When the chickens come home to roost!

When the Chickens come home to roost!

When it comes to white intent, black people are very stubborn. It doesn’t matter how many examples of destruction, humiliation, annihilation and contempt coming from white people against the black community, black folks continue to give white people the benefit of the doubt, which is our biggest downfall.
I’m not even going to keep repeating the destruction of Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma by white people for no other reason than to keep black people dependent, but I will tell you how white people continue to destroy black countries globally to keep them at their mercy. For one, too many black countries in Africa have a lifetime dictator that was put in place by the United States and Europe,to continue to suppress the growth of black people worldwide. Most of the dictators in Africa serve/d the best interest of the Americans and European nations. Not to say that some of these dictators, like Mugabe, sometimes don’t end up being turncoats, but many of them control their power with the assistance of the United States, France, England, the Netherlands, Germany and Portugal.
While these dictators’ immediate families get filthy rich, the general population usually suffer the worse cases of poverty, malnutrition, poor education and a list too long to write in a blog. From Cameroon, Zaire, Iraq, Somalia, Chad, Gambia, Liberia, Sudan, Rwanda, Tunisia, Malawi, Equatorial Guinea, Angola, Zimbabwe, Guinea, Nigeria, Libya, Uganda, to Haiti and many other countries in Africa, South america and the Caribbean, all those dictators who held power, did so with the assistance of the United States and her European allies. Papa Doc held power so long and caused so many atrocities in Haiti, because he knew he had the backing of the US government. When he died, his son, Baby Doc, took over, until the people rose up against him. The United States and Europe have meddled in most of the elections taking place in third world countries worldwide. The white interest is always first, because white dominance has to be enforced. Whether it’s through economic dealings, civil wars created by these white governments, sanctions, or just paying off a puppet to lead a country, white people always benefit from it. The idea of white superiority and supremacy is primarily based on manipulation, and when a third world leader finally open his eyes, it becomes world humiliation and his end. That’s how they operate. They have been trying to murder and humiliate Mugabe for decades now. Not saying Mugabe is a great leader, but he was on accord with them when he first took over power in Zimbabwe. Things didn’t work out too well for him, once he became “woke.” They did the same to Castro in Cuba, Aristide in Haiti, because they went against the will of these white governments. Kwame Nkrumah was assassinated in Ghana, because he went against the will of white people. Muammar Gaddafi of Libya was murdered because he went against the will of white people. Saddam Husseein was murdered because he went against the will of white people. All the dictators in power right now, hold their power because America and the European allies dictate their every move. Paul Kagame is ruling Rwanda with an iron fist, because he’s enforcing the will of the west. Gnassingbe Eyadema was a ruthless dictator in Togo for 38 years, because France and the United States benefited from his ruling. Siad Barre ruled Somalia for 22 years, until the people grew tired of his shit, and the United States invaded Somalia soon after. The list of dictators in Africa can get pretty long, but understand that no dictator in Africa can last so long in power, without the backing of the United States and the Europeans. This only happens when the interest of the United States and Europeans are being served.
In 1920, president Roosevelt bragged about writing the Haitian constitution over himself. Haiti had been an independent country since 1804, so how the fuck does an American president get to write its constitution? Let’s move forward to the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union, which is now Russia; the US government was able to create instability in the Soviet Union and pretty much dismantled them as a super power nation. Now that the chickens have come home to roost, the United stated States doesn’t know how to handle a taste of her own medicine. The difference between white people and black people, is the fact that white people never forget, and they don’t believe in that bullshit saying “let bygone be bygone.” Russia came back with a vengeance, and they found an American puppet in Trump to exact revenge on the United States. I think black people should take a page from the Russians’ handbook, and tell these racist fuckers to fuck off! We must never forget slavery and the trials and tribulations that white people have put us through. The best way to heal, is to exact revenge!

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