When will we stand up?

It’s no longer a myth. It’s a fact that black people are cowards!

When I look at the conditions of black people around the world, I wonder if white people would allow their leaders to force them to live like animals, as these black people have. In the United States, the ghettos have not changed since they were created for the marginalization of the poor, ostensibly that became mostly black. These ghettos are a revolving door for crime, drugs, ignorance, destitution, hunger, illiteracy, unemployment, injustice and poverty. The ghetto has not mattered to American society since its inception. However, everyone profits from the ghetto. The plight of the ghetto is featured in books written by some of the world’s well known authors, in television by some of the world’s most prestigious journalists, and wherever it’s exploitable. As a matter of fact, many people earn their living off the ghetto. Whether it’s public speakers, psychologists, politicians, rappers, singers, businessmen, fake activists, pastors, or any hustler on a “get rich quick” scheme, can use the ghetto as a platform to build wealth.
Around the world, we see the same thing but not in as similar fashion as the ghettos of America. In America, the ghettos appear to be habitable places to the foreign eye, without them realizing what really goes on behind that veil of deception. When foreigners see tall buildings, they think of prosperity, unfortunately. We can go from Brazil, to South Africa, to Haiti, to Zaire, Jamaica, and many other black countries, and we’ll see the huts where black people are living under inhumane and unsanitary conditions. The rest of the world see their plight, but the best they can do is profit off it. There has never been a permanent solution offered, and the conditions continue to worsen around the world for black people. The unsanitary conditions of those people living in ghettos across the world like Tivoli Gardens in Jamaica, Cite Soleil in Haiti, Soweto in South Africa and the ghettos surrounding Rio in Brazil, are usually the subject of those who wish to create a name for themselves in literature, television, and other professions where ghetto folks are marginalized, in search of their own personal and professional gain.

It takes courage for a race of people to stand up to fight for change. Yeah, we’ve had the best of hustlers use “change” as a slogan to catapult their political career, while turning their backs on those who believed in their changing game. Change is not synonymous with begging, but that’s exactly what black people around the world have been doing. Through all their begging, though, white people continue to humiliate them and treat them like subhumans in every corner of the world. A revolution of the mind is more necessary than an actual bloody and violent revolution. Black people are too cowardice to change their minds about all things good regarding white people. For some odd reason, most black people continue to believe in the good nature of white people, despite their heinous history throughout the world toward black people. Black folks pray daily to a white god, in spite of the fact that this white god they have been praying to has not taken away their pain, struggles, hunger, persecution, maltreatment, humiliation, exploitation and denigration at the hands of white people. In order for a physical revolution to take place, the psychological reversal of the whitewashed mind must take shape, so cleansing of black people as a whole can take effect. “How long shall they kill our prophets, while we stand aside and look?” If you truly believe it’s a part of it, the annihilation of black people is definitely underway!

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