It’s about time Trump keeps his mouth shut!

Trump has been a media whore for the last few months, trying to build momentum for a political career that may not go anywhere. His racial undertone in undermining president Obama has been just as sick as those racist “birthers” that he has aligned himself with. First of all, Trump is not politically or globally aware. I highly doubt he even knows the different continents of the world. I would not be surprised if he thinks Africa is a country. Trump is really one dimensional. Just watch any interview that he has done. I say all this to say that Trump’s political platform  is weak because in his own store and backyard everything is made in China, while he tries to take a fake political stand against manufacturing jobs being outsourced to China. You can go to Macy’s and check the labels on 99% of Trump apparels and you will find a “Made in China” tag on them. This hypocrytical, dirty hustler has been riding his show, The Apprentice, for the last 10 seasons, because we all know that the realestate market has been a bust. The show has now become his primary source of income. We need to eliminate that.

Trump now makes more money on television than he’s making through his investment hodlings, so don’t believe the hype. If The Apprentice gets cancelled, so will his livelihood and he knows this, which is one of the reasons why he’s trying to create a new platform, any platform for a politcical career. I always call a spade a spade and Trump is as racist as they come. How dare he questions the academic career of our president? This is insulting to all black people! This is the one moment where we must unite to put a stop to this trainwreck before Trumps starts to believe he’s invincible, or a viable choice to become president. He’s done good having inherited a business that his father started many years ago and took it to new heights, but don’t be fooled to think that Trump is a self-made man. He’s only been able to build his soon to be crumbling empire because of other people’s money. We need to stop watching his show on TV and hurt him in the wallet, where it matters,  so he can keep his racist rants out of the media. Let’s remind everyone how much of an opportunist that he is by making sure his show on NBC is cancelled for next season. Meanwhile, let’s ask him why 99% of the Trump brand is made in China as he continues to try to use manufacturing jobs overseas as a platform for his political career?

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  1. Dol
    Dol says:

    Trump is a hypocrite ass racist who needs a lesson. Personally I never watch his show for the simple fact that I do not like him! He needs to keep his fake hair and nose off politic and stake with what he nose best, which is screwing girls who’s younger than his own chidren.

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