Forced humiliation!

There is something sinister taking place in America and around the world, and it has white supremacy, racism and imperialism written all over it. Black folks have not been paying too much attention, but there’s a narrative being portrayed out there that black people should be lucky if they walk away unscathed from an interaction or altercation of any kind with a police officer. First of all, no one in society should feel their life is in danger, just because they have an encounter with a police officer. Whether it’s behind the wheel, for a traffic infraction, or somebody’s sitting on their own porch, because some stupid racist asshole decides to use 911 as their racist enforcement against black people, black folks should not be victimized. Black folks are accepting this narrative, and too many of them are calling themselves lucky, just because they haven’t been shot by a cop after getting pulled over, or being addressed by a cop. You don’t have to do what I do, because my job is to raise your awareness to white supremacy, racism, and the well-oiled machine of white imperialism. We are being forced to cower, and give up our human dignity at the hands of cops. These cops are the enforcers of white supremacy at the lowest level. The district attorneys, judges and white juries are on the next level.

I just recently watched a video of a young black male getting pulled over by a white cop at gun point. When the young man asked, “Why do you have your gun pointed at me?” The white officer replied, “Because you’re not white.” This is blatant racism, and it’s part of a campaign to instill fear in black people, and force them into a position of humiliation, and to make them feel powerless. White supremacy has infiltrated every aspect of society. A politician in Georgia recently admitted that he has no problem with Trump using the N word. We have openly racist politicians running for office, and some of them are going to win. There’s a mostly black town in Georgia being denied the right to vote in the upcoming general state elections. We also had a white nincompoop who was getting arrested at the airport in Florida who felt the need to blurt out “You’re treating me like a black person,” while he used his white privilege to get combative with the cops. This dude is a doctor. White people are fully aware of the inhumane treatment black people receive at the hands of cops. They choose to stay silent. Silence is the supporter of injustice.  There’s another recent incident where a black man holding his baby was tased for no reason. How do you tase someone who’s a holding a newborn baby? Okay, this shit is getting inhumane to the point where these racist bastards don’t even give a fuck anymore. The time has come for black people to let go of their passive attitudes toward white people, their docility at the hands of cops, and their subservient position in America. At some point in life, everyone must establish some type of dignity. We cannot afford to raise another generation of cowards who will continue to allow white people to dictate the confines of our humanity. Too many of you are absent-minded of white history. When Napoleon and the rest of these cock-sucking racists set out to conquer Africa, they did it by the shipload. They were always outnumbered, but they managed to control an entire continent through force, violence, and intimidation. The same thing is happening today. Black folks are being forced into a subservient position, where they are forced to accept whatever type of livelihood imposed on them by white people.

There’s no fucking reason in the world that a black man or a black woman should feel lucky to walk away from a white officer for having done nothing wrong. Black parents are being forced to train their kids on ways to interact with officers. What the fuck are you raising, dogs? White boys are apprehended fully armed after murdering dozens of people, without a scratch on their bodies, but black people are being murdered without any weapons on them, or having killed anybody?  Furthermore, we should stop using Trump as the reason these racists are now starting to make their presence felt. Trump has been president for less than 2 years. His base of racists was established long before he announced his candidacy. This police chief in Florida was telling his officers to randomly arrest black men for no reason to keep crime down in his district, way before Trump became president. This asshole should be under a jail cell. Now, just pay a little closer attention to the way white supremacy is being invoked right before your eyes. What are the consequences to these people’s injustice against black people? This police chief is not even charged for the crime that he forced his officers to commit against an entire community. His officers are absolved from punishment, because they were following his directives. There’s a domino effect here with no culpability. It’s as if we’re watching Trump violate every single law and rule of the presidency, but no one has yet brought any charges against him, or even tried to impeach him. If you’re not noticing what’s taking place, you’re not just in a coma, you’re mentally dead. Never mind the fact that white cops get to go on a vacation and receive severance packages after murdering innocent black people, but prosecutors who knowingly send innocent black people to prison for long sentences, are dealt no repercussion for their heinous crimes against humanity. To take this on a grander scale, George W. Bush should be serving at least 50 consecutive life sentences for international crimes against humanity, but white supremacy seems to be above the law. Most US presidents should be buried under a jail cell, but when you’re white, you don’t have to follow any laws. White people can send their armies marching into sovereign republics to arrest and murder leaders at their own will, but nobody can touch these white people, though. The very thing that black people are trying to avoid, is the very thing that’s going to land them in bondage once again. We cannot live peacefully among a group of violent people that are against peace. There’s nothing more peaceful than watching innocent animals in their natural habitat, but white people have a problem with that. They must feed their need for violence and thirst for blood, by killing these innocent animals, and collect them as trophies. Yeah, you’re a real hero for killing a nonthreatening giraffe.

Immigrants tend to be the most blind people of them all. They honestly believe America and these other European countries present them with the most opportunities, without once realizing that these imperialist countries are the reason why there’s no opportunity in their own country. It’s like me coming over to your house to take your TV, microwave, computer, phone, refrigerator, food and everything else that you need, but at the same time, I want to now invite you to my house to enjoy all the shit that I took from you with my own established rules and guidelines. Immigrants are so fucking shortsighted, they don’t pay any attention to the reasons why they’ve had to flee their homeland to begin with. You can blame it on your government at home all you want, but destabilization and instability in any country around the world is always financed by the imperialists, on both sides. The US, France and England will deliver guns to both sides of a civil war in any country around the world. Why get involved when they can help you kill each other from afar? The same shit happens in America. Black people are killing each other daily, and the government is more than happy to provide the ammunition. You must also understand that ammunition doesn’t always come in the form of guns and other manufactured weapons. Drugs are part of the ammunition. Columbia is a long way from the ghettos of America, but cocaine and other drugs are easily accessible in every ghetto in America. That ammunition usually leads to devastation. Reagan is a primary example of the devastation crack caused in the black community. Too many of you are too fucking scared to fight their tactics, and force them into a position of fear with the intent of unadvertised revenge. We have suffered enough at the hands of white people. It is time to stop their control, and all the bullshit they have been doing around the world to subjugate us as a people.

Unfortunately, few black people are able to travel around the world to compare and contrast the conditions of black folks worldwide. Most of the black people in Africa and the Caribbean can hardly afford to survive, much less earn enough money to get a visa to travel anywhere, so they are forced to live in their cocoon of pain without knowing the suffering that their brethren experience worldwide daily. They are sold on a land of milk and honey abroad. They strive to make it abroad at all cost. Some of them have spent their life savings to come to a land where they are despised and treated as second class citizens. The reality, though, they still believe it’s better than their homeland; at least those who are able to escape their home hell to land in the belly of the beast.  Meanwhile, the black folks in America are too impacted socially and economically to see beyond the ghettos where they are forced live. The ghettos are prisons without bars. The CO’s (Correction Officers AKA cops) come as they please to regulate the ghetto, and when someone in the ghetto go against the rules and regulations of white supremacy, they are are unjustifiably murdered at the hands of these overseers who are protected by the justice system, primarily made up of district attorneys, white juries and judges. Only a district attorney can prosecute a murderer. Half the district attorneys in America have a white robe hanging in their closets, as less than 10% of district attorneys nationwide are black. You really think we stand a chance? We have to start thinking beyond the realm of our controlled world, in order to see the new campaign that white supremacy has unleashed against the black community. These are not isolated incidents. Too many of us are blinded by fake opportunities, which create the delusion that we live in an inclusive society. Your job, education, car, house and ability to live under the rules set forth by white people do not make America a just society. In an inclusive society, we wouldn’t have to be screaming “Black Lives Matter!” Let’s not get fooled by the labels set by these political oligarchs either. You can believe the democrats are liberal all you want, but I don’t see them gunning to impeach Trump like they should. I don’t see these democrats introducing legislation to prosecute cops, district attorneys who knowingly charge innocent people with crimes, judges who violate people’s civil rights, and the racists who want to murder the entire world because they’re angry with themselves. Nah, some of these people are so called liberals and democrats as well. Maxine Waters doesn’t seem to have too many democratic allies, whenever she stands up against these republican assholes. If you want to believe in liberals, you have not been paying too much attention to the abuse of black people. Liberal white people must forgo some of their white privilege, in order for black people to see any equality. Now ask yourself, would you forgo your own privileges for the betterment of another group that is responsible for the very privileges that you enjoy? It’s just commonsense, folks. I’m not a genius. I’m just a better analyst of white people than a lot of people. I also have more time in my hands than most people, because I realized long ago, while black people are forced to report to the plantation every morning for their survival to enrich white people for many generations to come, white people are innovating subjugation and exploitation tactics in ways that are beyond the scope of the average thinking man. They always stay 10 steps ahead of us. I’m always right on their heel, looking at the finish line, to hopefully one day meet them at their own demise. Too many black people don’t even know that they are slaves right now, and will forever remain slaves through their lifetime. That is a pity!

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