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Re-calibrating our minds!

Black folks, We’re gonna have to get back to our essence as a people. We live in a world where we are forgetting the fact that we have our own subculture within American society, and letting our own principles deteriorate. We live in a society where white men and white women are rewarded for their […]

The allure of white feminism

I’m not sure why we are shocked that Trump nominated an alleged habitual rapist to the supreme court. Trump himself has admitted on camera to violating plenty of women, so the moral compass doesn’t exist there. Trump has never respected women, and neither has Kavanaugh. Still, white women came out in droves to vote Trump […]

The Crippling of the black race!

While I was suspended from Facebook, I went to Uganda and Rwanda for a couple of weeks to celebrate my birthday. I didn’t get a chance to visit Kenya as planned, but my visit left me with plenty to talk and write about.   I wrote a blog about my trip. Please enjoy it…   […]

An open letter to my daughters.

My dear beautiful princesses, It is with a heart filled with love that I write this letter to you today. I can only address certain issues for now, because I really have no idea what the future holds for either of you. All I know is, everything about my life has changed since the two […]

Forced humiliation!

There is something sinister taking place in America and around the world, and it has white supremacy, racism and imperialism written all over it. Black folks have not been paying too much attention, but there’s a narrative being portrayed out there that black people should be lucky if they walk away unscathed from an interaction […]

Loving the idea of love…

Normally, I wouldn’t even look at my computer on a Sunday. I refuse to work on Sundays, not because of any religious belief or anything like that, but because I like to lounge around and just rest, or chill at my own will. However, I woke up inspired with a thought this morning because of […]

We need to be more disciplined financially.

Black people/the poor are taken advantage of by the system so much, sometimes I get tired of it. From overdraft fees, to late payment fees, to excess premiums on life, car, and property insurance, it takes a toll to be black and poor in this country. The system is built on the back of the […]

When will we rise?

We have a lot of cowards in the black community who believe they have what it takes to become a leader, without learning the history of black leadership worldwide. You can’t be a true leader if you don’t understand that death comes with true black leadership. That means, you shouldn’t repeat the mistakes of your […]