We need to start embracing Africa.

The biggest problem among black people, is the fact they have all accepted the Caribbean islands, the United States, Brazil, and other drop-off locations around the world that white people enslaved them, over the entire African continent.
We are weakened every time we detach ourselves from the African continent. All white people claim Europe as their motherland, regardless of where they are in the world. Their European ancestry matters to them the most, and they will come together to show the supremacy of Europe against other races. The Africans are still struggling with their identity crisis, because they’re allowing Patriotic pride of where they were enslaved, to supersede their African pride.
Too many of you are quick to say, “I’m not African,” but white people remind you every day that you are indeed African. You can be from Haiti, Jamaica, Barbados, St. Lucia, Nigeria or anywhere in the world, white people will refer to you as African American. Even in America, “African” comes before “American,” to describe black people. European Americans are nonexistent here, because they’re simply American. While they use “African-American” to tell the world you’re not fully American, but also African, you should embrace the fact that your ancestry is African. We’re quick to pay ancestry.com our money, a white company, to tell us where in Africa we came from, but we don’t want to embrace our African heritage.
The unity we seek worldwide will never happen, because we tend to be our own worse enemy, when it comes to African pride. Even Haitians, though they have been independent for 214 years, still need to go to Africa to connect to their roots. Their ancestry didn’t start in Haiti, just like African American ancestry didn’t start when slavery began.
When the racists are angered, they seek out black people to murder. They don’t stop and say, “You’re African American, you can go.” Until we understand how bringing different tribes from Africa to the New World to keep us from uniting helps white supremacy thrive, we’ll never understand why the fight to end white supremacy is endless and continuous. The mental bondage they created many years ago is still effective today. We must break those psychological chains, and come to a point of understanding, in order for us to see how the contribution of any black person anywhere in the world, is also a contribution to the elevation of the African race everywhere. Pele is not just Brazilian. He’s seen as Afro-Brazilian. Every black person in the world who is great, is not simply seen as a citizen of their birth country, if the primary population is white. There’s always a reminder that they are African. We should embrace it, and use it to our benefit to make sure black folks around the world are elevated. Whether you like it or not, our common denominator is Africa. You can’t find the root of a problem, if you don’t know the common denominator. Just because we live a certain way in America, France or Britain, it doesn’t erase from the minds of the racists that we are second class citizens to them. Don’t allow racist white people to tell you that you are different, because you carry African American, French or British citizenship. White people wanna act like they are citizens of the world, while forcing black people to accept just a little part in the world. While you may be laughing at the struggling African, Jamaican or Haitian, white people are laughing and spewing their hatred toward all of us.

The only country that saw strength in Unity in the history of black people,was Haiti. And Haitians are also the only people that can boast true independence, because they united against slavery. Everybody else had to appeal to the “goodwill” of their racist enslavers for their independence. Haitians didn’t ask or beg for it, they took it! Remember that!

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