Are Black Women’s Strength and Independence taking away from their femininity?

Since the beginning of time, Black women have always stood shoulders to shoulders with black men. Whether they were in the field picking cotton alongside each other or in the boardroom conducting business next to their fellow black men, they seemed to have shared the workload equally, forever. Unfortunately, white society has burdened the black woman with the responsibility of the black family from the time she was brought to the west from captivity in Africa. Even after slaving in the cotton field for hours, white mistresses would force black women to breastfeed their infants. It was a never-ending workload, and the black woman can be compared to none when it comes to strength, energy, determination, but most of all, the ability to stay strong.

While the black male was being emasculated by the racist plantation owners, it was the black woman who stepped in to assume the responsibilities for the children. Fast forward 400 years, and nothing has changed. Black men are incarcerated at an alarming rate, and their unemployment status is at an all-time high, so that only leaves the black woman to muster the strength to carry the burden of raising children alone and providing for them without the assistance of a partner. She continues to be the head of household. She has no choice. Every parent wants a break from their children every now then, but imagine never having that choice when it comes to financial responsibility and raising children? Without too much thrashing of the deadbeat dads and other irresponsible men, black women have also carried the burden of being mothers as well as fathers, in addition to being sole providers for their children. All of this burden can bring about animosity, but most of the black women I know do this job daily without giving it a second thought. Their hearts are big like that. While most of them are misread by the media as being angry, too strong and too overbearing, the media is missing the most important character trait of the black woman, which is resilience. That’s right, the black woman is the most resilient woman in the world, which is key to her survival and strength. She can’t be broken. Despite all that she goes through,  she can still find it in her heart to love her children, her partner and face the world everyday with fervor. She doesn’t run away when the going gets tough, but everyone needs their soul soothe every now and then. Since too many black men are running away from their responsibilities, black women are left to soothe their own souls.

Without the black woman’s strength and independence, where would the black community be? We would cease to exist if black women weren’t strong enough to carry us through many generations.  It’s okay to get angry every now and then, ladies. You’ve earned that right. Let it out and let the world know that you are the strength of our community and you will not be broken by their stereotypes. No other woman is as sexy as the black woman, and that’s a fact, Jack!