Let’s do a better job interacting with one another.

Black folks,

I’m gonna need y’all to do a better job greeting one another when you see each other on the street, at work, or anywhere that you come into close proximity with your brothers and sisters. Some of y’all are quick to greet white strangers or your white co-workers at work, but when you see a fellow brother or sister, you wanna start mean-mugging them like they’re your enemy. Who turned us against each other? Why does your scowl disappear at the sight of white people?
I noticed most of the guys at my gym would just look at me like they want to fight or something, so I started reaching out and greet them. I had to take that scowl off their foreheads. We can’t live in harmony, if we don’t get along with each other. We have to stop acting like we are enemies.
Black dudes, especially, have problems with other black men for no fucking reason. We fear one another, we want to intimidate one another, we don’t talk to one another and it’s always a stare down contest among black men, if they happen to make eye contact. Other times, they just ignore one another. That shit needs to stop. We can’t keep talking about unity, when we can’t find it in ourselves to greet one another.
Now, as for the black women, you don’t have to look so mean. Sometimes we only want to say “hi” to you. That smile you share with the white boys, try sharing that with the brothers as well. Some of you be looking mean for no goddamn reason. The scowl on your faces have turned to wrinkles, because it’s almost permanent on your faces around black people, but quick to smile for white folks. We just can’t keep on like that.

My African and West Indian brethren, you all need to stop looking down at some of your African American brothers. Y’all need to stop assuming all the stereotypes you have ever heard about black men in America. In the south, black people are a little more cordial, but in the north, these Negroes look like they’re in fighting mode all the fucking time. Ready to unload and looking as mean as they can possibly front. Nobody’s gonna do shit to you. The way to break down somebody’s wall, is to greet them. All that mean mugging will just disappear. Half these dudes ain’t even as hard as they pretend to be. And half of you aren’t even as scared as you wanna be. There’s no reason to be afraid of each other.

My African American brethren, you all need to remove all the prejudices in your head about black immigrants. They didn’t come here to take your job, and they are not your enemy. How can somebody take away your job when they had to travel over 20 hrs from Africa on a plane to get here? If you wanted the job, an immigrant from another country wouldn’t have access to it. You’re already here. That bullshit makes no sense. Take your anger and frustrations somewhere else. Believe it or not, some of the brothers and sisters from Africa and the West indies can use your guidance and support, because most of them are coming from countries where there are few white people. The assimilation from process is not easy for them, in addition to the language barrier for many of them. Black unity cannot happen until we shed all our prejudices toward one another. Unfortunately, most black immigrants tend to see white people as more friendly when they get here, because most of them don’t get to interact with white people on a daily basis. They usually settle in a black neighborhood or ghetto, so their only exposure is to the harsh ghetto life of African Americans. We must do better, and come to a point of respect for one another, in order for all black people to thrive. You can learn a lot from a black immigrant. All of them are from countries where you have to pull yourself by the bootstraps. There aren’t any government subsidies, projects, or food stamps. They can teach you how to get away from the traps set by the racist system in this country.
At the end of the day, we can all learn from one another. I’ve been lucky enough to understand both sides of the spectrum as a Haitian-American. Oddly enough, some people believe I’m more African-American than I am Haitian, and African Americans think I’m just Haitian. I’m Haitian to most of you, but I’m black to every white person who sees me. They don’t differentiate between Haitians, Africans, or African Americans. Don’t get it confused, your accent is not going to stop a cop’s bullet. Ask Amadou Diallo, Patrick Dorismond, Sean Bell, Abner Louima,Anthony Baez, Ousmane Zongo, Malcolm Ferguson,Alberta Spruil, Eric Garner and all the other dead black victims who came from all over the world. I’m not confused about their confusion. My balance is rare, but my prejudices are less. I have friends from all backgrounds, and my business associates come from all walks of life. Until black people understand the common denominator is our African heritage, we’re not gonna be able to use that as a stepping stone to build better relationships. I’m on a course of unity and to build a better image for us all. I can’t do it alone. You all are gonna have to participate and help me. Church shouldn’t be the only place you greet other black people!

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