Are you allowing racism to impede your success, growth and development?

It would be ludicrous of me to imply that racism is no longer existent in America, even under the leadership of a black president. In light of the racist picture of president Obama featured with a monkey family released by Marilyn Davenport who’s an elected official, we know that racism is deeply rooted in this country and there’s no sign of it being eradicated any time soon. However, we must learn to beat them at their own game. We have to prove to them that we are better than they think we are.

While it may be true that white folks hold the key to certain people’s future as far as a career or job is concerned, we don’t necessarily have to allow them to create roadblocks on our path to success. We have to be more dilligent in transcribing their racist attitudes. Most of us don’t think much about a cop pulling us over without just-cause, most of the time, because we don’t get a ticket. That should never be the correct reaction to their action. We have to be proactive  and make sure this police officer’s bahavior does not continue. We have to start filing  complaints against rogue cops. If no complaint is filed, a cop has a clean record, as far as the department is concerned. There’s no just way to determine whether or not an employer has used discriminatory practices, but don’t ever dismiss the possibility. You should always ask questions as to why you didn’t get the job if you feel qualified for the position. Don’t get pushed out of a position because the employer thinks you’re less qualified because of your complexion and not your qualification and ability. You can always file a complaint against an employer with the Attorney General’s office. No complaint = a clean record.

You should never walk around with a defeated attitude and think that all white people are alike. On the contrary, there are many white people and white companies that welcome diversity. We’ve come a long way, but we have an even longer trek ahead. Just imagine if Jackie Robinson never broke the color barrier in baseball? What about all those other pioneers who were first in every field in America? Can you imagine what they endured at the height of racism in America? These people have suffered in order to pave the way for us, so we cannot give up on their struggle to build a better country with better opportunities for ourselves. We’ve always had to fight for what we have, and that fight will probably continue til the end of time. While white people enjoy the benefits of a melting pot society and like to boast “diversity,” we must also reap the fruits of this society as well.

We are a very talented people in all facet of life. We are trend setters, entrepreneurs, leaders, entertainers, intelligent, beautiful, resilient, passionate, loving, multi-faceted and most of all, gifted. Let’s not allow somebody’s ignorance to keep us from striving. No more excuses!

Success is a state of mind. Nobody will achieve if you believe that you can’t.

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  1. D
    D says:

    If we can be under the leadership of a black President in America anything is possible, but let’s not forget racism will never go away.

    I’m not saying all white folks are alike, but hell; it show looks like it.

    It is really embarassing the way black people have being harassed by so call police officers who supposed to protect the civilians.

    Discrimination will never end! For decades now white folks have their head swollen with the myth into thinking they are better than us, why? We should ask ourselves that question.

    It’s up to us as black folks to change that. Another person can interfere in our way of success only if we let them, so why give that power over ourselves?

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately too many black ppl fail to recognize the power & intellectual ability we have.

    Yes, racism is alive & well but having a black pres. Gives us an opportunity to break down & break through barriers. Our children see a black man in the White House, which means we are not inferior. Its time for us to stop blaming society or the white man and start believing in ourselves.

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    We often fail to see our own power. I dont have that issue. I am not afraid to press on regardless of what is in my way. I am not affected by someone’s race.

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