The Evolution of the Black Mind.

The evolution of the black mind.

In terms of progress and evolution, black people in America have surpassed the expectations that white people had set for them long ago. Many of us have managed to do things white people thought were impossible. Many innovations by black inventors have been stolen. Many patents have been denied to Black people and stolen by white people. Many written songs have been stolen from us. Many of our artforms have been taken over by them. Our education system is a sham. Equality and justice has been a farce. Mass incarceration has been the gateway to wealth for white people. Jim Crow laws have taken on a new form. Black folks are still marginalized in many ways. And yet, some of us manage to thrive. It is that small percentage of us who thrive, which continues to reinforce this perception that black people are now in a better place in America. This false perception works so well, many affluent Negroes honestly believe racism no longer exists. As a matter of fact, those Negroes have become the defenders of white supremacy. It’s very sad to hear a white supremacist in black skin defending a racist system in place that can destroy them at any moment. Money has more of a psychological affect on black people than any other race. Too many of us have bought into the Rich Vs Poor mentality. Consider this: Bob Johnson/Michael Jordan couldn’t be owners in the NBA without the votes of the current white owners. Ultimately, that gives them control over black billionaires. It basically means, they have had to act accordingly. Meanwhile, there was a racist owner in LA for many years that these so called owners didn’t mind having around, as long as his racism was not uncovered.
The old idea that black people weren’t capable of achieving no longer stands, but at the same time, the roadblocks created to prevent black people from achieving are reinvented in many ways. Black folks are easily blinded by the fact that they have been allowed to earn money for their hard labor, and because of this, too many black people believe there’s equality in this country, and the barriers have been lifted. Every step black folks take forward, white people leap 10 steps ahead. Just take a look around, you’ll notice that white people no longer work the blue collar jobs that they used to work back in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Those positions are now held by black people. White people have moved on from them. Your mail carrier is black in most cities. Your UPS/FedEx driver is black in most cities. The workers at many of the automotive plants around the country are black and Hispanic. And the long list of blue collar jobs have transformed from white to black. Soon, those positions will be eliminated. Pay attention!
It’s very easy to go into the archives to pull up articles from old Negro newspapers and magazines that addressed the same black struggles we are facing today. Kaepernick is the new Muhammad Ali, dealing with the same issues. We have had too many new Emmett Tills to even name one. Still, some black folks don’t see the stagnancy in the evolution of our minds. We act like everything is good with white folks, and the incidents taking place are isolated, rather than calculated. In the 50’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s and 2010’s, white cops murdered black people indiscriminately, and they faced no justice for their crimes. In 2017, the same thing is still going on, and we continue to march the same ineffective way. At what point will the black mind evolve enough to grasp the reality of their being in this country?
The one evolution that needs to take place has evaded us for over 7 decades now. Our economic power should have been enough to sustain us, but too many of us are too quick to relinquish that power to those who are making sure we stay marginalized. I continue to find black people on my page who are die-hard football fans, who act like football is crack to them. I continue to delete them as well. It’s almost psychologically defective to behave in such a way that allows white people to give “no fucks” about the plight of black people. Our continued effort to appeal to their human side continuously fail. As far as compassion, you must understand that you have accepted your position as being at white people’s mercy, in order to seek compassion from them. That means they control your actions, and your reaction is predicated on their approval.
One more thing, the Jesus juice and the bible, will we ever overcome that fable?

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