When sex is the deciding factor…

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So you’re in a relationship and things are not going as well as you would like. Your mate is a little abusive, insensitive sometimes and can also be inconsiderate of your feelings. You get frustrated, and even on the verge of walking away to start anew when you feel that that you’ve had enough. Just when you muster the courage to say, “to hell with the relationship,” your mate pulls out his/her secret weapon and before you know it, you’re screaming God’s name in vain as your mate is getting ready to take you to seventh heaven the best way he/she knows how, sexually. Your body language and attitude shift and the high of an orgasm set you on a path to cloud nine and everything around you starts to float. Your heart is pulsating with good feelings, your body convulses with pleasure and your mind erases all the negative experiences for the hour or so you are under your mate’s sexual spell.  You look at your mate and his/her ability to bring so much physical and sexual pleasure to you, and all you can do is smile. His/her body is perfect at the time; his/her smile melts your heart; your toes curl and that person is just right. All of a sudden you’re having second thought about leaving the relationship, because you just know that you will never find anybody else in the world that will satisfied you sexually the way that your thoughtless mate does. All is forgiven after you are properly sexed, but not even a day later, things go right back to the way they were until your next sexual session, again!

Is sex really important to the point where a person should forget everything else that should matter in a relationship?

Are you caught up in that type of relationship?

Has good sex affected your good moral decision to leave a poor relationship?

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Let’s be real, good sex is highly addictive. Hell, good sex can turn you upside down and inside out, doing things you never imagined you could do. What happens once you’ve climaxed and fallen off “Cloud 9” back into reality?

    There must be more to a fulfilling relationship than sex. There is no better sex than the kind you have when you’re in love and that bond is mutual.

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