Religion is the downfall of black people.

One of the most important exercises conducive to growth and development, is the exercise of the mind. Most people tend to neglect their minds, while putting more effort into everything else.
Too many black folks wake up every morning with the mindset that the things presented to them are good enough and acceptable for them. One of the main reasons for this behavior, unfortunately, is religion. Black folks are the biggest victims of religion, because we live in a hopeless society. By hopeless, I mean hope is all that black people have at this point. When we leave our house, we hope we don’t get killed by the police. When we go to work, we hope we don’t get fired for being black. When we graduate from college, we hope we can get a job to pay off those student loans. When we can’t pay our gas and electric bill, we hope the power company won’t turn them off. When we watch the news, we hope that they’re not destroying our image with one more incident by a knucklehead black person. When Trump got elected, we hoped he wouldn’t be racist enough to destroy everything that serves black people. Unfortunately, all our hopes become hopeless, because the things that we hope for hardly happen. Even black politicians capitalize on the hopes of black people. While Jesse Jackson was “keeping hope alive” in 1984, Obama brought back “hope and change” in 2008.
It’s time that we take control of our minds and start questioning all the bullshit that we have been subjected to, because they understand that we don’t exercise our mind as much and as often as we should. Stop allowing people to tell you what’s good for you, while they capitalize off your naivete and ignorance. You’re not gonna find all your answers in one book. You can’t sum up your argument by using one source as reference. The bible is not an encyclopedia.
I’ve visited the slave dungeons in Ghana, Africa. I saw how white people had the slaves build a church above the same slave dungeons they were also forced to build, in order to hold them captive in darkness for 3 months at a time, while awaiting their voyage to America and the West indies in bondage. I saw the 20 X 20 rooms without any source of light, where they forced 300-400 naked men to live like animals, defecating on themselves and each other, vomiting on each other, peeing on each other, even dying at the feet of one another, while they waited for a ship named Jesus Christ to carry them to America. Many of those slaves jumped to their death or got thrown overboard for being too sick to become slaves in the field. I also saw the rooms where black women were treated worse than pigs. They also defecated on each other, vomited on each other, peed on each other, and died at each other’s feet. The condition of the cramped rooms were worse than the worse possible jail cell you can imagine. Hygiene was not a concern. Blood from their monthly cycle splattered all over them. The stench of feces was normalized, because no latrine was offered. They were fed through a hole like animals, and some of them were raped before they were forced in those cramped rooms. The slaves often fought each other for the food and water thrown at them by white people. They created an environment where black people had to fight one another from captivity for survival sake. Has anything changed? Those same white people would go upstairs to the church to praise Jesus after doing all this. What the fuck kind of Jesus allow a group of people to suffer so much? You have to exercise your mind and remove that fiction from your imagination. Funny enough, those slaves had never heard of any Jesus, and they had never prayed to any Jesus, until those white people started beating Jesus into them.
Today, your modern day black pastor is not even ashamed of fronting in front of the church like he can perform miracles for the sick. A bunch of fools and idiots would gather around him on the pulpit, and he’ll act like he’s curing people of diseases right before their eyes, but the same “im-pastors” won’t set foot in a hospital to go help the doctors cure all the patients who need healing. A simple of exercise of the mind would help you understand that. White folks used the same tricks to fool black people into Christianity.
Your black pastor has no shame asking people in the church to donate $5000.-10.00 to a cause that serves him personally. In addition, the lights, heat and gas are always about to get cut off in the church, and there’s always some repairs to be made that he needs you to contribute to, while your ass struggles with your bills at home. The dummies in the church will raise their hands from those who can donate $5000.00, all the way down to those who can only donate $10.00. The pastor will take half the service to make sure this happens. However, the same pastor won’t take the time to ask all the people in the church with financial trouble to stand up, while he asks the rest of the congregation to help contribute financially to their struggles, or not even the pastor himself would write a check to help assist those in need. After all, the money from that check would be from the “coongregation.”
You see, the pastor’s needs come first. His luxury car, his mansion, tailored suits, expensive shoes, lavish vacations, private planes, all come first. The pastors understand you are hopeful that there might be a better tomorrow. Your salvation is dependent upon your hope. His costly prayers may very well save you, so you think.
Joel Osteen may have been the topic of conversation when the hurricane hit Houston, but how many other pastors opened their church to those in need? It’s not just the Christians, we can talk about the Nation of Islam as well. I believe they have a mosque in Houston. I didn’t hear Farrakhan delegating duties to his NOI members to help the hurricane victims. Chicago has a murder crisis that’s inexplicable, while Farrakhan calls Chicago home. Have you seen the NOI members standing in front of any of the police headquarters in Chicago to demand answers from the police for the high crime rate in Chicago? Has Farrakhan mobilized his FOI troops to monitor the hood to make sure their presence is felt in Chicago? Farrakhan plays on your hope as well.

The only thing that black folks need to do, is come together to find solutions to our problems. Jesus is not gonna solve our problems. Muhammad has no answers to our problems, and white people damn sure are only adding to our problems. When you exercise your mind, you question the things that are happening around you, and you try to figure out logical solutions to your problems. If Jesus was solving black folks’ problems, the avalanche of prayers going out every Sunday would have resolved our issues long ago, and billions of black people around the world would not be living in poverty. Over half of the black population around the world is in church every Sunday. Unfortunately, most of them leave the church to go back to the same problems and difficulties they faced before going to church. When is 1+1 going to = 2 to y’all?

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