Narcissism has become the norm in American society!

We live in a society that makes normal people with normal accomplishments feel like they’re nothing. Everybody wants to be front and center for attention for the most mind boggling nothingness they can display to the world. It all started with the Kardashians becoming famous for having done absolutely nothing in the world, and for having absolutely no talent worthy of acknowledgement. Unless, of course, you believe having sex with a C list celebrity on video has become the way to fame for the common person. We have shifted from being private citizens to forcing ourselves to become as public as possible for the attention. From the time we wake up in the morning, the world needs to know what kind of toothpaste we use, if we use any at all; what kind of soap we shower with, if we practice good hygiene; which brand of toilet paper we use to wipe our ass, if we aren’t too filthy to take the time to wipe our asses properly. Some people are so desperate for attention, they often neglect the filth captured in the background of their picture. And sometimes the filth is sitting in the foreground right in front of them, but they’re so occupied with their selfie, they don’t even realize that they’re displaying to the world how filthy they are. Clean your goddamn bathroom, and stop stepping over piles of dirty ass clothes in your room, just so you can take a selfie for the world to see your filthy ass. Social media has forced us to move away from being normal human beings. Nobody really gives a shit that you’re eating a 3 course meal at a 5 star and sometimes zero star restaurant. Nobody but you care about the reaction you’re gonna get from people after getting dressed for an outing. We have all fallen into the habit of displaying to the world our every move, while the world now cares nothing about humanity. What the fuck is an Instagram model anyway? Any pretty girl who throws on some salacious outfit now refers to herself as an Instagram model, because 10,000 or more thirsty people are clapping for her. Other than buying and paying for your own clothing, how the fuck are you earning a paycheck as a model? Are you sponsored by the big companies to wear their clothing? Every kid now wants to to be a sensation without having anything for us to sensationalize. Some people will go to extreme measures to create a sensation for the benefit of attention. Being normal is the new stupid!

I remember when people used to respect the hard working parents who brought home the bacon after working long hours at a respectable job. I remember when doctors, lawyers, teachers, accountants, nurses and other professionals were held in high regards. I remember when kids used to aspire to become a great lawyer, doctor, nurse, teacher and other worthy professions. Nowadays, every kid is looking to social media to make it big. 50% of the black male population are aspiring rappers, even though too many of them have a 3rd grade level vocabulary and lack of understanding of general subjects. We tend to build up those people that we hardly know, while tearing down those people that are accessible and close to us. Our narcissistic values rely on the approval of strangers, and because of it, we tend to support the efforts of strangers more than we support our own. If the neighbor down the street from us decides to launch a clothing line, we’ll most likely clown him for his efforts. However, when a celebrity we have never met decides to go on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to post about the launching of their next venture, we want to be the first one to share it and help it spread like wildfire. We don’t do the same for the people building businesses in the community. We don’t support the people from our community who are putting the effort into changing the lives of our people daily.  I really don’t give a shit if Gucci or any other high end fashion designer is launching a new line of clothing. I care more about the person in my neighborhood opening a bookstore, or another entity that will serve the community to make it better. We promote racist brands that want to destroy us on a daily basis, instead of standing behind the brands created by our own people. Narcissistic behavior has much to do with the vanities of the world, and black people are all caught up in it. You can’t be caught with things that will bring about your financial demise. Don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting the finer things in life, but we should not allow that to become the very air we breathe every minute of the day. In addition, we need to start acting our wage! Enjoying the fruit of our labor is only just and right, but we shouldn’t push our lifestyle on other people, and belittle those who can’t afford to keep up with the Joneses, or the fake lifestyle we’re struggling to maintain.

We have developed this sense of entitlement, where we believe we should own things that we can’t even afford. Our children want to wear $200.00 sneakers at 10 years old, while our light bill is delinquent. We are living backwards! This all has to do with narcissism. We’re raising a bunch of narcissistic children who will grow up to believe they are entitled to shit that they can’t even afford. President Trump cares more about ratings than being president, because as a narcissist, he needs to feel that he has an impact on everything around him. His behavior is no different than the normal folk who constantly seek the approval and adoration of others online. For some reason, we believe impacting the daily lives of others with our clothing, food, homes, cars, and anything else we own, by posting pictures, will remove our insecurities. Anybody online can become whatever they want. It’s ego-driven and it has no purpose.

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