They’re never gonna change!

I didn’t write this for debate. Fuck your love for white people!

I was watching a segment of the news last night that did an investigation on whether or not millennials are less racist than their parents. The verdict….millennials are no less racist than the racists in the 50’s and 60’s. The only difference is, millennials have a platform on social media to display their racism, while the old racists gathered among themselves to spew their hatred and discuss their racism. Facebook is full of private racist groups. A lot of black people are delusional to believe that white people have come a long way. For as long as there was a generation of racists who raised these millennials, the sentiments will always be passed on.
If you grow up in a house where your parents spew hatred toward other people, chances are, you’ll embrace those sentiments and actions. I hate racist white people with a passion, but stupid black people interpret my hatred for racists as hatred for all white people. Half these black nincompoops don’t understand that I don’t have the capacity to be racist. Whose lives and destiny do I control? Whose resources do I hold in my hands? Some of you need a course in racism, and it should not be taught by white people. Truthfully, I care about black people first, and some black folks still have an issue with that. Black folks also like to use Hip Hop culture to make excuses for white people becoming more tolerant. GTFOH with that bullshit! People in the 50’s and 60’s thought Rock N Roll was a “unifier” of all people. They also thought that shit about disco in the 70’s. What happens is, white people usually appropriate our culture for their own benefit and gain, and too many of us are just too fucking eager to roll the welcome mat for them. Motherfuckers like James Ingram, Justin Timberlake, Eminem and many others end up getting rich, because of an art created by black people. However, black people are so fucking desperate for tolerance from white people, they end up misconstruing white people getting rich from our art as tolerance.
Millennials are just as racist as their parents, just as their parents are just as racist as their grandparents. Hatred is innate for most white people. They go around the world hating everybody, and they have a problem with peace and harmony. Wherever there’s peace and harmony, white people always find a way to create conflict, in order to disrupt peace. White people like to starve and kill people for their own pleasure. They’re all caught up with population control. They want to freely roam the world, while forcing others to show they are worthy before accessing the rest of the world. Most French, British and US citizens don’t need a visa to travel to most places around the world, but every other citizen from other countries need to demonstrate they are worthy of a visa. Though we have black citizens in those countries as well, but the intention was never to make it easy for their black citizens to see the world either. After all, few black people like to travel the world, because they don’t feel comfortable doing it. White people treat the world as their oyster. They can fucking backpack almost anywhere. Black folks have to worry about racism and white supremacy everywhere. Whether it’s the Middle East or Africa, white people are behind every conflict and every war going on in those regions. They are financing wars all over the world, because these sick fucks don’t understand peace.

White people have not just manipulated all people to think they are supreme, but they’ve also managed to fool humanity into believing they are more humane. A total fucking fallacy! We can blame the media all day for creating this and that, but when will we look at white people for who they are? Their history dictates nothing but theft, exploitation, hatred, invasion, kidnapping, and violence everywhere they go. Still, white people have managed to psychologically fool people into believing in their goodness. Then again, it’s very easy for the foolish to be fooled. They are great at creating negative propaganda for everything. While white people were in Iraq killing innocent women and children, their propagandists were on the other side showing the US army rescuing and feeding people. For every 1 million people they kill around the world, the media shows the 10,000 they are feeding to maintain their good standing in the world. America is quick to point out human rights violations across the world, but these sick fuckers violate the rights of black people every fucking day in this country.
When you take a closer look at the immigration problems around the world, white people are responsible for all of them. Look at the countries people are fleeing to; they’re all white countries, because those white countries have created chaos in the homelands of these immigrants, and they’ve stolen all their resources. France, Britain, and the USA are top destinations for most immigrants. Those same countries are also the top countries that colonized most of the world. They are still the top countries reaping the benefits of white supremacy and colonization. White people are invaders by nature. Whether they’re invading the habitat of animals and killing them as trophies, or murdering humans indiscriminately, they just get a kick out of destroying humanity. They’re not happy unless they are killing, stealing and controlling everybody’s shit. Those millennials are being taught the same shit. The more things change, the more they remain the same. White people are not ready for change, because their illness must first be diagnosed, and they have to admit to the psychological imbalance that takes shape in their minds. We are dealing with a group of psychos who don’t know how to stop being psychotic.