Black People’s Strength Can Only Come From Unity.

The demoralization of black people at the hands of white people during colonization, continues to be the greatest obstacle that black people have yet to overcome. We will never be a stronger race, until we start embracing our African ancestry. However, that in of itself presents a myriad of problems, because Africans are not monolithic as a race. There is diversity among Africans. White people purposely kidnapped Africans from different tribes and different regions of Africa during slavery to create dissension among those captured. There was a lot of mistrust from the very beginning planted by white people, and they continue to capitalize on that mistrust til this day. Even today, black people still can’t trust each other, because we are bombarded with  images and stories of mistrust by the media daily, and we continue to separate ourselves, based on languages and the different regions we may have been forced to adapt to, in order to learn a new culture. Before most black immigrants even set foot in the United States, they are taught not to trust African-Americans. It’s the same with every other group of immigrants, none of them trust black people altogether, because they can’t even differentiate between us until they hear an accent. So the mistrust and stereotypes established on behalf of African-Americans apply to all of us, and affect all of us, which is why we can’t afford to separate ourselves and fight in subgroups. There’s so much ignorance to overcome in the black communities worldwide, but our ignorance is not exclusive to any specific group or demographic. I have heard some dumb asinine shit coming from the mouths of the most educated African-Americans, Africans, Haitians, Jamaicans, and other black people, about each other. Education alone does not remove ignorance. As a race, we all have our own prejudices, because we tend to be more aligned with the culture from which we were enslaved. Still, African-Americans seem to have suffered the brunt of exploitation and subjugation more, because they have endured slavery and racism the longest under the guise of white people. I can’t talk too much about Afro-Brazilians, because I have no hands-on experience with their culture, but it’s not too far fetched to say they have endured just as much as African-Americans at the hands of white people as well, based on articles and books I’ve read about their struggles. The racist system in Brazil, and the injustice Afro-Brazilians endure on a daily basis, is very similar to our sufferings in the United States. Black people are murdered daily in Brazil at the hands of cops for no reason at all, just as we are murdered here. The propaganda of “Black on Black crime” is used as validation for the murders of innocent black people by white people, both, in Brazil and The United States.  It’s almost as if white leaders call each other every day on the phone to share information, as far as subjugation, oppression, injustice, and exploitation of black people. As a matter of fact, they did share their different tactics and practices during slavery. The French, British, Dutch, Americans, Spaniards, and Portuguese, all followed the same blueprint to enslave Africans. They fought mightily over African territories for control, which is why so many different countries in Africa and the Caribbean, went from French ruling to Spaniards and British. French, English, Dutch, Portuguese, and Spanish are not African languages. Those languages and religions were forced upon the African people, just like domesticated dogs were forced to become household pets. When people can’t find common ground to worship together in peace, they tend to be at war with one another for no reason. Just take a look at the Muslim and Christian situation around the world. Even as progressive and educated adults, many black people continue to act like pet dogs, because they continue to follow behind white people in the suburbs, instead of strengthening their own community. We can always blame the fact that some of our leaders fought for integration, which created a delusion among our people, where more division was established. We now have educated black people who don’t want to live among the uneducated and less fortunate, as if those people will somehow manage to pull themselves out of their dire situation without the guidance of the educated sector. When every educated black person rushes to the suburbs after graduating from college and getting that professional job, who’s left behind to be the the example and guide for the rest of us in the hood? Imagine if every slave who learned how to read didn’t come back to teach the other slaves, where would we be?

My job is not to judge anybody, but the wheels of white supremacy is a well-oiled machine designed to force us to continue to do the work they started long ago. We no longer need the Klu Klux Klan to march into our neighborhoods with their cowardly hoods over their heads to kill our people. They do it in the courtrooms as judges and DA’s, on the street as police officers, at the banks as loan officers, and at the schools as teachers. They are killing us in ways we can’t even imagine.  However, we also do it ourselves now, and we’re proud of it. Though they provide the weapons and ammunition, we’re still pulling the trigger. The easiest place to get a gun is in the hood. Guess what? After those guns are used to murder people in the hood, the police departments have the audacity to collect those guns through their “gun buy back” programs, so they can figure out exactly how many people were murdered. Those same guns often go back in the neighborhood, because the cops put them back in the streets on purpose. This is not a theory or conspiracy. It’s facts! Last time I checked, there were no gun manufacturers in the hood, but the hood is full of guns. Chicago has become a playground for gun wielding cowboys in the midwest city founded by a black man of Haitian descent. The United States government can send thousands of troops overseas to install peace under the false pretense of democracy, but they can’t even control the crime rate in a city as small as Chicago? It’s all done by design. Then again, the US has yet to have a peace mission overseas that ended peacefully. They always leave behind more chaos, because white supremacy thrives on chaos. The best way to maintain peace around the world, is to prevent white people from setting foot in your country. Having said that, Chicago will never see peace, as long as white people continue to run the city. In order for us to change our situation, we must all find common grounds to come together for the benefit of the entire race at large. The entire continent of Africa will not be strong without the unification of Black people worldwide. The African-American community will not be strong without the unification of all Black people. Haiti will not come out of its misery if all black people aren’t united. When we are willing to fight among ourselves, and create division based on countries of citizenship, we have lost the battle, because African-Americans are not supposed to unite with Africans or Haitians, and Haitians are not supposed to unite with African Americans, Jamaicans and what have you, according to their plan. They use our own division against us, because united we would be a force to be reckoned with. In addition to the nationality difference white people created on our behalf, we can also add religion, language, colorism, education, and so many other variables of control that most of us fail to acknowledge on a daily basis. Still, we have black people who blame other black people for their own oppression and exploitation, because white supremacy has allowed them limited access to opportunities, so that only a few can be used as the examples of us getting in our own way. White supremacy would not work, if white people didn’t create a way for black people to believe they are responsible for their own demise. Sheriff Clarke, Ben Carson, and many other sellout black people wouldn’t think the way they do, if white supremacy didn’t design their plan to make us believe that the opportunities some of us receive are available to all of us. Can you imagine if all of us were like LeBron? When we look at Jordan and LeBron, we’re supposed to believe that opportunity can be afforded to all of us, but who’s benefiting the most from the likeness of LeBron and Jordan? They build these people, so they can reap the benefits, though LeBron is a different beast who’s smarter than every athlete known to mankind. He’s been able to use his position to elevate so many people. Every black child athlete should follow his blueprint. It’s hypocritical of Forbes magazine to call Kylie Jenner a self-made billionaire, but white supremacy is based on hypocrisy. Self-made is a term used when someone started from the bottom without any help whatsoever, not a privileged child with more than a cushion from an affluent family on both sides. Her father has had the privilege to call himself a woman, and earned the title of “woman of the year,” while still carrying his male anatomy. That’s how twisted white supremacy can be. Now imagine how screwed up they designed it for us?

As a college educated black man, I was taught to feel superior than anybody who didn’t achieve my level of education. They also taught me that my self-determination set me apart from the rest. If you believe that bullshit, you are more than just a fool. In addition, my lessons in college came from a white perspective, which taught me white values and white superiority, while making me feel inferior. By inferior, I mean that being as close to white as possible is supposed to be the ultimate goal, because nothing less will do. My job was to be on an endless quest of acceptance by white supremacy through the different jobs that I may get at their mercy, and the experiences they would allow me access to until my death. However, I also learned a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Once people have control of your mind, you then become a puppet to their plan of subjugation, exploitation and oppression. White people have forced the world to work tirelessly and endlessly to get as close to the white standard of acceptance as possible. When we create our own slang, it’s not properly accepted or respected, until white people come along to give it validity. Then it becomes mainstream and acceptable language. However, while black people are the only ones using that language, it is seen as demeaning. Imagine that? Big butts and big lips weren’t part of the beauty standards around the world, until white people started injecting their flat asses and thin lips with botox and other lab manufactured bullshit.  They have even elevated their level of greed, and expect us to follow suit. A lot of black people strive to be white famous, because black famous is not enough. They want white wealth, because black wealth is not acceptable. They want to speak like white people, because our dialect is frowned upon. Imagine someone calling you out about speaking a language you were forced to learn?  The more you start to think about it, the easier you will realize it’s part of your structure. When a person is structurally built to act and think a certain way, that person also loses their identity and connection to their heritage, because they will continuously try to attain something that is unreachable. We can be billionaires, but we can never be white. We can be famous, but we can never be white. We can be intelligent, but we can never be white. Once black people realize their personal achievements don’t shield them from white supremacy, they’ll be on the road to recovery from Stockholm syndrome. As long as black people are willing to accept who they are, we’ll be able to accept all black people in our circle, and form the unification necessary for us to overcome the obstacles we face worldwide as a group. They always unify to destroy us, so must unify to defeat them.

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