Racism and it’s new form!

If you’re mentally challenged enough to believe this country has done away with racism, you might want to start filing for disability from the government, because you may just be qualified for disability compensation, and you may have short changed yourself of compensation for years now.

With the Dallas owner, Jerry Jones, the Miami Dolphins owner and many other owners in the NFL bringing down their white supremacist hammer on their players like slave masters on a cotton plantation, and ESPN reprimanding Jemele Hill for tweets that have nothing to do with her job at ESPN, we are seeing that white people have never changed their ways, and they want to continue to maintain a position of power over black people, even when they are fully aware that our rights are being violated on a daily basis. ESPN has basically told Jemele Hill that she no longer has an opinion anywhere other than at ESPN. Actually, it has everything to do with their bottom line, just as slavery was about their bottom line. White people hated black people, but they owned slaves. They allowed black women to breastfeed their babies. Yes the same black women they despised were cooking their food and raising their children. If the NFL is boycotted by black people as suggested by Jemele Hill, ESPN will lose revenue on Monday nights, as Monday Night Football has been a staple in the NFL for many decades now. As for Jerry Jones, he’s always been a racist tyrant who uses black players for his own benefit. It has nothing to do with his love for his players, but the love of the exploitation of those who play on his team and the value they bring to his franchise.
Now, we can argue that these white owners have every right to look out for their best interest without giving a fuck about the social construct of this country, but these are the same assholes who exploit those same football players on television by honoring them with the “Walton Payton” award every year for their work in the community. Even in death, white people have managed to exploit black people. They are capitalizing off Walter Payton’s name. That award show brings ESPN millions in revenue. A lot of these football players use their own personal money to establish foundations in communities where they grew up or play, but the NFL benefit from it all. As long as their work in the community serves to enhance the image of the NFL, and ESPN is able to create a televised award show that exploits the good image of these players, it’s all good. However, when the real issue of civil rights violations of black people is at the center of this malice, these white people are quick to revert to their racist ways, and reinforce their position as white supremacists through threats and their privileged power to reprimand.
I often talk about the conditions that white people often place on black people when it comes to protest and the fight for complete rights, but most people just act like I’m talking out of my ass. Based on Jerry Jones’ track record for going to bat for people with stained reputations, like Hardy and many other women beaters and disciplinary violators who have been on his team, it’s easy to believe this guy is a liberal who believes in the civil rights of everyone. However, given the fact that the entire nation knows this protest has got nothing to do with the flag and the veterans, we can honestly see his patriotism is a veil for his racism. Even if it were about the anthem, shouldn’t this racist prick named Jerry Jones do his own research to understand that the lyrics of the anthem are denigrating to black people, and encouraged the demise of our forefathers?
I don’t really want to address Trump, because that piece of shit is just a vindictive asshole with a vendetta, because he was shut out by the NFL twice, while his effort at establishing his own football league left him flat on his face. There are many other ventures that left him flat on his face that I’m sure people are aware of. His failed presidency so far is a testament to his business acumen. In addition, Trump has disrespected one of the most highly decorated veteran senators in John McCain publicly. If white people are too fucking stupid to see how this orange piece of shit in the white house is using them, that’s on them.
Still, at some point, these black athletes are going to start empowering themselves, because white owners will never empower them. If Jerry Jones and other owners don’t want players to play for kneeling, all the players should kneel and let the NFL experience a season without positive revenue. Their ticket sales is already down 31% this season, and television viewership continue to decline weekly, so these empty threats shouldn’t scare anyone.We’ve been boycotting, and our boycott is working. Black athletes need to understand that racist white people only enjoy their performance on the court and on the field, but they do not necessarily like them as people. They’re displaying racist behaviors daily at these games. The owners are no different. As long as a black man is talented enough to help them win a championship, that man is loved for his talent. You need to remove the personal from this public adulation, because it’s all about business. Dan Gilbert hates the shit out of LeBron, but his ass can’t win shit without LeBron, and his team is worthless without LeBron, or any other black superstar that he can’t stand. Black athletes need to stop falling in love with the idea that these fans love them personally. Nah, they love your performance on the court and on the field, because once you decide to make your position clear on certain issues, those same fans are burning your jerseys and calling you NIGGER!
There’s no NBA without 80% of the black players. There’s no NFL without 70% of the black players. If these racist cocksucking owners want to act like racist scumbags, stand up as a unit to collectively tell them you will not be stripped of your dignity as men any longer! If these assholes can do that to talented millionaires, just imagine what the average black person has to put up with at work on a daily basis? Think about how your moms and dads had to swallow their pride daily, just to be able to provide for you. This racism is systemic and it’s in the fiber of American society.

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