Blatant Racism by the police department and the media!

Four people lost their lives, and four more were shot by a white terrorist on Sunday. Thanks to the heroic efforts of Mr. James Shaw, Jr., a brother who disarmed the cowardice white terrorist who set out to murder as many black and brown people as he could, many people escaped death. So far, the only news we have been getting from the major networks are intermittent updates, as the mad terrorist runs amok around the country. When white lives are taken, it’s 24 hour news, and the search for a suspect is around the clock and all over the news. This man murdered 4 people in cold blood, but CNN, MSNBC and all the other networks that usually set up shop at the site of the event, aren’t even reporting on this crime, because the perpetrator is a racist white terrorist. In addition, his father has not been charged with any crime, even though he illegally made the guns accessible to his son to murder those people. Back in August, this racist terrorist, Travis J. Reinking, was arrested as he tried to cross a security barrier at the White House. He was forced to surrender his weapons, but his father to custody of them. Well, the father returned the weapons soon after to this deranged lunatic white terrorist, and now we have four dead people because of it. In most cases where black people commit a crime, the police often try to round up everybody they know, and charge them with accessory to the crime. In this case, the white lunatic’s father hasn’t been picked up or charged with any crime, even though he’s the reason behind his cray white son’s killing spree. Still, black folks aren’t saying anything, because we are becoming desensitized to the killing of our people. The media has done very little to paint the proper context evil picture of this devil of a man that this white boy is, because white supremacy takes precedence over the black lives lost. There’s no allege anything in this crime. This is a white terrorist, and the white media refuses to use the term “terrorist” when white boys commit the crime of murder indiscriminately against a group of people.

I don’t know what it’s gonna take for black people to start arming themselves during this great period of hot racial tension, but that lunatic would’ve been a dead white boy had I been in that restaurant. I have no idea why James Shaw, Jr. only took away his gun, because he should’ve unloaded that gun into his ass, after this terrorist tried to kill him and everybody in sight. There should be no reason why this man walked away from this terrorist attack alive. We should be grateful for James Shaw, Jr. for stepping in to stop this deranged white terrorist, but more importantly, black men need to start developing a killer instinct when their life is in jeopardy. You’re not supposed to let a deranged racist who just tried to take your life get away alive. That man should’ve been dead and stomped by all the people he aimed his gun at. We have to stop this bullshit passive and submissive attitude. You’re not supposed to give a killer a second chance at killing you or anybody else. Sometimes I am baffled by the reaction and mindset of black people, as it relates to situations where black lives are taken. For all we know, this man can be hiding anywhere, and his father may be the main culprit to help him. Before we know it, he’s gonna be labeled a “mentally disturbed” white man by the media, and compassionate editorials are going to fill the web pages of Yahoo, Google, NY Times, Washington Post, and all the media outlets that are in love with white supremacy.

Black folks, please arm yourselves, go to the shooting range to learn how to shoot, and defend your life at all cost, even if it’s against law enforcement who want to murder you for no reason. We should not be desensitized to black lives taken by racist white people.

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