There are real black heroes in the world, you know?

One of the main reasons why Black people are in Love with Black Panther and the fictitious kingdom of Wakanda, is because most of us live on hope. We are not where we’re supposed to be, and we have not convinced ourselves that we have fought hard enough and stood up to white supremacy to change our situation, so we take any fictional story that glorifies us, in good spirit.
The idea that we have been depicted as pimps, prostitutes, servants, crooked cops and every demeaning character known to mankind on the big screen for so long, has stained our minds, and we are hopeful for change, even if it’s the form of fiction.
We celebrated the exoneration of OJ Simpson, not because we gave a shit about sellout ass OJ, but because the symbolism of justice weighed heavily on our hearts, and we finally got a chance to exhale. I don’t have a problem with black people showing pride for this movie, but why only for a period of time? Why can’t we show pride indefinitely? Why can’t we aim for our own Wakanda in the real world? Why can’t the rich millionaires in Hollywood and the film industry come together to create their own positive films that represents us in a good light?
There’s an inner conflict among most black people that most outsiders won’t understand, because a lot of other races have never been subjugated on an international level like we have. “It’s a black thing, you wouldn’t understand.” Even our music is viewed differently, because society has allowed it to become part of our reality. It’s never just entertainment for black people, like Harry Potter or Star Wars would be to white people. They had taken away that joy from us long ago, because they created the image of a villain with a veil of deception that paints our entire race as villains across the world.
Black Panther is simply a representation of a wish, and the symbolism of the status that most black people would like to achieve. T’chala is fictional and we are allowed to have him, because the most racist studio for the longest time, Disney, is also profiting from the success of this film. Don’t for one minute believe that Disney has shed their racist pretext in regards to black films. The character Killmonger is not a coincidence. I can bet you a million dollars they will never green light a movie about The Haitian Revolution, because history won’t allow them to change the outcome of the truth. They don’t want black people to have real heroes. It took this long for them to allow a fictional one, so forget about the true heroes who defeated them over 214 years ago in Haiti.
You see, history is usually attached to pride, but when your history has been made obsolete in the world on purpose, you can only be prideful when they allow you to be. Wakanda is based in Africa, and we’re out here showing African pride like it’s going out style. I’ve never seen so much Kinte cloth in one weekend. Haiti is also Africa, because before those slaves descended on Haiti, they were Africans, not Haitians. Before the ships docked in America, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, America, we were all Africans. Our history as black people is not restricted to American history, but they have forced us to accept it as such, and many black people are ignorant enough to disown their African ancestry. The pride you display by watching Black Panther, should also be the pride you develop when you read about Toussaint L’Ouverture, Jean Jacques Dessalines, Henri Christophe, Dutty Bookman, Capois LaMort and all those other real heroes who fought for the liberation of black people not just in Haiti, but all over South America and America as well.

Don’t be so quick to limit your pride to a fictional character. We have real heroes, but Haitian history has been rendered obsolete, because white supremacy has done everything in their power to destroy the valor and the supremacy of black people. The more you know, the further you’ll go. Wakanda happened in 1804 and beyond, but white supremacy destroyed it, only to create a fictitious one for you, in order to display pride. Every black person on this planet should own a copy of the “Black Jacobins.”Every black parent should make sure their child read that book. It’s the best book you’ll ever read.

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