesn’t have a job right now, while none of them were willing to forgo one paycheck to put Jerry Jones, the president, and the rest of the racist assholes in this country using patriotism as a filter for their racism, in their place. I’m tired of us allowing white people to dictate how we fight their system, but I’m even more tired of the fact that today’s athletes are completely ignorant of the sacrifices Dr. King and many others in the Civil Rights Movement made, so that these players are in the position that they are today. Walking 380 days through a bus boycott, getting hosed down, getting hit with police batons, getting mauled by police dogs, going to jail for the betterment of black people, should at least be honored in a way where the entire country and all the owners could feel the wrath of their decision to be racist in society.
Until black people start adding value to their worth, white people will always view any stance they take against anything they’re doing to us as worthless.

Oakland is the only team that stuck to the black script. I’m proud of them.


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