Black people must rise!

Lately, my account has been suspended a lot by Facebook. They have no problem showing the destruction of black people, by allowing police departments to post murders and shootings of black people on their site. They have to problem with racists posting shit that offends black folks. And they have absolutely no problem allowing folks to post ratchet behavior by black people on their site. However, the minute I go after the system, these assholes want to suspend my account. This particular post below that I wrote on my page, was shut down not even a minute after I posted it. Ya’ll know I don’t give a fuck about these racist white people and what they think, so I go hard, not just to raise the consciousness and awareness of black people, but to make sure these racist bastards know I’m coming for them.

All nations across Africa should revisit their constitution to determine if it’s to their benefit to even allow white people the right of ownership to anything in Africa. First of all, white people have never lawfully paid for anything in any country in the world. These bastards often steal people’s land and resources, and claim them as their own. That’s like knowingly allowing a known thief into your house. Everywhere they have gone in this world, they have stolen people’s shit, so why let them in at all? All the countries in Africa and the Caribbean should make sure their constitution outline the fact that only Native Africans and Caribbean born people have the right to purchase land in their respective countries, and land theft by foreigners should be punishable by death. The United States, UK, France, and the rest of the European racist bastards who have exploited Africa for the last 5 centuries, already announced there will be sanctions against South Africa for land expropriation. We all know that these racist bastards stole the land from the natives, which gives them no legal right to the stolen land to begin with, but the white imperialists have banded together to defend the illegal rights of racist white thieves in South Africa. White people are defended and protected by white imperialism, despite the fact they have run amok around the world, and have stolen resources from countries and people worldwide.  Even when white people are in the wrong, the racist west stands behind them, because white theft and exploitation of black people anywhere, benefits all white people.  We must all acknowledge that racist white people are the cancer to humanity, and white supremacy must be destroyed at all cost. African leaders have done nothing to protect and defend the rights of black people worldwide. Most Black countries in the world are exploited by the Europeans and the United States. The white world doesn’t even respect the independent black republics. They invade them at will, place the leaders of their choice in power, establish rules that benefit white people overseas, enforce embargo whenever a foreign country disagrees with the west, assassinate leaders who disagree with them, and violate the human rights of people in other countries. No matter how many children that are raped by missionaries and other white people across the world, white governments always come to their defense to protect them. Black leaders need to put a stop to white missionaries visiting their countries, in an effort to convert their people into docile Christians  and zombies who believe some guy named Jesus is coming to pull them out of their misery. Missionary missions often mean the exploitation of people, the rape of women, and the molestation of children at the hands of white people. We need to start recognizing white people for who they are. We should not allow white people to dictate how they’re going to destroy us any longer.

African leaders have a history of turning their backs on their people. No country or leader in Africa made the provision for the former slaves to be returned to their homeland after they were captured by white kidnappers. No country in Africa ever fought the west over slavery. They simply washed their hands off with their African children, and allowed white people to strip them of their culture, religion, god, name, and identity. White people named their slaves the same way they would name their pet dogs. Most of us have grown up with names that originated from the people who owned or sold our forefathers into slavery. The neglectful act of African leaders against their captured children should be an everyday reminder to those African brothers and sisters who can’t seem to grasp the fact that a lot of black people out of Africa cannot identify with Africa, because white people have raised them as white pets in black skin. Our livelihood is controlled by white people; our community is controlled by white people; our destiny is controlled by white people; our economic power is controlled by white people; our dignity is controlled by white people; our education is controlled by white people, and even our basic rights as human beings are controlled by white people. All this is happening, because nobody in Ghana, Togo, Benin, and all the other places where slaves were captured in Africa and brought to the west, didn’t do a fucking thing to punish white people. Black leaders are preoccupied with finding solutions to forgive white people for all they have done to black people, instead of focusing on a defense system to destroy white aggression. Based on the history of white aggression against black people worldwide, the sole focus of most African leaders should have been a strong military, technology, nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, and the protection of all black citizens worldwide. All black people are quick to get on their knees to beg white people, and forgive them for the heinous crimes they have committed against our race. Given the history of slavery and lynching in this country, every single black home in this country should be armed with an AR-15 and AK-47,  and all black children should be trained in self-defense and how to properly handle a weapon, in case white people decide to attack our progress like they did Black Wall Street in Tulsa Oklahoma, and the many other places of progress that black people have built that they destroyed out of envy. I have no idea why we are afraid to arm ourselves to stand up against white aggression? When are we going to develop a sense of valor to make sure that we are never in shackles again when dealing with white people? When are we gonna put them on their backs like the Haitians did? White people understand what they have done to our race, and there’s a fear looming for no reason. However, in order for them to keep that fear in check, they must keep us in check by continuing to indiscriminately murder us, and pay no consequences for it. The world’s economy is crumbling, and everyone has their eyes on Africa again. The sad thing is, black folks don’t believe slavery can happen again. Since they are already slaves of a different type, it’s hard to imagine being in shackles on somebody’s plantation. I get it, but the reality is, we’re about to face the same fate again, if we don’t prepare ourselves this time.

Zimbabwe saw the wrath of white people after Mugabe stood up to the European thieves who came to Zimbabwe and stole the land of his people. Soon, South Africa will be dealt the same fate, because white people know how to unite for the benefit of white supremacy. There’s no such thing as a fair white man. Check their history for reference. White people have never been fair, and they will never be fair. The Jesus juice they managed to get too many black people hooked on, has also been a crutch that prevents black people from rising up. Jesus didn’t save your forefathers during slavery, and he damn sure ain’t gonna save your asses now. Mugabe stood alone in Zimbabwe to fight white imperialism. Now, there’s a black puppet in Zimbabwe convincing his submissive population it is in their best interest to return land to white people, so they can exploit black people further. These fucking cowards are not for the defense and development of black people! They are agents for the white man. They must be destroyed as well.

White people are essentially telling the world they can go anywhere on earth and steal people’s resources, annihilate them, enslave them, and nothing will happen to them. That shit needs to stop! There should be consequences to white action against us, but it starts with us to preemptively make sure we are no longer the doormats for white people. The mentality that most black people have today was beaten into them from generations back. We must not fear the death of Dr. King, Steve Biko, Malcolm X, Kwame Nkrumah, Toussaint L’Ouverture and the other black leaders who put their lives on the line for us against white people. We must also put our own lives on the line and let these racist assholes know we’re not going to be submissive and docile any longer. Fuck that! I’m not sure what’s wrong psychologically with black people, but we can no longer stand idly and expect white people to suddenly develop a conscience. They are not built that way. The entire continent of Africa must be strengthened to the point where they can tell the west to go fuck themselves, the same way Putin has done in Russia, and China has done to the world. Black people must have a place of refuge that can be defended and protected by black people against white dominance and aggression. The dynamics of power in the world leave black people powerless, because too many black people have allowed white religions to determine their action against those who exploit them everyday. We must regurgitate the Jesus juice and follow the natural order of African spirituality, which pulled Haiti out of slavery, to become the first successful upheaval against white exploitation. Jesus has always been the downfall of black people, and will continue to be the downfall of black people, because we are too blind to see that white people use the same bible to indiscriminately murder people around the world. “Thou shall not kill,” but white people murder children, women and men every day around the world. What the fuck kind of wake up call do we need?


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