Peace of mind!

It took me a while to learn the meaning of satisfaction and happiness. I had to come to grip with my own reality and my own sanity, as it relates to my happiness and personal satisfaction in life.
A lot of people wake up ungrateful everyday. Instead of appreciating the life that they have, they’re busy shooting for the life that they envy. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all about goals and dreams and reaching for the sky, but where’s the limit? Some people are forced to believe that the sky’s the limit, and some even live by that mantra. Unless you’re an astronaut, you have no idea how far the sky goes, or if it even stops anywhere.
Introspectively, I started looking around me when my oldest daughter was about 2 years old. I saw that my life was greater in monetary value than most of the people I knew and grew up with, but they were some of the happiest people. In society, we call them simple. I wanted to become simple. I also noticed the people who didn’t have much, which prompted me to write a book about “The Forgotten Souls” of the world, a book that I never even bothered to publish. These forgotten souls are the people we don’t pay attention to on a daily basis. They are your homeless people, your drug addicts, prostitutes, mentally challenged and deranged, psychologically disturbed, and so on. I’m not saying I could’ve been in one of those situations permanently, but there was a time when I was homeless, literally. I thought about all those things, and I decided to change my ways. No longer was I going to keep chasing money, a bigger house, a more expensive luxury car, or anything else that I felt needed extra energy from me. Instead, I focused on being something I didn’t know anything about, which is a good father. The fruits of my labor were in front of me, but I had to recognize that. As a writer and publisher, I made more money than most people earned in a lifetime, but there didn’t seem to be an end to that plan.
I started to spend less time on the road touring, and more time with my daughter. In a matter of a few months, I started seeing the rewards. My daughter and I developed a bond that can never be broken. I also broke the cycle of black girls growing up without their daddies, and believe me, the benefits are endless. I’m in the second phase of my life with my second child, I’m doubling down on the type of father I had been with my oldest daughter. I want them both to reach higher grounds than I ever dreamed of. I want them to be happy with who they are, and I want them to be aware, and become good natured. Some of us believe being good natured is given, based on the way we raise our children. Most serial killers didn’t come from serial killing parents and homes. You sorta have to hope for the best. The values you instill in your children should be done at an early age, when they can properly absorb and grow with those values. Too many of us allow things to get out of hand, before we bring down the hammer of discipline. Time…the one thing we can’t get back, and the one thing we waste the most, seems to be elusive to most of us. We must spend valuable time with our children, so they can have a better understanding of family time. I know kids who would rather go hang out with their friends, instead of spending special moments with their family. People must make family time inviting for their children. Your child is not gonna want to be around you, if you’re nagging him/her all the time. Make it fun. It’s not always about what you want to do, but what your child may want to experience with you.

Some people chase dreams. Some people chase skirts. Some people chase money. Some people chase goals. In all your chasing, please make sure to chase peace of mind.

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