Black folks, can we talk?

Lately, I’ve been trying my hardest to figure out how to address certain issues that we face as black people, but my vision has been blurry, because there’s a myriad of issues that need to be addressed. I’m learning on the news that a black man who was mauled down to death by a vehicle driven by a white man, will see no justice, even though the white man took to social media to brag about murdering the black man. He’s not going to be charged for the murder of a man he mauled down. That’s just one of many things that I’m struggling with right now. I’ve also had to deal with the chaos that’s going on in Haiti, which is another thing. Black lives are lost here daily and in Haiti, and those lives can never be returned. We are becoming expendable worldwide as a race, but we’re not paying any attention to the decapitation of our morale. We are slowly and surely growing accustomed to being hunted down and murdered by white people, while standing back without doing a damn thing about it. Waiting for the justice department to hand out justice, is like waiting for white people to develop a conscience. That’s never going to happen from a people with a history of being unconscionable.

I understand that many of us are destitute, hungry, frustrated, desperate and lack the basic necessities, but tearing ourselves down is only creating a bigger hole to crawl out of. We can’t afford to dig this hole that we’re in any deeper. The mentality that black people use, to stand up against oppression and aggression from white people, was ingrained into our brains by them a long time ago, because it instilled the fear of white supremacy. What are we afraid of? At this point, what do we have to lose? Have you ever asked yourself those questions? Let me just point out what many of our black leaders had to lose, but they made the sacrifice for their people, because they were thinking long term and unselfishly. Can we be as selfless as them? Let’s just take a look at the fact that Dr. King received his doctorate, had five children, a wife, and other extended family that depended on him during a time where it was harder for black people to even go to school. This man managed to go to Boston University to earn his doctorate after attending Morehouse College. Most of you would take that resume and head straight for the suburbs after getting a job from the white man, and you would try as hard as you can to assimilate with white people, so you can provide a better life for your family. That’s what most of us selfish people would do. However, Dr. King was not selfish. He understood that death was part of his plan, and the great possibility that his children could grow up without their father, and his wife without her husband. It doesn’t get any more selfless than that. We can also talk about Steve Biko, Nelson Mandela, Patrice Lumumba, Kwame Nkrumah, Malcolm X and so many other accomplished black men who were selfless, because of the state and condition of black people. The sacrifices they made weren’t just for us, but they were also for humankind. Many of us are afraid to stand up for anything, because we have a menial job earning $10.00 an hour, while the white man who owns the business we work for is on his yacht enjoying life. Our addiction to a material life has taken away our dignity. That selfish mentality is keeping us in a state of enslavement, where white people will continue to benefit from our sweat, tears and labor.

As for my Haitian people, coming to the United States, being able to work 2 jobs to attain the American dream, as it is sold to you by white people, it’s all a fallacy. These white people force you to come to their country to work 2 jobs to survive, because they don’t want you in your own country to help build it. You see being able to work 80 hours a week, while completely neglecting your children and family as opportunity, but white people see it as nothing but exploitation and slave labor. The white workforce in most European countries work an average of 30 hours a week. A lot of white middle class families can afford to have one parent stay home with their children. Black people don’t have that luxury. In addition to them pitting us against each other, they created a system where black women are quick to run to them, in order to get help on how to deal with the black man. How do you expect your “enslaver” to help you deal with your head of household? Once the head of household is decapitated, the strength of the family is gone, but that’s another conversation, because i would have to address my brothers as well. If we did right by our women, they wouldn’t need welfare and a system established by the white man to destroy the black family under the false pretense of helping the black woman. White people in America who run corporations work even less than 30 hours a week, and that’s if they work at all. How many times has Donald Trump gone to his resort in Florida to play golf since he became president? That lazy bastard doesn’t even understand a hard day’s work. They spend the majority of their time with their family to help strengthen their family, while they force us away from ours to help weaken our family. The black family is so dysfunctional, because black people are forced to spend most of their time on a white plantation, giving their all to white people, leaving their children to raise themselves, and establishing more dysfunctions than we can handle. One of the main reasons I created my own opportunity to work for myself, is because I grew up in a household where both parents were absent from the home. They were always busy working to provide, and it was never enough. Dysfunctions run deep in my family, but that shit stopped with me. My children are home with me every day, and they get to be reared in the most loving way that I can provide. They’re not going to be forced to act like adults while they’re still teenagers. How many black children are raising themselves while their parents work? How many of you have children and family members in the home alone at 12-14 years old? You have no choice but to trust these children will do the right thing, but what happens when they don’t? Every child needs proper guidance, in order to be well-adjusted, and become a productive adult citizen. When some of us can’t cope with the situation handed to us by white people, because they know how harsh they make it for us, they make available to us, drugs that would destroy our community further. The crack epidemic created by Reagan should never be forgotten. He’s a pillar to most white people. Bill Clinton broke up more black families than any other president through mass incarceration, and even black people want to turn him into a martyr. Imagine loving your enemy? Black people do that on a daily basis, as long as their enemy is white. Not only are we psychologically fucked by them, we also elevate them and applaud our own subjugation daily. Mass incarceration was applauded by black people, without them paying any attention to the ramifications.

The oppressive practices we see in the United States, are also prevalent in France, England, Australia, Italy, the Netherlands, South Africa, Brazil, across most of Africa, the Caribbean and the rest of the world, wherever black people are found. Whenever I visit Haiti, my home country, all I see is despair created by the oligarchs with their feet on the throats of the people and country. These oligarchs are not African or Haitian, and they follow the racist blueprint created by white people to put a stranglehold on Haitians and the Haitian economy. My Haitian family has been forced to assimilate into American culture, because my parents didn’t have a choice. Most of my siblings have never set foot in Haiti, because they are all US born African Americans. Can you imagine that shit? My fucking family is from Haiti, but white people decide to change my fucking identity to African American. Even black people here whose forefathers they enslaved aren’t considered just Americans. This distinction of African American instead of just Americans, is to let us know that we are not full citizens of this country. Some of my siblings are in their forties, and they have never set foot in their homeland. In essence, they are forced to be African Americans, just like our forefathers were forced to accept citizenship wherever the slave ships dropped them off. White people forced our identities on us, just as they did religion, language and family names. Being born in America does not remove the fact that somebody’s Haitian, just like it doesn’t erase our African heritage. African Americans became African Americans, because white people kidnapped their forefathers in Africa and brought them to America. Haitians become African Americans, because white people have purposely made it their mission to destroy Haiti for the last 200+ years, because Haitians stood up to white supremacy and fought their imperialist ideals. No black person or immigrant is here voluntarily. We are living among white people by force on their part. By force, I mean they have taken away all the resources we need in our own homeland and continent, and forced us to seek their shores for survival. If American policies against Haiti weren’t as stringent and racist as they are, 99.9% of Haitians would be living in Haiti to help create a better Haitian society for their children. If white people decided to give African Americans their duly reparations for slavery, which would amount to about half a million dollars per slave descendant, most African Americans would pack up their shit and find their place back to Africa. The same can be said about the Haitians who found their way to Haiti, because the slaves were brought there from Africa. White people are quick to scream, “Go back to your country,” but their lazy asses couldn’t even build their stolen country. They are only doing it to reassure themselves they are secured here, and we’re not gonna rise up one day to cut their fucking throats in the middle of the night, because we have had enough from them. Nobody wants to live among a cancerous fucking race like the white race. However, this fucking cancer has spread across the world like wildfire, and most of us don’t have a choice but to try to assimilate with their neanderthal asses. White people thrive on destruction and greed, which is why they aim to own all the resources of the world at all cost, while the masses starve to death. There isn’t one thing on the planet that white people don’t like to kill, and there isn’t a resource they don’t like to steal.

We must elevate our minds and meet them at their juncture. We can’t continue to be passive against them, and destructive toward our own people. They have managed to use our hunger, destitution, desperation, and despair against us, by dangling the mighty green carrot(US dollar) in front of some of us. We cannot continue to allow white people to use other black people to destroy our countries, communities and our leaders. Our loyalty has been for sale since the beginning of time, and white people have used their money to turn us against each other. How many more black leaders can we stand to lose at the hands of another black man? When we destroy our own community and we kill our own leaders, they use that as propaganda to call us savages. The real savages have a history of murdering millions of people around the world for no reason under the auspices of war and national security. Don’t worry, though, because our ancestors’ spirits are gonna lead the way to the next revolution that will ensue in a matter of time. They may be able to stop some things, but they won’t be able to stop everything. The Jesus they sold you has kept his eyes shut to your trials and tribulations for over 450 years. He allowed them to drag you through slavery, kidnapping, rape, humiliation, famine, destitution, incarceration, annihilation, dehumanization and so on, but our ancestors have had enough! A new day is coming, and the most cowardice black man will stand up alongside his black woman to revolt against their oppression and the psychological torture we have suffered for the last 450 years! You may not understand it, but the spirits are coming back right where they started, in Haiti! Get ready for a new revolution!

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  1. savannahskye
    savannahskye says:

    For me, since I’m half white, I haven’t faced racism straight forward because I am light skinned and that is what seems to be accepted by society. My mom was born in Port au Prince, Haiti, and my father is European. However, racism is worldwide (obviously) and I think that we should open people’s minds not just in America but in Europe, Asia, Africa, and even our home in the West Indies. We can only do so much but, I think that rallies and peaceful protests, or even making BLM merchandise available to every region. I think for Haiti, we should create a movement to end any type of violence and enforce safety. We lose so many lives because (correct me if I’m wrong) the Haitian police spend most of their time enforcing laws but NOT enforcing safety.

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