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Delusions of expertise

It’s unfortunate that society created so many obvious double standards that white people refuse to acknowledge, and some black folks continuously deny. Lately, Kanye has been in the news for throwing his support behind Trump, and for not restricting his genius to music, while at the same time, offering opinions on subjects that he’s obviously […]

We need to start focusing on a solution for us!

The internet has become the place where everyone can now voice their displeasure, opinions, and their most painful issues on a daily and hourly basis. Lately, though, it’s been all about the injustice against black people. Everywhere I turn, I’m seeing black people posting cases of black men getting shot to death by white racist […]

The endless battle for dominance

Black people are so deep in a coma, most of them don’t even understand what’s going on in America and across the world.  First of all, I must address those ignorant black people who have no idea what racism is and its reality. While many of you may complain about the racism that you might face […]

Blatant Racism by the police department and the media!

Four people lost their lives, and four more were shot by a white terrorist on Sunday. Thanks to the heroic efforts of Mr. James Shaw, Jr., a brother who disarmed the cowardice white terrorist who set out to murder as many black and brown people as he could, many people escaped death. So far, the […]

Black Skin White Life

This blog is probably going to rub many people the wrong way, but the subject must be addressed, because it’s a phenomenon plaguing the black community. I recently read something that was quoted by Kevin Hart’s ex-wife where she said “she didn’t mind a side bitch taking over sometimes,” or something to that effect. Well, […]

Black people must rise!

Lately, my account has been suspended a lot by Facebook. They have no problem showing the destruction of black people, by allowing police departments to post murders and shootings of black people on their site. They have to problem with racists posting shit that offends black folks. And they have absolutely no problem allowing folks […]

A Revolution needs to happen sooner than later!

The loyalty of poor people to rich people is the reason why rich people thrive so much. For some odd reason, poor people just love to admire rich people, without understanding the complexities of how they’ve obtained their riches. Of course, there are many different stages of admiration. A lot of us don’t pay attention […]