The audacity of white privilege.

The audacity of white privilege!

No one should be surprised that a white man was able to do what Paddock did in Vegas.
If any of you have ever been to Vegas, you’d know they have enough cameras around Vegas to pinpoint if you pull a wedgie outta your ass. If any black man were making numerous trips back and forth to his hotel room carrying a cache of weapons, security would have stopped him at the entrance of the hotel, before the first load of weapons even reached his room. Vegas is the city with the most surveillance that I have ever been to. These people can tell your credit card number if you pull your wallet out of your pocket, but they couldn’t identify a crazy white man with lots of guns? You know why? Because white supremacy and white privilege give carte blanche to white men to display their insanity.
Whether this dude was a lone wolf, or an accomplice to a bigger plot, it doesn’t even matter, because only a privileged white man could have gotten as far as setting up cameras in his room and the hallway of a hotel in Vegas. White people are doing everything in their power to find the good in this psychotic killer. “His demeanor was calm. No streak of violence. Quiet neighbor,” and the list of bullshit goes on. Let a black or an Arab man wire 100K to the Philippines to some woman, the Secret Service would be at your door within hours. They’d be treated like a drug dealer or a terrorist. This was a privileged white man who could do whatever the heck he wanted. The world is set up for white people to backpack anywhere they want and settle anywhere they want without as much as a pot to piss in. Hold up, I think I’m talking about America. The rules and laws don’t apply to them. When white people walk around with machine guns over their shoulders in states with open-carry laws, the cops just greet them, “hello” and keep it moving. When a black person does the same thing, SWAT is called, and the black man has to lie down on the ground with his hands spread, embarrassed in public, in order to avoid public execution.
The deafening silence of white liberals when they see injustice, will always lead to the demise of other white people at the hands of psychotic white killers that they have enabled through white privilege. Even liberals are acting like taking a knee is stopping their fucking anthem from playing. When the authorities choose to apply the laws differently against people based on race, people like Timothy McVeigh and Paddock will fall through the cracks of white privilege. Don’t worry, though, Paddock is not gonna be the last insane white man to shoot and kill hundreds of mostly white people. There will be more. However, it is ludicrous of American society to refer to this event as one of the most deadly in American history. I can name at least 10 other deadly events (Rosewood, Tulsa, OK, Raleigh, NC, and so on) where the numbers of people killed were astounding in comparison to Vegas, but those lives didn’t count, because the victims were black, and white Americans tend to suffer from convenient amnesia. In addition, white liberals need to stop playing both sides of the issues. While they’re claiming to want equality and justice for all, they also want to maintain the status quo for white privilege. Until white Americans start buying their mirrors from a place of consciousness that reflect their heinous image in the world, there will forever be victims of white violence on a local and global level across the world, Liberal silence is the equivalent of a bullet to the head. At least the racists let you know they have a gun, but the liberals use a pen to murder on a grander scale. White people are liberal until a video popped up where they weren’t being so liberal. Poor alcohol is blamed for most of white people’s racism. Sometimes I feel bad for alcohol. Most liberals have one black friend they can always count on to tell the world they are not racist. Those black friends are always more than eager to stand in front of a camera to make the case on behalf of these liberals. I call them white supremacist in black skin.
100% of the innocent unarmed black people killed by police were vilified by the media posthumously. Even 12 year-old Tamir Rice was vilified for looking older than his actual age. Black people better stop feeding their children milk. Their height and physical development is a threat to white people, unless, of course, they’re on the football field or basketball court. White privilege is all about showing evil in other groups, while masking the evil hearts of white people like Paddock. I know this couldn’t happen at a Hip Hop concert, because black people would never have the privileged access to that venue for 3 days to put on a concert.
Black folks, please save your tears, because it won’t be long before you’ll be shedding them for an innocent black victim caught on camera being murdered for no reason other than his black skin by a cop. The video evidence won’t mean shit in court, because that’s the white privileged American way! Black folks really thought they were about to get some justice when the body cams were being introduced. Nigga please!

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