The reality of black folks around the world.

This is how the game works, in case you haven’t been paying attention:

Saddam was a US, France and British ally chosen to run Iraq, until he ran amok of their guidelines of exploitation of his people and country, and it was time for him to go. That’s right, the US helped put him in power. Mugabe was placed in power by the British, until he’d awoken from his coma and realized how he was being used by the British to manipulate his own people. He was Sir Mugabe, and then he became the enemy when he started looking out for his people. Bin Laden was trained and financed by the US, until he started opening his eyes and realized the US was just exploiting him and the Afghan people. Papa Doc Duvalier was also placed in power in Haiti by the US, and they even allowed his son to take over after he died. Haitian politic is still controlled by the US. Fidel Castro was aided by the US during his revolution. They turned on him when he realized US policies didn’t benefit his people or country. Gaddafi had been ruling Libya with US assistance for years, until he decided he wanted to build a stronger and united Africa. Clinton and Obama orchestrated his murder.

Having said that, many of you strive to be like white people every day, without understanding the conning and evil ways of white people. Their history alone is not enough to make you weary of white people. Slavery, the annihilation of the Indians, the genocide of Africans, and many other atrocities committed by white people around the world are still not enough for you to stop striving to be like them. You know why? Because white people have used the media around the world to sell their propaganda and narrative of goodwill to the world. We have a migration issue worldwide where people are trying to run from their country to seek better opportunities in mostly white countries. Why do you think that is? It’s because white people have created chaos in these people’s countries, and have also stolen or control all their resources, which leaves them in a dire position where their survival is dependent on the rules and guidelines set by white people. White people act very privileged when it comes to immigration, even though their forefathers stole everything that is passed down to them. Their privileged asses won’t own up to the destruction their forefathers have caused around the world, and they continue to cause to the world. White people are quick to tell you about poverty all over Africa, but their asses can’t stay away from Africa. From Botswana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, South Africa and beyond, these white people have stolen land, wealth and resources from the natives, leaving them dirt poor. In case you are unaware, land ownership = wealth. America and Canada are not the only places in the world that white people have stolen from the natives, while humiliating and annihilating them. They have done this worldwide. Every single group of white people have stolen resources and land from parts of the world that didn’t belong to them. The Portuguese, French, British, Dutch, Americans, Germans, and Italians have all gotten involved in the theft of land and culture. We’re lucky the Ethiopians aren’t speaking Italian. White people clearly want you to believe they’ve had nothing to do with migration, so they set up immigration guidelines all over Europe, America and Canada to force people to believe what’s happening in the world today because of their theft, genocide and destruction, is not their fault.
Every colonialist country in Europe and America benefit from their former colonies, and still benefit from these independent countries today. Independent countries in Africa pay over 280 billion dollars annually to France. The rest of them pay billions annually to the British, Portuguese and Dutch. American territories are controlled by America, and when they need the colonialists during times of need, they stay in the dark with no electricity for over 69 days. Puerto Rico is not a state, so Puerto Ricans are treated like stepchildren. Imagine that Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and many other US territories that provide money to the US every year, are treated like shit because the inhabitants are not white. Imagine how they feel about a place like Haiti that defied white supremacy? Jamaicans, Barbadians, Guadeloupeans, St. Marten, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago, and other Caribbean countries under French, Dutch and British rules are no better off. All this humanitarian bullshit that white people have sold you on, is done because it benefits them. These former slave colonies provide money to these colonialists to this day. It’s been about dominance for white people from the onset. They even fought each other over the colonies. You know who we must respect in all this? the Asians. Other than the Philippines, Guam, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Vietnam that experienced colonization at the hands of white people, for the most part, they have stood strong. North Korea was colonized by Japan, but they never forgot about it.
The entire continent of Africa was colonized, except Ethiopia, but African leaders have done nothing to prevent that from happening again. There isn’t one super power nation in Africa that can defend the lives and rights of Africans against white aggression. White people have put Africans and black people around the world at their mercy to do whatever they want to do with them. We are too deaf, dumb and blind to learn from our history. We’re so caught up with the idea of being kings and queens, we never took the time to focus on building the military might to defend the fictitious thrones that we have created in our heads. No country in Africa is indestructible by white people’s military might. We learned absolutely nothing from the Haitian revolution. We haven’t caught up with technology or weapon technology. If we were ever to engage in battle with them, our only recourse would be to appeal to the somewhat human side of white liberals who will find ways to exploit us, while trying to act like they’re helping us. We’re not built to fight against anybody in the world. There isn’t one African country that can go to Libya and rescue the black people being auctioned as slaves. That alone should tell you why we were enslaved to begin with. That shit is sad!
The past has not taught black people anything. We have resigned to the idea that white people should be in charge of the world, until the Asians decide to take over.

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