We Should All Stand With Kap!

I’m going below the belt today, because a lot of you are fucking hypocrites who only care about yourselves individually. Many of you don’t really care about justice, especially if it takes effort on your part to bring about that justice. However, you’re quick to cry, and scream for the black community to come together when your child is murdered by one of these racist cops. Well, that’s what Colin Kaepernick did. He heard your fucking cries, and used his celebrity status to become the voice that you needed. He could’ve chosen to use his high profile status to capitalize monetarily, but he didn’t do that. He risked his career and livelihood to give you a voice. How did black people repay him? They turned their fucking backs on him and isolated him. Many of you can’t fucking wait for NFL Sunday like fucking crack addicts waiting on a hit. Black people just like to fucking complain, even when we have the power to change things. We have sat idly by and watched the public lynching of Kaepernick by the NFL for 3 years. All the Sambos jumped on board to solidify and affirm our marginalization further, because of a paycheck. People like Jay Z, Stephen A. Smith, and that fat bastard on Fox who should remain nameless, are all using Kaepernick’s movement to further uplift and defend white supremacy. Many of you don’t give a fuck and don’t care. A lot of you are sorry excuses for human beings, because you fail to see the bigger picture, and you don’t care about destroying the power of white supremacy and systemic racism. You’re finding every excuse possible to continue to support the NFL as viewers, because in your fucked up minds, Kaepernick’s fight has nothing to do with you. That’s the saddest part of the entire situation. Regular black folks deal with the same bullshit Kaepernick has been dealing with at work every day. A lot of black people have lost their careers and livelihood for standing up for what’s right at work. However, you’re too shortsighted to share that vision. I especially abhor all the highly paid slaves who refuse to stand with Kaepernick on the field, because the plantation owners are scaring them, without these slaves understanding the plantation owners are empowered by them. As players, they have the power to make or break the league each and every Sunday. Power to the people can be exercised only by white people, I guess? Instead, we choose to relent power to the system. When white folks decided to unionize a long time ago, employers had to cave, because they understood without the workers they had no company. Black people are blind to that reality, though. Every time we have an opportunity to change systemic racism, we don’t exploit the opportunity. Instead, we act like crackheads who are addicted to everything they present to us. They are well aware of your addictive personalities, which is why they infested our communities with crack. I don’t know what the fuck it’s gonna take for black people to make a collective statement, but you all sure as hell know how to fucking complain collectively. The NFL should be boycotted, because of their public lynching of Kaepernick. They are making a mockery of our voice and being, and a lot stupid ass black people are allowing and supporting it. Stop fucking watching the NFL! I stand with Kap!