The sex is good, but…

I can’t believe Freaky Friday is upon us so soon once again.

While most of us enjoy sex with our partners, and sometimes strangers that we don’t really know, but are we really careful are we when it comes to taking inventory of our partner’s body? When was the last time you took your time to look at somebody’s genital area?

I’m not gonna talk about the dangers of HIV and AIDS because most people are aware of the fact that a condom or abstinence is your best weapon against them. I also want to save that post for a later time.However, too many of us are too careless when it comes to other sexually transmitted diseases. I truly believe one of the best defense mechanism against STD’s is a bright light. Way before you even slip on that condom, the light should be your best disease detector. Too many people enjoy having sex in the dark that they neglect to take inventory of their partner’s body and genetalia. Sometimes the disease is right in front of us, but we don’t take the time to look at it because we’re so eager to penetrate.

The Center for Disease Control has stated that 50% of African-American women have been diagnosed with herpes. How can you truly detect if someone is infected if you’re having unprotected sex with them in the dark? You need to turn that light on an inspect the private parts of your partner before you dig deep into that dome of pleasure. Visible sores are a sign of herpes, syphillis and other possible diseases, not just on the genital, but also on the mouth. It’s the same thing for men. Ladies, don’t be shy about holding on to that penis to make sure it’s disease free. Turn on the light and inspect! Both men and women can be infected through oral as well as intercourse. I know that sores are not always visible, but please look for redness on the genitals, because it is possible that your partner may be infected without knowing it. Herpes, Syphillis and Hepatitis C are all serious diseases, and we need to limit the exposure of these diseases one person at a time in our community. If your partner is against having the light on before engaging in sex, you need to be alarmed.

So next time you’re with that shy girl/guy who doesn’t want you to turn the light on before you have sex with her/him, tell ’em it’s for the sake of both of you to look over every inch of each other’s genital.  Meanwhile, continue to have great sex and safe sex.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Very good advice. So many of us get “caught up” and don’t always pay attention to obvious signs that say a lot about our partners sexual health.

  2. Dee
    Dee says:

    You are so right! We should always know what we’re eating and where we’re entering into.

    Of course we cannot always detect a disease by just looking on the surface part
    of a body unless whatever it is is active. That is why we always have to be extra careful when having sex with a person we barely know.

    Deception is a bitch!
    Sometimes the most finest woman/man or a person we’re intimate with can be deceiveful medically speaking.
    One can be walking around with a disease without knowing, that’s why one should know his/her body just incasse of a foreign appearance.

    If the sex is good, but…?
    That means it’s not that good! There should not be a but!
    I enjoy the pleasure of having wild sex with the light on because my baby gets more exciting when he’s able to c his 11 inches pure beef going in and out my pussy.

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