The Bottom Feeders Want To Take Over!

The Bottom feeders want to take over.

Here’s a noble idea:
Since white people like to control everything that black people do, but especially our experience and emotions as a marginalized group that is affected daily by their racist social, financial and educational system, these black athletes should make every effort to save their money and live way beneath their means, so that when white sponsors get pissed off at our demonstrations, they can pretty much tear the contracts up themselves, without the sponsors going public to try to humiliate the players, in an effort to gather support for their personal beliefs, because white privilege allows them to feel they can control the emotions and experiences of black people. Denigration and degradation, seem to be the goal of white people, as it relates to black people.
In addition, all black athletes should put themselves in a financial position to be able to walk away from the sports that white people love so much, even if it’s for a week, or an entire season, so that these white people can find other ways to express their anger and fill their time. You have to be a super racist scumbag to be mad at black people for not standing up for this racist ass National Anthem that includes the humiliation of slaves and the superiority of white people in its lyrics. My bad, these angry racist fucks are too busy lounging on their couches in their living rooms, while the anthem is playing, but are quick to demonstrate their anger at those people who have suffered in this country because of their fucking racism. People like Ben Rothlesberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers, are so patriotic that he couldn’t sleep because he involuntarily protested the anthem on Sunday. However, he slept like a baby after raping two women. He’s still in the league.
It doesn’t matter to white people that a white cop just shot a young black boy for mistaking his “saxophone” for a machine gun. It doesn’t matter that a judge in St. Louis just found a cop “not guilty” of murder after the evidence proved that the cop planted a gun on the victim. It doesn’t even matter to scumbag racist poor white trash that a 12 year-old boy playing with a toy gun was shot in cold blood in Cleveland by another racist scumbag pig wearing a uniform and a badge.
You see, you can’t really reason with scums, because they are the bottom feeders of the world, trying to find reasons to validate their position as bottom feeders, while wearing their privileged white skin. It’s easy to identify racist white trash, because they have nothing but time on their hands. These racist assholes live in some of the most impoverished states where unemployment is the highest in the country. They vote against their own interest, because racism is their high. Most of them aren’t literate enough to understand right from wrong. More now than ever, we have a scumbag president who is so immoral, he has chosen to focus on football, instead of the American citizens who need our help in Puerto Rico. You cannot reason with unreasonable people. Most racist white people, unfortunately, don’t maximize their white privilege, but want to take out their frustration on other groups because their lazy asses didn’t work hard enough to become more privileged in life. They live in a shit barrel, and have no idea why their white skin is not cleaning them up. And some of those racist assholes, like Trump, who managed to con his way to the top, because his criminal pimp daddy left him an inheritance, usually reach out to the bottom feeders for support, because the civil sector of white society never roll a welcoming mat for people like him. Even with his money, he can’t change his bottom feeder attitude. His behavior as a president is evident of his classless upbringing. He looks to humiliate other people, because introspectively, he knows he’s a complete humiliation as a white man. He wanted to be an NFL owner, but the other owners voted against it, because he lacked class, business savvy and the wherewithal to run a team. They were right. Unfortunately, the bottom feeders found a hero in Trump, and he can’t stop reaching out to “his good people” to soothe his ego. White people are embarrassed by Trump, and the world is laughing at him. Until the impeachment hearings for this son of a bitch begins, the bottom feeders will continue to feel empowered, and many sponsors will cave to their demands, but I’m not insinuating some of those sponsors didn’t come from a bottom feeder background themselves. It takes a very angry privileged white asshole to just assume standing for a National Anthem that is an embarrassment to the country, without first researching the actual lyrics of the anthem, is the right thing to do by a marginalized group of people who helped build this country. What the hell were these racist bastards complaining about in 2008 prior to the days when the US Government bought their way into halftime football? The anthem has only been part of football for the last 8 years. Just tell the world you can’t suppress your racism and hatred, and we’ll just accept it. That’s your history. You can’t run from who you are.

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