The culpability of black people is enforced by white supremacy and the cops!

Let’s face  the real issue here, we wouldn’t be boycotting Starbucks, if the cops were held accountable for their racist behavior toward black people. All white people understand when they call the cops, the cops will support their bullshit, no matter what. White supremacy is backed by the police. The Black Skin White Mask coon of a police chief in Philadelphia saw absolutely nothing wrong with what his officers did, and went on record to tell the world that. According to my “Law, Education and Society” course in college, the police cannot just show up to place somebody under arrest, without first asking them to leave the premises. Those 2 men in Philly were waiting for a friend, and their presence alone was a threat to some hick manager who wanted them removed from the premises for no reason. While many of you may think this was an isolated incident, well it was not!  Another black man at another Starbucks tried to use the restroom, he was asked to leave, because he didn’t purchase anything. However, he caught a white man walking out of the bathroom who also didn’t purchase anything, but was given the code to the bathroom. I understand that many people in the world are delusional when it comes to white progress, as it relates to racism, but there has been no progress at all. Stop your delusions! The old racists passed their beliefs on to their children. The cycle of hate will only stop when all racists cease to exist. Luckily there was a liberal white woman in Philly who made it her point to scream out on video that the 2 black men did absolutely nothing that warranted their arrest, but imagine if that worker had reported these 2 men were a physical threat to other customers? You know how many black men have lost their lives because of a simple phone call from a white person to the police? It happened just last week in Sacramento, California where a man who supposedly posed a threat to police was shot 7 times in the back. How can someone pose a threat to you when they’re running away from you, and you had to shoot him in the back? That was pure unadulterated, calculated murder, orchestrated by the cops. Whenever cops are called to a scene to deal with black people, their mentality is shoot to kill, or at the very least, criminalize somebody, even when there’s no need to. A white police chief has even admitted that it’s cheaper to kill black people than to wound them. We have to get to the root of that mentality, because white people are always apprehended alive, even after they have murdered 9 or 17 people. In addition, black people should be forced to rely on white witnesses to prove their innocence to the police. In other words, our lives don’t mean shit, and our words don’t mean shit! We cannot allow these people to take away our will, our freedom, our voice and our power!

The police department is white supremacy, and even some black cops reinforce their white supremacist mentality, because a lot of them adopt the same stupid racist mentality that is taught at the police academy and practiced by all the KKK cops. Too often black cops only realize the level of racism practiced by the police when they’re out of uniform and become victims of police brutality themselves. You seldom hear of any white undercover cop, or off-duty police officers getting shot by other cops, but it’s rampant against black cops. The situation at Starbucks was a simple one, where the cops could’ve easily asked the 2 men to vacate the premises, but the abuse of power among cops against black people is the norm, because too often, these cops are not disciplined for violating the rights of black people. For some odd reason, black people are foolish enough to believe bodycams were going to change the outcome of police officers murdering black people unjustly and indiscriminately. We found out that the hard way that white people just wanted to expose to other white people how devalued black lives are. Once they get you desensitized to the murder of your own people at their hands, you’ll start to find it normal behavior, and you’re gonna get tired of standing up to them. No matter what proof they have to convict a white officer, white people are blinded by racism and white supremacy. We can continue on that same path where we are victimized by them, or we can change course by arming ourselves and defend ourselves when we are unjustly attacked by the police. We have allowed white supremacy to force us into a position of victimization for too long, and too many fake and cowardice black leaders don’t have enough balls to let black people know they have the right to arm and defend themselves against the police. No one has the right to take your life without justification, just because they’re wearing a uniform and a badge. We have to change our mentality and let these people know we are no longer going to die in vain. Nobody’s son should be shot 7 times in the back in his own backyard for carrying a cell phone, and the cops will most likely see no time behind bars for murder. We have to show valor and start averting the deaths of our loved ones. The police cannot continue to kill black people with impunity and black folks are supposed to just accept it. Fuck that! We must all be ready to stand up and fight, but more importantly, we must all be willing to put our lives on the line against these racist assholes. Otherwise, we’ll continue to sing the same old song about black people being murdered by cops for no reason every fucking day! Aren’t you tired of marching, begging and pleading for reason from a group of people who don’t understand fairness and reason? Did you forget about slavery? Why do you think they want you to forget about slavery? Until you stand up and fight back, you’re a fucking slave!