What is the method of your success?

Often times we see folks that are successful and we wonder how we can obtain the same level of success as those we admire. However, it’s always too personal to go up to a stranger to ask them about their path to success. I’m hoping this post will encourage some folks to come share with us their formula for success. And since I’m the author of this post, I should probably get it started.

Though I don’t think I have yet reached the pinnacle of success that I have set for myself, I believe I’ve done relatively well in the last ten years. While most people believe that you need a huge amount of money in order to get started on the path of success, I found it to be the contrary. I remember when I was an anxious “go getter” back in the late 90’s when my entrepreneurial spirit was at an all time high. It was the beginning of the real estate boom and I set out to get a piece of the pie. As a teacher, I wasn’t making much money, but I knew how to save and also had other legal side hustles to supplement my income. I managed to save about $10,000.00 and that set me on a path to real estate success. I started out by purchasing a multi-family home that needed more repairs than I could afford to pay a contractor to complete. I found myself learning how to do many things that I didn’t know I had the talent to do.  In no time, I was putting up sheetrock, finishing hardwood floors, painting walls, making sure the plumbing was right and fixing anything that would cost me more than a hundred dollars to pay somebody else to fix. That first house netted me almost six figures in profits after I sold it. Everything else just catapulted from there. By 2006, I had already purchased about 10 homes and made too much money than I could count. I never anticipated the real estate bust as did many other folks. Most of the money I had earned was starting to disappear when the market went haywire. It was time for a switch and I decided to start my publishing company. Once again, I didn’t know how lucrative my next venture would become until I started selling more books than I could print back in 2002-2003. The market wasn’t as saturated and I took advantage of it by creating a fanbase that have been supporting me for almost 10 years now. Though business has slowed down a bit, I’m fortunate and grateful that I have been able to sustain in this bad economy.

Those people who are interested in acquiring wealth through real estate, this is the best time to do it, while the market is down. I’m back in the real estate game and I plan to emerge a multi-millionaire in the next 5 years or so. Success is not waiting or looking for you, you must go out and seek it. If you set your priorities correctly, nothing should get in the way of your success.

Come share your stories of success ,and perhaps you may just insprire someone else with your personal tory of overcoming struggles to the path of success.

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  1. Dolores
    Dolores says:

    you ever heard of late bloomers? I’m one of those!

    One can never perceived what the future holds. It’s saidly to say that in my case it took a tragic dilemma to be where I am today.

    Most often we don’t know our purpose in life and sometimes we don’t know what we’re worth until we hit rock-buttom and @ that point you can either come on top or you can plunge into a deep depression and lose yourself.

    Im happy to say that I took a positive approach towards my situation and turns it into success.

    In all things in life one has to have principle, perseverance, determination and set a goal.
    It wasn’t easy for me to do it, but I set my mind and I was determine not to let any obstacle stop me from reaching my goal.

    Today im proud to say that I have a great profession because helping others is what I am set to do. It gives me great pleasure knowing that I can put a smile on another human being face.

    Anything is possible if u set your mind into it.

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