Black people like to talk about change, but they don’t really want to fight for the change they want.

I was reading an article on the new morning show on ESPN called “Get UP,” anchored by Mike Greenberg, Michelle Beadle and Jalen Rose. As I read the article I was annoyed. It stated that Mike Greenberg is earning a 6.5 million dollars a year for co-hosting the show. Michelle Beadle is paid 5 million dollars a year as another host. And Jalen Rose earns less than half of Grennberg’s  salary, at 3 million dollars a year, as the third co-host. Having watched the show a couple of times, I can honestly say Jalen’s analysis of anything related to sport is always the most informative and the most entertaining. After all, he was hired to be part of the show, because he had demonstrated his ability to analyze sports. Michelle Beadle is more like a pretty face added for diversity and a woman’s opinion. I can’t, off the top of my head, recall where she came from or what she has done. Greenberg tries to bring that “Je ne sais quois” from his previous show, “Mike and Mike,” but it’s not working for that particular format. The formula seems disastrous, and I doubt the show will last. With the dismal viewership, it’s on its last legs. Still, I’m perturbed by the fact that Jalen Rose accepted such a low salary, compared to his co-host. Based on experience alone, as a former athlete and a sportscaster since his retirement from the NBA, he’s the most qualified for the highest salary. If this isn’t blatant racism, I don’t don’t what is. It doesn’t matter who negotiated his contract, the black guy has been shortchanged, and he’s accepted it. Whether Jalen was just happy to get a job, I have no idea, but moves like these set the precedence for white companies to continue to exploit black talent. I wasn’t satisfied researching just one particular show, so I dug a little deeper, and went to research the salaries of the talent on a few more shows on television, to see if there was a huge discrepancy between white and black employees’ salaries. Upon further investigation, I noticed, Lester Holt, the host of NBC’s evening news, who replaced disgraced journalist, “Lying Brian” Williams, is actually earning less than half the salary Williams earned, doing the exact same job. Williams earned 10 million dollars a year as the anchor of NBC’s evening news, while Lester Holt is only paid 4.5 million dollars a year.  It’s been 3 years since Williams’ departure/termination from the show, and NBC is still refusing to pay Lester Holt a just salary. Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles are now discussing how they can see this form of Racism from NBC, while the execs at NBC who feel protected by white supremacy, see nothing wrong with it. I know the federal employment laws prohibit salary discrimination based on race gender and age, but how come Holt has not hired an attorney to fight NBC on this? It’s just another case of a black man happy that a white company gave him a high salaried job, even though he’s slighted. Here’s another atrocious case that I found; Hoda Kobt has been the host of NBC’s Today Show since sexual predator and deviant, Matt Lauer, was fired by NBC. Hoda Kobt is paid a salary of 7 million dollars a year for her new position as the lead anchor of the morning show. However, she’s being slighted to the tune of 18 million dollars a year, compared to the 25 million dollars a year despicable misogynist Lauer earned. Isn’t NBC being sexist, racist and supported misogyny all at the same time?

I say all this to say, too many black people aren’t willing to fight the system to change things for their successor. As the predecessors for the next generation, they are leaving the door wide open for young black professionals to continue to be exploited by the racist white system. The examples I just gave are of people who earn millions of dollars, so they definitely have the means to file lawsuits for discrimination against their employer. Imagine the number of  black engineers, accountants, managers, and other professional black people with regular salaries that are shortchanged in the business world everyday? I’m sure many of them aren’t saying anything either, because their survival is dependent on the decision these white people make on their behalf, regarding how much they should earn and how much their self-esteem and talent is worth, in spite of their education and experience in their fields.  Now, I haven’t even compared the salaries of some of the garbage white athletes who can’t even compete at a professional level, who earn more money than the black athletes whose skill levels far exceed what a white athlete couldn’t even achieve while on steroids.  These black people who get exploited often accept their fate, without realizing the impact it’s going to have on the generation coming up behind them. Believe it or not, I went through that crap as well before I started my own business. However, I did not take it lying down. I knew my rights, my worth, my ability, my experience, my level of education, and what I deserved. At the end of the day, I realized I was worth a lot more working for myself, than some racist organization who wanted to exploit my skills and talent. I’m not advocating that everyone should do what I did, but I am saying that these cowardice black people should pursue every legal avenue possible to make sure the playing fields are leveled for the next generation of up-and coming black professionals. When you sit idly by and do nothing about a situation that affects your group in society, you might as well have the whip in your hand, and take on the role of overseer for the slave master who handpicked you for your position that you are satisfied with, even though you are worth way more than they’re paying you.

This is not an attack on black professionals, but I’m sounding the alarm for their lack of action to change a situation where they are protected by existing laws, and have the means to go to battle with these companies to remedy a racist practice that will affect the next generation in the worse way. The issues that black people face on so many levels are insurmountable, but if we have so many black folks adjusting to the abuse, and growing content with the crumbs that are provided to them, our great grandchildren will be complaining about the same things, just as we are still complaining about the same issues brought to the forefront by Frederick Douglas, James Baldwin, Malcolm X, Dr. King, W. E.B. DuBois, Richard Wright, Heuy Newton, Eldrige Cleaver, Marcus Garvey, Toussaint L’Ouverture and so many other black leaders. These people put their lives and careers on the line to make things better for us, but now black people have grown so comfortable in their marginalized position by white people, they see no need to fight for the African race anymore.

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