The insignificance of black people and black lives

As the white imperialists battle for supreme power among them around the world, very little attention or acknowledgement is given to the existence of black people in Africa, the US, Brazil and the Caribbean. Africa is not even offered a seat at the table, because Africans decided long ago it wasn’t worth it to fight white people for validation as their equal. Many of us have no choice but to claim the country or region where our forefathers were enslaved. As I place my magnifying glass on the insurmountable issues black people are facing worldwide, I’m realizing how exhausting it is to be black, but it’s especially exhausting, when you’re black and conscious. At the world summit, African leaders present are just a mere gesture from the imperialists to show the world Africa is taken into consideration. There’s no military might in any country in Africa. Africans can’t defend themselves against Nuclear bombs. They don’t even have the right to have a strong army, much less develop Nuclear weapon to defend their children against white aggression. It’s not as if we don’t know their history toward the continent and black people. The entire continent has been robbed at ‘Whitepoint,” meaning the white vultures from all over the world colluded to squander the resources of Africa, and the African people have to live with the perils of their cowardice and weak leaders who didn’t risk their lives to chase out these vultures. White people are completely against black prosperity anywhere in the world. You see, there can’t be a positive example of black prosperity anywhere in the world, because it will debunk white supremacy.  The imperialists have placed more sanctions against countries in Africa than anywhere else. For every step that Africans make towards economic independence, the imperialists are there to remind them not to move too fast. Rwanda’s president decided he was no longer going to accept reject clothing from H&M, in order help develop the country’s own textile industry, but the US stepped in with threats of sanctions  against the country. Some of you may not know the purpose of sanctions, but they are put in place to cripple a country’s economy and destroy their society. Can you imagine the nerves of these racist assholes? It’s reminiscent of that scene in a gangster movie that I saw, where the character “Dutch,” a white man,  was forcing his black flunkie to bring home a sandwich to his family that he had taken a bite into, and didn’t want to finish, and had the nerve to question the man’s character and pride for refusing to wrap up the half bitten sandwich to take home to his family. The scraps were good enough for that black man’s family, just as the scraps from US companies should be good enough for Africa. That’s just one example of America bullying another country. You can research the other countries that are forced to accept US trash. Yes, they are black, too.

In the US we try to lean on our political leaders for change, but once elected, they become a mockery of our existence, because they bamboozle us into using the voice we think we have, only for them to take it away when our issues come up for discussion. Bill Clinton is the perfect example of a con man who destroyed the black community with their own votes. The rise of white people to power and the insignificance of black people and black lives around the world, has everything to do with black people accepting the fate that white people have forced upon them.  Everyday we wake up satisfied and content with our position in life, because it takes too much courage, dedication, hard work, determination and valor to fight for something better. As long as the Negro is able to pay his rent, own a car, and buy food, there’s no greater satisfaction in life. If his white employer makes him believe he’s being paid handsomely for doing a good job, he’ll put his life on the line for that white employer. Since we haven’t been able to beat them since 1804(Haitian Revolution and independence), we’ve been trying to join them. Joining them, though, has been very costly. Subjugation, exploitation, marginalization, and oppression are just a few of the words I can find to describe the state of black people, since the assimilation into white society has been on trial. However, they’re not even paying attention to the knocks at the door. Black folks don’t give a shit about the pain of white people. As a matter of fact, they use our pain and plight to their own benefit. Again, please reference Bill Clinton and his wife to understand this shit! The black church rolls it’s welcoming mat to many candidates during national and local elections, because they have the power to help elect all types of politicians who don’t mind kissing the elderly, the sick and the babies. Those same black churches aren’t talking black people into standing up for themselves against tyranny and injustice. Politicians come to the black congregation to get elected. Pastors go to the black congregation to ask for financial assistance when they need something, in addition to collecting tithes every Sunday. However, when the black congregation needs anything, the pastor ask them to turn to Jesus. If that makes sense to you, you’re probably a Christian.  Sometimes I get tired of living in a world where I’m silently being told I better know my place in society. An entire continent is being told this every day. Who took out the hearts of the last African warriors? We didn’t get the benefit of learning what it’s like to be a warrior, because these white imperialists made cowards out of many of our forefathers. We live life at their mercy, and too many black people are fine with that.

Dependence is synonymous with white control and domination, but black people seem to have this fear of independence, no matter how prudent it is for us to be self-reliant. We do everything to help ourselves stay dependent on white people. The other day I walked by H & M. It was full of black people. I drove by a Starbucks, black folks were chilling under the canopy, as if two brothers weren’t arrested for no reason at Starbucks just a few weeks ago. Nordstrom Rack continues to rake in the black dollar, even though a young black kid shopping for prom was profiled, harassed and arrested for no reason there. And then we have the most garbage breakfast food entity in the world, Waffle House, I saw black people sitting at the tables and counter, eating that high cholesterol bullshit they shouldn’t eat, even though a sister was just humiliated and arrested by scumbag cowards with badges for no reason there, in addition to a young man who took his sister to the prom who got pummeled by another scumbag in blue.  We have a long list of places that we shouldn’t patronize, but somehow we can’t seem to overcome this mental disability, where we play a major role in our exploitation and possible demise. One more thing: are we still watching the NFL? Why? When those racist assholes couldn’t come up with a viable solution to show compassion for a cause that involves  70% of their millionaire slaves, I mean players, they decided to place the culpability on the players, by threatening to assess a 15 yard penalty on any team where the players kneel for the anthem. I say all the black players on every team should kneel before each game, but that’s wishful thinking. Black people only show valor against other blacks. They are cowards to the umpteenth power when dealing with white folks.  White supremacy seems to have all the solutions to stay supreme. Black inferiority seem to follow all the guidelines to stay inferior. Yeah, some of you are gonna be mad as hell at my last statement, but go stand in front of your mirror and ask yourselves, “Am I doing everything in my power to make sure I’m not enriching white supremacy?” Here’s a list of questions I have for you: Do you shop at stores where you are followed for no reason? Do you continue to support businesses where black people have had to deal with racism and racial profiling? When was the last time you went out of your way to support a black business? Are you quick to place the blame on black people because of their behavior or what they’re wearing when they fall victim to injustice? Do you find reasons to insult black men/women in your attempt to try to elevate another race? I’m just trying to ask a few questions, so I can help highlight some of the destructive behavior that some of us display daily. We watch our loved ones get shot and killed, arrested and humiliated, beaten and degraded, but we’ve done nothing to change their behavior toward us.  Marching hasn’t worked since the 60’s. Economically, though, we have grown too accustomed to the convenience of white supremacy to even think about an economic boycott. I’m just saying!

Black people are the only group of people who can go from wanting to be in Wakanda, and dreaming about a place like Wakanda, the last couple of months, to wanting to be at Buckingham palace this past week. Wakanda was just a temporary reprieve. I see we’ve moved on. As inspiring some of you claim that movie was, you did absolutely nothing to change yourself after watching Black Panther. Disney is laughing all the way to the bank, though. We have gotten so used to the idea of wanting to be closer to our exploiters, we were just waiting for an opportunity to start clapping again for massa, even if his entire family enriched him and made him a prince by colonizing our forefathers in their homeland. Are we significant enough to take the necessary steps to establish the changes that we seek as a people? Maybe we’re just comfortable being insignificant? Is it the threat of death at the hands of our oppressor that stands in the way of us revolting? Sanctions and the threat of annihilation seem to work well against African countries. My generation has witnessed the assassination of many leaders here and abroad at the hands of the CIA and US government, maybe that’s what it is…

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