How do you spruce up your sex life?

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Face it, monotony is a part of life and no matter how fresh you try to keep the excitement in your life, the events are bound to become routine after a while. This is especially true for couples who have been together for a long time. While some will argue that they find ways to keep their sexual life exciting and fresh, we all know that we can’t be that creative 365 days a year, if we should be so lucky to have sex that often. The average married couple, believe it or not, only has sex 4 to 6 times a month. I was married and I can honestly say those figures were very lowball in my life.

While most of us limit our sexual experience to the bedroom, there’s a group of adventurers who like to take their sex life to new heights. The bedroom has become the bored room for them and every and anywhere else has become ideal to keep them sexually engaged. The voyeuristic types enjoy the chance of being watched by others, or even getting caught by the authorities. The adrenaline rush a person can get from performing in front of an uninvited audience is enough to keep the blood flowing endlessly. The swingers make our sex life sound tame, as they get a chance to experience different partners and remove monogamy from the relationship. I’m sure some of us can agree that having a new partner can be exciting because of the anticipation of the unknown. However, this post is about monogomous couples who want to spruce up their sex life.

My personal opinion is that sex can only be as limited as your mind. Once you remove the limitations, sex can be exciting forever, no matter how long you’ve been with your partner. Just understand that most people don’t enjoy boredom and even many more get tired of the same routine. Missionary, doggystyle, riding, even oral sex are just simple parts of sex. There’s so much more to it than that. Don’t cheat yourself, instead, you should treat yourself. Nothing should be too nasty to do to please your partner. The tongue is a very essential part of sex, use it for arousal, excitement and climax. Your hands can do wonders if you know how to use them. Start practicing using your hands to please your partner, just make sure they are clean. Your mouth is not just made for talking and eating, use your mouth to please your partner. Kiss him/her where she/he’s never been kissed before. Even your toes and feet can add pleasure to your sex life, make the best of them. Your sexual organs are not the only pleasure zone. We already know what we can get out of using our sexual organs, but how do you maximize your pleasure with them? Caress those southern lips; lick that clitoris; stimulate the anus; those breasts are not only to suck on, caress them; kiss her back; lick everything on her body; rub his chest, shoulders, legs, thighs and arms; don’t be afraid to play with the penis, it won’t bite; lick everything on his body. How about I let you use your imagination for the rest…

What are some of the things that you’re doing to spruce up your sex life?

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  1. LaDawn
    LaDawn says:

    Well DANG you said it all!!!! lol

    Being married myself and with my husband for almost 20 years those figures are extremely low in our case. I’m a very unhappy person if I’m not sent off too work completely full someway somehow. For us every sexual experience is like the first. You know that giggly, can’t look at you for a little while after type feeling! But the most exciting times are the unexpected spare of the moment encounters. No fan of people watching or even getting caught but we do enjoy the rush of trying it anywhere.

  2. Dee
    Dee says:

    Being over 40 years old may be an excuse for me to get wild but it’s not a joke, I’m horny all time.

    You could say I was a prude when I was younger, but now I’ve found myself doing things that I’ve never dreamend of doing befeore.

    Last night I went dancing with my baby, when we were dancing I had the desire to mastubate on the dance floor while he was caressing my neck.

    Hey, life is too short why should I cheat myself and limite my pleasure and the pleasure I can give to my man? If giving my man a blow job in the bathroom of the club drives him crazy than that is exactly what I will do.

    I long for the freakiest scene I could ever imagine, and the more wild my partner gets the more I love him.

    One of my favorite sexual toys is a rabbit that my baby introduces me to and whenever I strive for a one on one level of ecstasy I can always relied on it to have a multiple orgasm whenever my baby is not around.

    Nevertheless, it doesn’t come close to my baby’s tongue, because his tongue can take me to a place where I’ve never been especially when he uses it in between my…()

    living together as a couple is not always easy and when we start getting use to each other things get worst. So what’s there to do if not being creative?


  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    just thinking of the next jaunt… forbidden places…i mean the kitchen sink….the shower…anywhere the heat can lend a hand…. fisting slapping…. after a long dirty job…with scents offend…. like animals…eat a carrot and a zucchini…in the right place tastes real good…clean and covered with condoms of course…if not allergic a tomato in the right place…can bring bright surprises… ok now to wake her up with a finger and lick

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