The endless battle for dominance

Black people are so deep in a coma, most of them don’t even understand what’s going on in America and across the world.  First of all, I must address those ignorant black people who have no idea what racism is and its reality. While many of you may complain about the racism that you might face on a daily basis, far too many of you don’t even understand racism at its core. Furthermore, stop the dumb shit of calling black people racist. In order to be racist, a person must yield power and control over your livelihood and your entire race. Black people cannot be racist individually, because we benefit nothing from being an individual racist. You have far too many examples of individual racist benefiting from a system of racism that sees and treats them like human beings, while black people are treated as subhumans. It’s not a coincidence that a white boy who just murdered 9 black people was taken to Burger King after he was caught alive. It’s not a coincidence a well-known white murderer who had just murdered 4 innocent black people, was on the run and was known to be armed by law enforcement, and they manged to apprehend him alive. That is how systemic racism protects the rights of individual racists. Meanwhile, a 12 year-old black boy playing with his toy gun at a park was murdered in the day time. Multiple black men who have not committed murder knowingly are killed because of a cell phone. Black people are in no position to yield power over white people. They supply most of the jobs, electricity, gas, education, food and so on, along with everything we need to survive, and that, my friend,  is the power of racism. We are not in a position to be racist. The next time a white  person refers to a black person as racist, you can honestly tell them to go fuck themselves, and explain to their ignorant racist ass not to project their own feeling of racism onto a minority group. However, when a black person does it, school his dumb ignorant ass and trade him to the white race. We have far too many ignorant black people regurgitating bullshit and ideas that they hear from white people on the news daily. We don’t just live in a racist system, but we also live in a caste system. Whether we like it or not, black people are always forced to the bottom, even though we have achieved far more than any other group in this country. Because of our resilience, white people have plotted to make every other race go against us. That, we must recognize and understand that our first battle is unity. We must always look out for the black race first, no mater what. Indians, Asians, Hispanics and every other group have developed their own stereotypes and fears, based on the image of us that is portrayed by the white media. Even black people have formed their own stereotypes and beliefs about their own people. The brainwash must stop! We can’t get away from believing that we are safer around white people, which is bullshit. Of course, it doesn’t help that so many black people get overjoyed when presented with an opportunity by white people, that it forces them to become part of the white racist system as an overseer for white people. Most of your black millionaires are walking around with a white mask. Kanye just told the world how much he loves Trump. That kind of mentality is far more dangerous than the outwardly racist whites, because naturally, we’re supposed to be supported by our own.

I have lost count of how many white murderers and terrorists who have been captured alive after murdering people for no reason. Only a psychopath will have greater understanding of another psychopath. Let that marinate for a minute. Black people have not gone insane to the point where we are able to identify the psychosis of a degenerate group of people that are in love with world destruction. It is in white people’s genes to create chaos, destruction, famine, and everything else that would stunt the growth of humankind. Millions of pounds of food are thrown away everyday in America, while millions of people go hungry. Millions of homes are vacant in America, while millions of people are homeless. No one has officially diagnosed the personality disorders of white people, but their insanity should be noted. Their dominance comes in the form of violence, and it is justified mentally, based on the criminal acts they have committed against all people around the world. At least, that’s what their psychotic mental state leads them to believe. There’s always a perceived fear from white people. I don’t even understand how any country in the Middle East or Asia can be a threat to white security? This perceived fictitious threat is not just in America. If you’ve ever visited Paris, London, Spain and a few other countries in Europe, you’d get a better understanding of the psychotic nature of white people. There’s a fear that looms overhead, because of the malice they have caused around the world. Still, those same sick fucks are forcing down the throats of people religion and a punishing god who has yet to punish them. There’s no fucking way in the world racist fucks like George Bush and his wife should not live well into their 90’s, if there’s truly a punishing god out there. Really, sometimes religion supersedes logic, because the perceived fear of a super powerful being created by white people to maintain control over your lives. If your so called god doesn’t want people committing murder, adultery and so on, why do so many white presidents commit all these crimes, and they live until their racist asses become invalids in wheelchairs? George Bush has murdered more Africans with the HIV virus and AIDS than any other president. He has killed more Iraqis than any other president. His son is also a murderer, and I’m sure all his grandchildren can’t wait to murder. I’m still looking at your god, while these evil bastards live fabulous lives and the people of Africa are still dealing with famine. Africans are more religious than any other group of people, your god must’ve missed the memo on that.  It’s all about white dominance and control, and too many of you are drinking the Kool Aid.

Trump is supported by evangelicals like they are blinded to all his daily lies, infidelities, thievery, and list of pathological and sick behaviors that shouldn’t have warranted his presidency. He’s the scum of the earth, but so was Bill Clinton and every other president this country has ever seen. Obama was the best president that white people ever saw. He wasn’t as psychotic as the rest, but he’s got blood on his hands as well, a murderer like the rest. These people love to quote the bible, and even worse, Christians love to turn a blind eye to the heinous crimes and acts of their presidents, as long as it serves their best interest. Trump is only president because of one reason, and one reason only, racism. Racist whites, which are mostly poor delusional white people who want to be superior, just because of the color of their skin, usually vote against their own best interest, in order to keep alive the hope that the white race will always be dominant. Trump himself is so stupid, he didn’t even think that white people collected welfare. This nincompoop thought only black people and Hispanics were supported by the welfare system. He was shocked to learn the majority of welfare recipients are white. Now, going back to these psychotic white people that are determined to be the dominant race; what is it they’re trying to be domineering over when so many of them live in trailer parks? Trump is a con man and a pathological liar, so he can appeal to that particular sector of society, because white people have always believed the lies that make them appear superior. They don’t have time to look at logistics and true life achievements of black people after slavery ended. They’re caught up in their own delusions, without once taking a look at the leap black people have made after being in bondage for over 400 years. Our resilience is something that white people will never comprehend, but as black people, too many of us are caught up in the fake goodness of white people, which often blinds us to their psychotic mental state. Peace is only an illusion to white people. It’s only a matter of time before they lock and load, and start a new civil war, because the fear of becoming the minority race is greater than the reality of utopia that black people and some liberal whites believe can exist in their sick fucking world. Checks and balances usually yield results. Black folks need to start doing that, otherwise we’ll be in bondage again, and white people will find reasons to justify our enslavement. History always repeats itself, because few people do anything to change the course of it.

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