Are we allowing television shows to have a negative impact on our lives?

Reality shows have been the rave lately, and too many people have gotten hooked. Shows like Housewives of Atlanta or Bastketball Wives have become big money-makers for cable television. Of course, in my opinion these shows should be called, “The Jump Offs,” because there’s hardly any wives on these shows, well, good wives, anyway. These shows are more about a lifestyle than they are about substance or the true reality of the participating “actors.” Fabulousity is what the networks are trying to sell and too many people seem to be buying into it.

Where does the average man stand when women are dreaming of a lifestyle that only an ignorant professional athlete or a foolish, superstar rapper can provide?  I ask this because I highly doubt that Grant Hill’s wife would appear on that show. Juanita Jordan, although divorced from her husband, has too much class to participate in something like this.

Where does the average woman stand when they are being protrayed as canniving, heartless and cunning on television?

Nobody wants to have class anymore. Everybody wants to be fabulously ghetto.

The most important element missing on all these shows is love. It seems like everyone on these shows is chasing a lifestyle and if they can’t find it, they’re gonna keep looking until the right “baller” comes along to provide it. 

Are we being manipulated without knowing it?

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  1. Rich
    Rich says:

    Reality television is definitely gaining a stronghold and I agree with your perspective. Black women are portrayed in a negative light. Few African American “housewives” and reality tv starlets are educated or independent, too many of them think that they are rising to fame by airing all their dirty laundry on reality tv. The reality is, these women are making spectacles of themselves by chasing athletes and having their babies in order get the lavish life.

    This portrayal is not only damaging for black women, but black girls are being taught that it is acceptable to put your personal business on tv and chase after a rich man in order to have the finer things in life

  2. ira2ina3
    ira2ina3 says:

    i love these shows…. it shows how stupid we are as people… and how untruths can be disfigured if we allow ourselves to buy into it…so the scenario of real life is not portrayed well… but it does show how not to be…the housewives of Miami, New York,New Jersey,Atlanta, Beverly hills all in one way or another have contributed to the ultimate success..FAME and recognition for a brand…ie Scottie Pippen’s wife (with all her nannies) is an ultimate loser, but Nene has found herself as a woman that does not have a shelf life …she keeps moving on with her aspirations despite her struggles she seems to be the only one that so far has found the truth of being honest and forthcoming..she is an example of what a woman should and should not expect from her true friendships and life partner….she does commentary on music, has been on the Nate berkus show and now a starring role on Donald Trumps show … which by the way Rich you should try out for…and yes another that became famous on her brand Bethany Frankel…a classic for success…she is just herself and sells her brand..great mingler but the drama is rising
    ok so i know too much about these shows…the others that are on…ie top chef, top model, food network star, survivor, biggest loser… alot of drama that we can actually learn from…it sjust those whining moments that diminish the points to be learned…secret millionaire ,shark tank, amazing race… we can learn from any of them…but who will say the words that inspire…why do we pay for this entertainment? do we really believe that these are the lives we want to emulate? the success yes…the drama no…just sit back and laugh…see if you can get in on it to prosper… just ur name and ur brand can make a million

  3. Michele
    Michele says:

    I am thoroughly disgusted with the way reality shows portray society in general, especially African Americans. Single parent homes are becoming all to common – indeed it is the NORM now among us, because of our acceptance and anticipation of immoral behavior – teens having babies, unmarried folk shacking up, sexual promiscuity, glamorizing gang violence and domestic violence… and that is just for starters. I could go on, but these thoughts are just turning my stomach…

    Michele Green

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