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The guidelines for the RJ Publications Scholarship:

Acceptance to a college or university; a minimum GPA of 2.7; a two-page essay describing goals for attending college. Must plan on studying art, journalism, or communications. 

Application deadline is June 30th 2015.


publishedChoosing a consultant is a choice and making the right choice is what matters the most. There are two types of consultants, Process consultants and Expert consultants. Richard Jeanty is considered an expert in the field of publishing. His zeal and determination to establish a successful company drove him to become the expert that he is.


As a highly skilled consultant, Richard Jeanty is able to offer services that are superior to his clients. His expertise in the field of writing and publishing is highly sought and recommended, and his background in training, business, marketing, research, advertising and financial and strategic planning set him apart as a consultant. His overall general knowledge of publishing is an asset that he brings to potential clients who want to establish themselves in the field of publishing. And that also adds to the concept of him being a process consultant as well.


At RJ Publications we strive to bring you the best plans to make all your publishing dreams successful. Our services include but are not limited to:


  • Project Analysis: We’ll help you decide which direction to take your project while evaluating the strength and potential weaknesses to help maximize sales.
  • Cover Design: Our expert artist will work with you closely to design the cover that you envision for your work.
  • Website Design: A website is a viable tool for any business. Our website designer will ensure that an easily navigated website is designed to suit your customers.
  • Book Design: We’ll help you design your book from inside out. We’ll take your concepts and ideas and turn them into reality.
  • Printing: We’ll recommend the best printing companies based on your budget and schedule.
  • Editing: Our professional editors will work directly with you to help correct grammar, punctuation and spelling.
  • Typesetting: We’ll set the book to suit your need and the appeal that is right for your audience.
  • Developing Ideas: We’ll help you turn your ideas into a finished product.
  • Concept Development: We understand that everything starts with a concept. We want to guide you as you turn your concept into reality.
  • Marketing: Marketing is crucial to success and we’ll help you decide the proper resources to use to market your book.
  • Distribution: Without distribution you’ll be selling books out of the trunk of your car forever. We’ll make available a list of distributors that can potentially help distribute your book to major retailers.
  • Publishing: We’ll guide you through the publishing process from beginning to end. From buying your ISBN’s to getting your books set up on
  • Simplifying Time: We’ll help you avoid the pitfalls associated with first time publishing so you can use your time productively.
  • Support (technical): We’ll offer technical support throughout the whole process.