A Defining Moment In Our History.

We can use Ferguson as a defining moment in our history, in our community, and in this country. This is the time to take the steps to use this situation as a teaching moment for our children. Let’s teach them civil obedience, not civil disobedience. Let’s teach them how to be civil to themselves by empowering them financially. Fiscal responsibility is the key to changing America and to earn the respect that is due to us as black people. Certain sacrifices have to be made in order for change to occur in our lives. This is the time!

It is a slap in the face when it’s rumored that ABC paid $500,000.00 for Darren Wilson to sit down with George Stephanopoulos for an exclusive interview. This man showed no remorse for killing a young black man, and in addition, the powers that be are making sure he’s financially set for the rest of his life? Never mind the fact that a bunch of racists came together to raise another $500,000.00 for this murderer. So now, killing a black man can render a racist a millionaire? We already know about the flawed prosecution process that McCullough presented to the grand jury to ensure no indictment for Darren Wilson, something that has been deemed unprecedented by every prosecutor in this country. The time for change is now, and we need to attack on all cylinders.

People like McCullough are held to a higher standard. They decide the fate of thousands of people every year. Many men and women are jailed by prosecutors for crime that they sometime don’t even commit.  The innocent Project has proven how many of our men and women are justly imprisoned. They’ve gotten quite a few of them freed, but with conning people like McCullough, we don’t know how extreme it can be.  However, in this case where the prosecutor used laws that were overturned by the Supreme Court and presented them as facts to a grand jury, that prosecutor needs to be held accountable and charged for violating the law.  It is up to us to go to our congressmen to make sure they write legislation that would punish overzealous prosecutors with special interests in cases on either side of the law.  McCullough violated his oath as a prosecutor, and he should be removed from his position. Furthermore, thee federal government should prosecute him for his role in ensuring the freedom of Darren Wilson.

Next, we can address the addiction our children are developing to retail. The retail industry has told us time and time over that our buying power is over a trillion dollars. We play a vital role in stimulating the US economy every year, but our buying power is exploited, because of our own ignorance of economics. Let’s make them respect and appreciate that power. Let’s hold on to those dollars and make better sense of our situation this holiday season. Boycotting black Friday is a wonderful accomplishment, but how about we make it monumental? Let’s boycott holiday shopping for the entire holiday season. Let’s not give the retailers our money until the new year. Let’s see if we can destabilize the economy. Stimulating the economy has rendered us victims of institutional racism and racist practices for the last 200 years. It’s time to change that!

If you must shop, try to spend your money in your community and with businesses that reinvest in your community. Let’s stop all that marching, begging, getting arrested for no reason and staying the victims. We can enact change collectively. I’m asking everyone to be selfless for one Christmas season. You can use this situation to open the eyes of your children, not just for their own benefit, but for their safety and livelihood as well. We need to save our children, and the only way to do that is to show them financial responsibility and their financial power at a young age. Let’s not stop at Black Friday. Let’s take it all the way to the new year. The bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama, lasted over a year. We can boycott the retail sector for a couple of months. Let’s do this together!

Teach your children how to use their hands and creative minds to make gifts this holiday season. Let their gift be a token of justice. We can do this, and we must do this. Aren’t you tired of crying over the same situation?

This is the movement we need to create, and it needs to catch fire quickly. Spread the word. Keep the black buying power in the black community this season.

Please share this with your friends and anybody willing to listen. I’m really trying my best to come up with solutions, but I need your diligence to help implement them. See you on the other side of justice!blacklives

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