When are we going to be fed up with the bullshit?

Black folks need to end their selfish ways, or the black race will continue this cycle of poverty and suffering to no end. Too many of us don’t even give enough fucks to think about our own struggles before we decide to bring a child into this world. It’s bad enough that every black child has the odds stacked against them from birth, but these fucked-up parents aren’t making the situation any better for these children that are born to some of us on a daily basis.
The fact that a struggling ass man and woman decide it’s perfectly normal to bring a child into their struggle is fucked up in of itself. How can we raise a child in an unstable environment with nothing but dysfunction surrounding them from birth? What chance will that child have in life? I understand overcoming the odds is one in a million chance, but that’s 999,999 chances of that child being totally fucked up. We can’t continue on this path of destruction and expect things to change. Too many fucking women look forward to raising children in a fucked up public housing project, or a section 8 apartment permanently. That mindset reinforces a cycle of poverty that will sustain white supremacy for hundreds of generations, where black people will continue to be treated like second class citizens around the world.
Too many fucking black men and women believe that a child can be the glue to keep them together, without analyzing the need of that child before he/she comes into the world. We’re not offering any kind of springboard to our offspring, because we are too selfish in our own ways to even think about their future. In addition, we have stupid ass people having children without a fucking penny saved anywhere, but are quick to get their children used to brand name clothing and other bullshit that will render the child a slave to retail for the rest of his/her life.
If you don’t at least plan to be in a position to pay for a college education for your child, you need to scratch having children off your list. If you can’t provide the seed money for a business or a down payment on a home for your child in the future, you shouldn’t even consider having one. Too many black children are growing up with the burden of providing for their parents, or at least help to assist them financially, because they were born in poverty. Get your fucking shit straight before bringing a child into a world that is already working against our children. We complain about the prison industrial complex, but black people are having children to fill those prisons every day. White supremacy don’t have any problem handing you an apartment in the jungle in some project somewhere. They already know that your child will only have a quarter percent of a chance to make it out alive, without ending up in their slave concentration camps they call a prison.
Too many women are allowing themselves to get pregnant after meeting a man for just a few weeks, and thinking they know that man. Too many men are quick to penetrate a woman raw after just a few weeks, and then have the nerve to get mad when she gets pregnant and need their assistance with the child. Let’s do a better job, so we can offer our children a better future. You should not subject your children to the same struggles that you have faced in life. It is unfair and selfish! Each generation is supposed to get better than the last one. We can’t keep going backwards and expect things to change. The black race has suffered enough! We can’t keep shedding tears in vain, because we’re not taking control of our situation. When the fuck are you going to get tired of the bullshit?