Understanding white bullying…

Black folks have a long way to go to understand how white people are the natural bullies of the world, who will push our will to the brink of destruction. We can go all the way back to slavery to better understand how the minds of the bullies work. During slavery, black people were captured, raped, kidnapped and enslaved, while the African nations they were captured from did absolutely nothing about it. We have never protected our women and children in the same manner that white people have rounded up posses to go look for black men to hang, because some white woman screamed rape. As a matter of fact, we have stood by and watch the raping of our women and the murder of our children, without doing a damn thing to protect them. White people see this as black people lacking valor and the determination to stand for themselves. After all, slavery lasted as long as it did in America, because black folks didn’t stand up to fight them as a unit. Modern day black folks are full of excuses, as to why our forefathers didn’t fight slavery collectively. Of course, I’m not going to overlook the psychological game that white people played with our forefathers during slavery, by purposely making sure there were language barriers that kept us from communicating. Still, the common issue was our bondage. That alone should’ve united us, and no slave-owners anywhere in America should’ve been alive long enough to benefit from slavery. White people had done so much to us, it wasn’t until after the Haitian Revolution that they started to figure our there were some values in our valor. They kept the slaves in America from hearing about the revolt that took place in Haiti. Furthermore, they made sure reading and writing was forbidden, so that American slaves couldn’t find inspiration in what took place In Haiti. Nat Turner was the exception to the rule, and he was inspired by the Haitian Revolution.  It took over 60 years after Haiti became independent, for white people to allow black people to join the Union army, and only when it benefited them. Now, just think about it: these white people gave our forefathers guns and trained them to fight against southern white people, but our forefathers didn’t use those guns on them after the war to exact revenge for all the sufferings they had caused them. That pretty much gave white people a psychological edge over us. It’s no different than a donkey who’s tied to straw chair that it can easily gallop away from, but remains there nonetheless, because it has been psychologically trained to its own bondage and restrictions, that escaping is unimaginable.

Let’s fast forward to present time… For years now, black people have been complaining, comparing and contrasting the way white murderers and other white criminals are treated when apprehended, and the way that unarmed black people are murdered by cops whenever they are confronted in a situation. Children are not absolved from the maltreatment and murder. Black boys can no longer play “Cowboys and Indians” without their lives being in jeopardy. Those fake plastic guns have become life sentences for pubescent black boys, while semi-automatic weapons used by white murderous men against innocent victims, are seen as civil.  Many of you can’t make the correlation to the psychological brainwash that is taking place, because too many of you are too caught with showing white people what they already know; that white privilege is above all else. It doesn’t matter if it’s Dylan Roof being treated to Burger King after murdering 9 black people in a church, or this cowardice asshole who was apprehended a couple of days ago like he had just committed a traffic violation, after stabbing a black woman and murdering another in Oakland. The narrative is always the same, and the psychological experiment continues. White people have maintained a psychological edge over us for so long, because they have managed to train our brains to be docile in such a way and restrict our reaction to the way they treat us so succinctly, we can’t even fathom a violent revolution. We continue to believe dealing peacefully with a group of people with a violent history will yield results in our favor. The only time we’re willing to act violent, is with one another. We burn, riot and loot our own community, because the fear instilled in us by white people, keep us from seeing them as the culprits for our situation. In addition, too many black Sambos AKA “agents of white supremacy,” are quick to place the blame on the black victims. The psychological warfare that worked then, is still working now. So we tend to continue to analyze things from a vintage point, which sets us back to the days where our forefathers were sent to the store to buy groceries, only to return voluntarily to their bondage. Mind you, I’m not trying to make a blanket statement about our forefathers, because the Haitians did stand up and fight back, but their descendants haven’t fought white imperialism in over 200 years, to dismantle this new system of slavery orchestrated by white people daily. Are we as cowardice as white people believe our history to be? Only a handful of us fought back, and Haiti is the only black republic in the world to have fought for their independence. Every other black nation has had to pay white people dearly for their independence. Well, Ethiopia is also an exception to the rule.

White people have been pushing us for so long, and been pulling our strings so callously, it just seems like we are comfortable in our positions as puppets and servants to their needs. They can create legislation to send us to prison to serve as cheap labor whenever they want. They can indiscriminately murder any black person they want without any punishment. The police have the right to arrest, harass, and murder us at will. Judges have the ability to impose long and unfair sentences on us at their discretion. Politicians have the right to introduce bills to suppress our rights as human beings whenever they feel like it. And presidents can call us “sons of bitches” to the applauds and approval of the masses. Really, when are we going to grow a backbone? We can look at our history, and we can look at their history, and judging from where I’m standing, we’re only as human as white people allow us to be, or when we beg them to be. I honestly don’t know what it’s gonna take for black people to stand up to white people in a way that is not detrimental to our very existence. And then again, maybe we need to start showing them that their very existence is dependent on the fact that we no longer give a shit about the detriment to our existence, as long as they are treating us like second class human beings.  That, my friend, requires valor. I’m only one man, and I have 2 daughters. I just hope that my valor is never put to the test, because I’ve been a dead man wandering for a while now. My Dahomey bloodline just won’t allow me to be a coward.

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