The reality of white privilege.

One of the things that black people are gonna need to stop doing, is following along with white people to dress up white malice, white intent, white culpability, white exploitation, white theft, white crimes, white extortion, white control, and white exaggeration, by referring to them as white privilege. What exactly is white privilege? We can examine the intent behind this bullshit propaganda, without using a word that has been normalized to hide the fact that white people continue to marginalize the rest of the world, while dressing up their action with words like “White privilege.” I always like to use Haiti as my starting point to explain the ill intent of white people against black folks, because America specifically, has made it her mission to completely destroy the history that Haiti was able to establish at their doorstep. It’s not like Haiti was thousands of miles away in Africa. The Haitian revolution happened right under the noses of the most extreme racists, and biggest thieves and genocidal occupiers of stolen land. They even courted Haitian soldiers to help them fend off the French when their livelihood was threatened during the Louisiana purchase. You see, Haiti started it all. Black people in America were forbidden from learning how to read and write for many reasons. Shared information, especially about uprisings against slavery, would have wiped out the entire idea of white supremacy, white domination, white control, white theft, white kidnappings, white rapists, and the other myriad of crimes that white people have committed against all people around the world. Some people are fooled into believing slavery was a capitalist movement. Who you’re fooling? White people are fucking lazy and cowardice! Trump barely wants to do any work, as the piece of shit garbage that he is. This lazy fat fuck wants to spend his time on the golf course, instead of the white house. He’s also the biggest coward there ever was. If Trump were locked in a room with a New York rat, the rat would emerge victorious. White people have never wanted to work hard for anything, which is why they’re constantly researching ways to just sit back and be lazy. These motherfuckers don’t even want to drive a car anymore. They just want to sit in the car and let the car drive itself. If you continue to listen to the media, they’ll have you fooled into believing that white people are ingenious. Nah, they’re just fucking lazy. Some of the best inventions that have served mankind were created by black people, not white people, and that includes the internet that we’re using today. There’s a long list of medical and technological inventions by black people that has pushed humanity forward. Without those inventions, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Don’t believe the hype about white people! They’re only good for the inventions that keep them from doing hard work. The Mexicans and black people aren’t going anywhere. White survival is dependent on black people, and now the Mexicans, too.To get back to my point, after the Haitian revolution, white people realized how physically weak they were compared to black people, so they wanted to make sure they weren’t defeated so easily ever again. I don’t have to tell you the story of the most famous midget in the world from France, Napoleon. This little midget was no great general. That’s like saying any white athlete of the past was one of the greatest athletes of all time. That myth worked until Jesse Owens smoked their white asses in Germany. Rocky Marciano got his ass whooped by many black boxers, but white people cheated many of those boxers out of their title against Marciano. I’m sill waiting for another white boxer to go undefeated. White deception is not white privilege. They want to deceive you into believing their bullshit, and at the same time using white privilege to mistreat other people and lie about true history. Who do you think improved basketball? Have you ever watched old footage of white players before Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain? I’m sure you couldn’t stop laughing like I did. They’re not superior in any way, shape or form. As far as mental fortitude, Trump is the poster child that any dumb white man can manage to become super wealthy. However, they have managed to use the media to force you to believe that they are better than you, and they deserve some type of privilege for being better than you. Their fake privilege comes at our expense. Jews continue to be compensated in America for crimes committed against them in Germany. Black people in America and the Caribbean are shutdown whenever they bring up reparation for slavery. There’s no such thing as privilege. White people are normalized their criminal behaviors by using the term “White privilege.” What they are doing is committing genocide across the world to maintain white supremacy. It is not a privilege! America, France and the rest of these cave beasts have acted like a mob against Haiti for the last 200+ years, in order to erase black superiority, and force white supremacy on the world. Guess what? We’ve bought it. Now we call it white privilege, as they do. These racists annihilated people everywhere and stole their land, but we’re dressing it up with white privilege? We even go as far to give Canada a pass, claiming they’re more civilized than their barbaric brethren in the United States. Who did the land in Canada belong to before the same cave beasts from Europe arrive to North America? Sorry, I digressed. You see, white people have managed to fool us into accepting their history, while they use everything in their power to destroy ours. Haitian history is black history, because the Haitians in Haiti were stolen and kidnapped from the same regions in Africa. Some were dropped off in America, and others in the Caribbean and South America. White people worked together to execute slavery and share the wealth among themselves, and they all used the same tactics, because their lazy asses didn’t want to work. Brazil is really no different than the United States, as far as marginalization of black people. The only difference I noticed was the Portuguese language, instead of English. There’s no such thing as white privilege. White people are murdering people around the world daily, and stealing resources that don’t belong to them, in order to place themselves in a better position in society. It is not called privilege. It’s called genocide and theft. We are living among criminals, and criminals that are psychotic and don’t know how to stop their criminal behavior. White people do not know peace, and they don’t care about peace. After getting their asses whooped by the Haitians, white people vowed to never let it happen again. However, they acknowledged their physical and mental weakness, and understood that it would take the inventions of arms to gain control of the world. Since the invention of the handgun, they haven’t stopped. Even with cannons, riffles and handguns, they couldn’t fight untrained black people in Haiti. Do you understand how difficult it must’ve been for white people to accept defeat at the hands of untrained soldiers in Haiti? That was their motivation for endless research into arms that would destroy the entire world. Now we’re here, and we’re calling the actions of a murderous insane group of people privilege. We have lost our fucking minds!