The Reality of Hate

With all the disrespect and hatred that has been spewed towards President Obama lately, I find myself hating all the racists of this country for having done whatever it is that they have done. I caught myself getting angry and turning to a hatemonger like them. One particular case that angered me was the picture depicting a disrespectful Jan Brewer with her finger in the president’s face. Another Russain lady who’s a naturalized American citizen, who can hardly speaks english, also had the nerve to question the president’s origin by filing a suit in court for Obama to prove his nationality. A white woman from another world has the right to question an American born leader, really? I say this to say that this country has been built on the backs of those people hated the most in American society, Black people.

Going all the way back to history we don’t have to dig deep to uncover hatred on the part of white people towards other groups for no reason at all. There isn’t a group of people that white people don’t hate on this planet. They’ve also created derogatory names for each group. While watching Bruce Lee’s story, I couldn’t help but notice the racism he had to overcome when he first came to this country. The Hispanics or specifically Mexican folks, have become the butt of everybody’s racist jokes. Indians from India feel the wrath as well, but none of them feel it as much as Black people. We must have the toughest skin because the hate that we experience seems to come from every race or group on this planet. Too many Indians, whites, Asians, Hispanics and so on, are either afraid of us, or they completely hate us based on the great job that white people have managed to do to sell our race as inferior and violent to the rest of the world. Even some of our black folks suffer from an  inferiority complex because of what  we have allowed white people to do to us.

Now, let’s really look at the roots of all this hatred. Why are black people hated and feared by so many people around the world? Since I’ve done a considerable amount of travelling around the world, I have a little inclination of the world’s view of us. As a matter of fact, I’ve been victimized by it, though I’ve never taken it quietly. Anyway, let’s answer the question posed at the beginning of the paragraph. I would like to believe that we’re not hated just because of the color of our skin, but because of the threat we posed and have become to a white man’s theory that we are inferior. In the beginning, we couldn’t go to college and achieve or learn the same way white people do, that theory was proven wrong by many of the brothers and sisters who have matriculated at Harvard and successfully graduated, though most of them were first generation college students. They wouldn’t accept our black athletes on college campuses because the games were too complicated for us and we didn’t have the physical ability to compete, but after so many of our pioneer athletes have demonstrated our superior athletic abilities and the courage on the basketball courts, football fields and baseball fields of every college campus across America, the bar was raised to a level white people never thought existed. The same thing would happen in medicine, business, technology  and agriculture. So ask yourself this question, what’s the reason behind the hate?

Black people not only helped build this country, we’ve also helped to keep it competitive around the world. The thousands of gold medals our black athletes have brought to the United States is comparable to no other country; the multi-billion dollar industries that Black people have helped create in sports and music is comparable to none; the strong spirit of entrepeurship that black people have brought to this country is comparable to none; the resiliency and tenacity that we have taught the world cannot be compared to none; the beautiful spirit and talent that we have brought the world is uniquely us; the creativity and innovations we have brought to the world in science, arts, music are done despite the fact that we were in bondage for 400 years. Just imagined if the playing fields had always been leveled, Black people would’ve been the leaders in every corner of this world.

The reality of hate kept this country from advancing far ahead in the world. Black people have only earned the right to vote in the last 50 years. Hatred kept us from reaching our potential back then and hatred is keeping this country from reaching its potential now. President Obama is so hated because of his race, he can’t even implement policies for the betterment of the country. Republicans have issues with the man even in areas where the country has shown progress under his leadership. The world would be a better place only if all this hatred was not a reality.

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  1. Chanel
    Chanel says:

    I often think that intimidation drives people of other races to hate Black people. We’re strong people with a spirit of perseverance that is unmatched. There are many admirable things about our president, but the most beloved for me is his steadfastness. When I think of the daily challenges our president faces, a trite but true cliche comes to mind: STICKS & STONES MAY BREAK MY BONES BUT WORDS WILL NEVER HURT ME (even when Gov Brewer is pointing her wrinkled white finger in my face)!

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