A better future for your children is in your hands!

You can offer your children a better future!

Too often we see people that are more fortunate than us, and we tend to admire or hate them from a distance. It can just be a total stranger driving a nice car that we dream about owning one day, we might admire the car or the stranger. When we walk into somebody’s lavish home, sometimes we’re overcome with envy. Most of the time, we have no idea how the person was able to obtain his car, whether legally, or illegally, but we tend to admire that person, some people hate them for their fortunate position. White society has fooled us into believing greed and envy are part of human nature. However, when you really think about it, greed and envy are part of white people’s nature, because everything they own was stolen from somebody else or somewhere else, so to justify their thievery and envy, they make it sound as if they’re part of the human faults. “To err is human,” they claim.
White people have never offered a blueprint for wealth or financial freedom, because no such blueprint exists. Instead, they often use their fortunate position to con money out of those trying to reach the same level of prosperity as them. Most of white people’s possession were gathered through confiscation, forced invasion, theft, deception, kidnappings, murder, slavery and so on. Unfortunately, many of us have adopted their silly habits. Whether it’s a corporation using discounted prison labor, or a company outsourcing their business to India and China, where folks can’t even earn enough for their living expenses, it doesn’t matter to white people. Their bottom line is the exploitation of everyone they can exploit to get to the top. There are few conscientious billionaires. If you’re waiting on some type of blueprint from white people to strike it rich, you’ll be waiting in vain for a long time.
Here’s what most people don’t understand and don’t know: Your quickest way to wealth is real estate investment and utility stock. You’re probably wondering why that is, right? Well, real estate on average grows about 5% a year, depending on the market. Even Billionaires need high-end real estate for their lavish lifestyle. You can’t do anything without real estate. It’s a necessity. Land and property ownership can be passed down to your children, which will grow over time to keep your family wealthy forever. Now, real estate is no different than utilities, as they are a necessity in life as well. Nobody can live without electrical power. Nobody can live without water. Nobody can live without gas. These are all necessities that we don’t even pay too much attention to, unless the power is cut off, the water is cut off, or the gas is cut off. It’s only then we realize how much of a necessity they are.These necessities aren’t going anywhere, and they’re only going to grow in value. When was the last time your water, electric, or gas company call you to inform you that your rates were going down? Never! These stocks tend to mature in value annually, but the common folks don’t pay close enough attention to them. Yes, they are available for investment, and you should start investing as soon as possible.

Here’s a breakdown of what I have done for my own children to ensure they have a springboard in this racist world concocting every plan to hold them back: When my oldest daughter was born, I purchased a home and assigned it to her trust fund. Now, I understand that not all people are in my position, but it really doesn’t take much money to purchase a home. 3-5% down with good enough credit, a home can be purchased. 5% of 100K is $5,000. You can always negotiate with your bank to get a 100%, if your credit is over 700. You can also negotiate the closing cost on a house from the seller. You need to learn how to step up your negotiation skills. It will help you tremendously, if you’re trying to build wealth. Just think about the fact that a $5000.00 investment for your child can yield him/her about $100-200,000.00 by the time they graduate from college. Here’s how you pay for the house: Get a good tenant. It takes due diligence, but it can be worth it. On average, a 100K mortgage is less than $700.00 a month, which includes taxes and insurance at today’s going rate. If a tenant is paying you $900-1000. a month for a house or condo, you’re not really coming out of pocket for anything. You’re actually earning a couple hundred dollars monthly that you can put away for emergency breakdowns in the house, or you can use the money to apply an extra payment annually to your mortgage. With an extra payment applied to the principal at the end of the year, every year, your child will have a house that’s completely paid for by the time he/she graduates from college. That extra payment shaves 8 years off your mortgage, which brings it down to 22 years, instead of 30. It is not that difficult to establish wealth, but white people make it seem out of reach. Stop paying con men for those real estate investment classes. They’re getting rich off the fools who are too lazy to research the process on their own. When my second daughter was born, I repeated the same steps. Both my daughters have investment that will serve as a financial springboard for their future.
Also, keep in mind, the money you invest in a home can also be money that you can use for their college education in the future. You can either sell, or borrow against the house to finance their education. However, I highly recommend borrowing instead of selling. All the money you’re wasting on name brand clothing, alcohol and other bullshit, can go toward a better future for your children. I’m not telling folks not to enjoy their life, but please, stop being wasteful. You are giving them the bullet to load the gun to shoot you, when you’re being wasteful. We don’t have to live in poverty. We just have to be selfless enough to invest in our children.

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