Re-calibrating our minds!

Black folks,

We’re gonna have to get back to our essence as a people. We live in a world where we are forgetting the fact that we have our own subculture within American society, and letting our own principles deteriorate. We live in a society where white men and white women are rewarded for their bad behavior, while black men and black women are severely punished for less offensive behavior. I don’t know how many times we’re gonna compare and contrast the injustice handed out to us for minor offenses and crimes, such as a black woman voting twice and receiving 5 years in prison for doing so, while a white woman who voted twice for Trump received probation. Black people are sent to prison for the most minor infractions. There are many other examples, but I’m tired of making the comparisons. We are too caught up with being American. In essence, too many of us are starting to believe racism no longer exists. America is one of the most racist countries in the world, because America doesn’t know how to deal with a melting pot these immigrants from England tried to establish long ago to benefit them, when they founded this country.  Immigrants were welcomed here because of cheap labor and white laziness, just as the slaves were brought here from Africa, and that has not changed. Your pride and patriotism should be to your heritage first, not a country. Men like Trump and Kavanaugh are rewarded with a presidency and a judgeship for having behaved badly in society, but more importantly for having sexually violated women. Cosby is the only person serving time in prison for having violated women. The list of white boys who sexually violated women is way longer, but none of them received priority ahead of Cosby in the justice system. Having said that, I want to be clear that my job is to shed light on what doesn’t seem too obvious to black people. We need to let go of that old “James Dean bad boy” bullshit. White men that act badly in society end up being president like Bush, Clinton and Trump. Black men that act badly in society are doing 25 to life in prison.

The whole notion that black women believe dating “thugs or bad boys” is more exciting, is the biggest crock being sold in the black community. That notion is one of the many cancers eating away at the black community. We are raising our sons to feel bad and insecure for being smart, articulate, intelligent, drug-free and upstanding, while our girls are being raised to want a “good for nothing” bad boy, because they bring a false sense of excitement to their lives. Black men are calling each other corny because whenever one displays his high intellect. We even allow our vernacular to determine the level of corniness from a black person. That’s some dumb shit! Has anyone ever taken the time to examine the people who believe themselves to be bad boys? Half of them are drug addicts and they are in and out of prison. Is that what we want to reduce the black community to? Let’s take a timeout to re-calibrate our minds and start living with sense and a purpose. American society welcomes your bad boy sons and daughters, because they are the future labor force behind the prison walls. Your daughters will become single mothers, because the bad boys they yearn for will be spending time in a prison away from their children. These fatherless children will grow up to repeat a destructive cycle that will be endless, and only beneficial to the oppressive white regime that seeks out free labor in all its intent, and the subjugation of our people at all cost.

White people, but white feminism specifically, have introduced so many different things that are destructive to the black community, we’re not even conscious enough to realize their destructive affects on us as a group. White women have normalized being a slut, and many of them are being rewarded for it, handsomely. The unfortunate truth is, some white women enjoy having a train run on them by a group of men. I went to school with them, and some of them wanted to have the weirdest experiences on campus. That’s not who we are, though. How many men must a woman sleep with, before we consider her morals to be loose? Black women were never loose. The women considered loose in my neighborhood probably slept with less than a handful of men. They usually moved somewhere else, because their reputation preceded them. Now, black women are bragging about sleeping around with a bunch of men, without realizing that destructive behavior is also one of the factors in the high HIV rate in the black community. Men do it too, and we are no good for it as well. The one thing black women always held sacred was their reputation. No black woman ever wanted to be known as a loose woman who slept with every man she met. However, white women introduced “slut-shaming,” so now we have our daughters going out there defending the fact that they can sleep with as many men as possible as they want to, without realizing that most men don’t want to settle down with a woman who has been around. Now, white men are different. they don’t mind if Becky gave head to every guy on campus. They’ll still marry her. Her slutty experience is to his benefits. But please take a few minutes to check out the moral compass of white men? Trump is the president, and so was Bill Clinton. Kavanaugh is a Supreme court Justice. These men have never told the truth in their lives, and they are deplorable and despicable in so many ways. White people know this and these men have reached the mountain top, in spite of. Do you want your sons to follow their morals? Do you think Obama could’ve become president if he had half the allegations that were brought up against Trump? Are you aware of their double standard? If your sons are raised with the same values and morals as these men, they will end up behind bars. What will then be the standard for the daughters these boys plan to marry or have children with? We are losing ourselves trying to assimilate to whiteness. We are following the most morally bankrupt group in society, and soon, black people will have absolutely no morals or principles left. Their lack of morality is documented throughout history, and around the world.  Have you not been paying attention to the fact that there was a war on drugs when they infested the black community with crack, but they called an opioid crisis when white people started shooting heroin? They have their standards and how to deal with white people, and they create a different substandard for us. We are treated differently in this society, and the hurdles are not going anywhere. It is up to us to consciously raise our children with morals, so they can avoid the traps that affect black people, but have no negative influence on the lives of white people. In addition, we must unite. We have to have the same objective when it comes to fighting injustice. No black person should be left on a stranded island alone.

White people have also introduced us to the term “fat-shaming.” Are we not the group most susceptible to diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and a bunch of other diseases associated with obesity? Why would you buy into their whole “fat-shaming” bullshit? No! It’s time to get healthy, and stay healthy, because we no longer have grandmothers and grandfathers in the black community that can positively influence the next generation. The wisdom of our grandparents is leaving us way too soon. As kids, we used to enjoy going to grandma and grandpa’s house to listen to old stories about the family, and the struggles they faced, which encouraged many of us to be more resilient. Now, the grandmothers and grandfathers are dropping dead in their 40’s and 50’s. We can’t continue to allow white feminism to dictate how we live. We need to take control of our lives and work toward unification as a group, in order to strengthen our position in society. We have to stop the bullshit, or we’re gonna perish following what they do. When was the last time any white man was shot dead by white cops after murdering a bunch of people? Last I checked, all the murderous white men were apprehended alive. How many black people have been murdered by white cops without as much as having possession of a gun? Too fucking many! If you are blinded to our position in this country, you need to have your head examined. We are doing the most to act like we have the same rights as white people in this country, but they’re also doing the most to show us that our rights are not equaled under the law. Too many black people are quick to defend white supremacy, and suppressing the rights of their own people, in order to gain acceptance by white supremacy. Poor Kanye. He has lost his damn mind! We all need to wake up, before we all lose our minds.

The allure of white feminism

I’m not sure why we are shocked that Trump nominated an alleged habitual rapist to the supreme court. Trump himself has admitted on camera to violating plenty of women, so the moral compass doesn’t exist there. Trump has never respected women, and neither has Kavanaugh. Still, white women came out in droves to vote Trump into office. I’m reading the reaction of Senator Susan Fallen (I mean Collins), and Senator More-crap-ski (I mean Murkowski) to the sham FBI report on Kavanaugh, I can’t help but think that these fake white feminists add to the ambivalence forced upon rape victims in their delay to report the crime against them. Dr. Ford, a white woman, is receiving this kind of treatment at the hands of white men and white women, I can only imagine Anita Hill never stood a chance. The most disrespected and disregarded woman in the world is the black woman. And that’s even by some black men as well. That shit needs to change. White women have never held white men accountable for their actions, which is why there are so few women in politics and in positions of authority, while women make up the majority of the population.

I’m going to give a little credit to Melania Trump for not taking front and center in the media to defend her husband against rape allegations, but at the same time, I also understand her marriage to Trump is more of a financial arrangement that benefits both of them. Only an arrangement and dire situation could force a woman like that into the arms of an asshole like Trump. When you are in a mutually beneficial financial arrangement, you tend to forfeit your voice and opinion. Nobody believes Trump could get a woman without the inherited wealth from his parents. Trump would be a nobody, because he lacks the mental fortitude to run anything successfully. Having said that, let me focus on the allure of white feminism that has caught on with some black women. First of all, it’s important to highlight the fact that Hillary Clinton is as fake a feminist as they come. In addition, many of the white female liberals coming for Kavanaugh never once stood up to Hillary for having supported her rapist husband. Hillary has been a staunch defender of her rapist and sexual predator lying husband from the time he got involved in politics. Bill has been abusing women since his days as a governor in Arkansas. Monica Lewinski was a naive, impressionable young woman who was exploited by Bill Clinton, that he lied about, but we want to push that under the rug, as if it never happened. The myriad of sexual female victims at the hands of Bill Clinton are also forgotten. One of the reasons Bill Clinton couldn’t come out and address the sexual predator that is Trump during his wife’s campaign, is because the pot couldn’t call the kettle black. For some odd reason, Hillary has been painted as the face of white feminism, and black women have bought it.

If we shall examine white feminism, we will see that it is the backbone of white supremacy, and imperialism. Despite Bill Clinton’s despicable behavior toward women throughout his political career, his fake feminist of a wife only used his political clout to further her political career. The women agenda has always been secondary to her. Now, after seeing the reaction of the female senators to the Kavanaugh report, I am appalled that these white women have more of an allegiance to a party of nincompoops, instead of the women suffrage movement. White women are very comfortable with white men leading them every which way, because they understand they come a close second behind these white men in society. They stand in solidarity with these men, because of the benefits they reap from the positions of power these men hold. Hillary Clinton sure is a benefactor of Bill’s political clout. She got a chance to become senator of a state that she wasn’t even born and raised in, and the most popular state in all of America, New York. She also held the highest position in government as a woman, as secretary of state, in the Obama administration. So, if you look closely, white feminism works in accord with white supremacy, which benefits both sides. On the other hand, we also need to examine how white feminism destroys the black family and enslaves the black woman in society.

I know some black women enjoy the idea of being part of a movement that will empower them, and create some kind of leverage for them that will increase their voice in society. But have they really looked at the gains from being part of a feminist movement? White women still earn .80 cents on the dollar behind white men, but black women only earn .65 cents on the dollar. Still, they are the most educated group in society. How do you feel you are gaining anything when you’re still earning .15 cents less than white women, and .35 cents less than white men? In addition, black women have been forced to take over the role of head of household in over 60% of the homes in the black community. How do you like them apples? White men have forced black women to take on the dual roles of parenting, while extending the wage gap between them and black men. For all the black women looking for a black man that can earn enough to support his family, the system is designed to force you into a position to look down on that man, because he’s no longer earning more than the black woman. It’s difficult to expect someone to be the head of your household when they have to rely on your financial contributions to support the household. This is not the black man’s fault, because they took away the trade schools and the other industries that used to train black men for better jobs. Now, black men are forced to rely on the salaries of black women for their survival and the maintenance of their family. It’s taxing to both, black men and black women, because it takes greater understanding for a woman to appreciate a man who’s earning less money than her. College debt adds to the financial difficulties of the black family as well. While black women are forced into getting multiple degrees in order to climb the corporate ladder, they’re also amassing huge amounts of debt. Black men are no longer learning skills that were passed down from their fathers and grandfathers. They are going to college, but they’re not earning a fair salary after graduation, because the system is still paying them less money than white men with high school diplomas. White men are always in positions to make sure their children and grandchildren benefit from their careers or jobs. Most coaches in the NFL, NBA, college football and basketball, hire their sons as assistants and teach them the basics, so these kids can climb the financial ladder through nepotism. Black coaches aren’t afforded that luxury. John Thompson was the exception to the rule, and his son didn’t last long in his position. White coaches and white men are generally given multiple chances at failure, while black men are cut off if they don’t succeed the first time. You noticed I didn’t say that white men are given multiple chances at successful attempts. I said failing attempts, because a white man is always given more time to obtain success.

The system is set up to castrate the black man, and ensure a false sense of security and dominance into the minds of black women, which ultimately enhances their desire to force black men out of their lives and the lives of their children. While black women are quick to leave their cheating or nonproductive husbands, white women are staying put to work on their marriage, and to ensure that their children have a father figure in the home. White women also usually have the support of extended family. A white wife could reach out to her father, her uncle and other family members to try to seek help for her husband to get a job, or some kind of assistance to balance his life. Black women don’t have that support, because too often other people rely on them for support. We are generations behind white people, and they want to make sure it stays that way. It’s up to us to change our destiny. Most of these white politicians in Washington are cheaters, and their wives know that. Men like Kavanaugh is not an anomaly. Their “boyish” behavior starts early in life, and white women are raised in a way to accept their bullish behavior toward them. Black women on the other side, are not raised in any way, because too often the black father is absent from the home, because black women don’t often think about the consequences of being a single mother, and they are quick to turn to the system for assistance to raise their children. They’re still failing to realize the system wasn’t built to assist them in building a strong black family. Even your black pastor is receiving tax credit from the government, so he’s not your ally. Your liberal politicians are passing legislation that will imprison the father of your children, even when he’s unemployed and unable to support his children financially. These white people are even trying to take away your rights to abortion, because they understand they have the rights to remove your children from you, if you can’t afford to take care of them. Your children will essentially become part of the prison labor force that they are so determined to grow in the next few years. We’re so caught up with what’s in front of us, we often fail to look at the bigger picture.

There are a lot of pitfalls, hurdles and traps set up by the system that work against the black family. Black feminism is the latest one that’s being encouraged by a group of white women who are supporters of white supremacy. You should see the faces of white liberal females when they are asked about their reaction to the rape allegations against Bill Clinton. They don’t know what to say, because Bill was no better than Trump. Don’t for one minute think that white men have a different set of morals because they belong to different political parties. They don’t. They are both power hungry, controlling and want to dominate the world. Black women are the biggest losers in this charade, because they’re not doing all they can to make sure they form an alliance with black men. The black man is the head of the snake. Once he is removed, the body is rendered useless. There shouldn’t be any allure to white feminism for black women, but people like Hillary Clinton and many other white women, have managed to manipulate the black women into believing that their fight and plight also serve the best interest of the black women. I call bullshit! How come these white feminists haven’t stood with the Hispanic women who have been forced into single motherhood because their husbands are being deported over bullshit by Obama and Trump?

The evidence is clear: the invasion of crack cocaine under Reagan; Mass incarceration under Clinton; Faith based initiative under Bush; Mass deportation under Obama; and now everything they can think of under Trump.  Don’t for a minute believe deportation under Obama only affected Hispanic people. Many black families have been destroyed by Obama, because black fathers and husbands from Africa and the Caribbean were deported in masses under the Obama administration. The system is designed to castrate the black family, but they always try to make it alluring enough to pull black women into the fold, in order to weaken the black man and the black family. The divorce rate in the black community is at an all time high. The marriage rate in the black community is at an all time low. The single parent household in the black community is the highest in the country. Black women are the only group of women who earn more than their black male counterparts. Successful Black women are the only group of women responsible for more extended family members. Black women are the only group of women carrying the burden for the next generation. Black women are the only group of women burdened with the plight of white women. Black women are the only group of women forced into a position to support white feminism, while the white feminists are nowhere to be found when injustice takes place against people like Sandra Bland, Anita Hill and many others. They don’t even stand with Maxine Waters when she dares to stand against these white men in Congress. Until we get our shit together and start understanding the system for what it is, black women will be standing in court in front of white judges who want to remove black fathers from their homes, take away the driving privileges of black men, forcing them to be unemployed and into prison camps, where only the state will benefit from their labor. The black woman can get no money from a man who’s behind bars for her child, and her child will not have a father figure in his/her life. Please look at the complete picture when you’re evaluating a situation. Stop allowing them to dictate what’s best for your family.


Society is designed to force you to barely keep your head above water.

Most people can’t wait to get a better job that pays them more money. Across the world, no matter where we live, everyone is looking for better opportunities and more money. Some of us would take more money even if we don’t enjoy what we’re doing. Sometimes we don’t want more money because we need it, we want more money because we are greedy. This greed is something that is passed on to us from the people who marginalized us a long time ago.  And the more money we have, the more lavish we live for absolutely no reason. Sometimes we live so lavishly, we don’t even take the future of our own kids into consideration. How many celebrities or rich people died penniless, leaving their children in poverty after they earned millions of dollars throughout their careers? Greed also breeds selfishness. Still, we live in a world where capitalism has become the driving force behind our financial demise. Capitalism is nothing but greed, and greed has affected us in the most negative way, going all the way back to when white people discovered Africa was full of resources that they wanted to steal to build their wealth and country. And that included free labor as well. On the surface, greed is sold as nothing more than drive, but how driven must a person be to try to force the rest of the world into poverty, so they can amass all the wealth in the world for themselves? Does it make sense that we have people taking dumps in gold toilets, while other folks are digging through piles of trash for their next meal? We really don’t give a fuck about that, as long as it is not us. We see the guy sitting on the gold toilet as driven, while we look down on the person digging through the trash as lazy. We don’t ever make the correlation between the two. We never hold the guy sitting on the gold toilet responsible for the guy who’s forced to find his next meal through a pile of trash. Africa serves as the best metaphor for the world’s greed and capitalism.                                                                        The world’s interpretation of “drive” is something that everyone is forced to thrive for. However, not all driven people are good people. Bernie Madoff was very driven, but his drive led to the destruction of many lives that he ruined financially. The Walton family makes billions through their Walmart chains, but their workers have to supplement their income with food stamps. Jeff Bezos overwork his employees and pay them wages that they can’t even live on, but we see nothing wrong with that. He’s even designing new stores that require less human interaction, eliminating more jobs than ever, but we only see his genius. We look at Jeff as a financial guru who became the richest man in America. Slavery in any other name is still slavery. The entire continent of Africa produced free labor for most of the developed countries around the world, and it was driven by greed. Most of the developed countries in the world are exploiting other underdeveloped countries around the world. Another thing, racism is bred from greed and capitalism. In order for white people to justify the maltreatment of black people and others, they use racism to apply stereotypes that have been debunked by logical thinking and proven research. The manipulation of race superiority has forced the world to accept that certain groups of people deserve their position in life. For God’s sake, Kanye is brainwashed enough to believe that Trump is good for America. We can look at that in more than two ways: Kanye first rapped about black men who made it and turning their backs on black women for white girls, but he turned around and decided to allow his art to imitate life by marrying a white girl. Back then, he could rap about that, because he hadn’t made it yet.  He married a white girl who sought capitalistic opportunities from any black man with fame, talent or money. He became the fools that he rapped about, and she built a career based on her exploitation of these fools. Has his better financial position in life manipulated his way of thinking? We don’t think too much about that, but Kanye is not alone. There are millions of affluent black people around the world who suddenly don’t see racism because of their money. They see themselves as capitalists, but they also forgot about their many family members who have not climbed the capitalistic ladder. Bill Cosby sure as hell didn’t see racism, and neither did OJ. Bill Cosby even scolded his own people, because of his own capitalistic achievements. Capitalism has a way of controlling our minds to the point where we can become blinded by the reality that’s before us. Back in the day, white people didn’t think black folks were capable of doing many things, because they thought they were superior in so many ways. After thousands of inventions by black people that white people rely on to this day for their own daily survival, some of them are still trying to hold on to some of the stereotypes created by their forefathers to exploit black people because of greed. Capitalism changes everyone, but the origin of it is always greed and control by a particular sector of society. Racism only justifies it all for them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, and England have been extorting their former African colonies to the tune of over a trillion dollars a year since these countries asked for their independence from them. Yet, these Europeans are quick to get on their bullhorn to announce how poor so many nations in Africa are, while these countries are forced into bankruptcy to pay a lifetime debt that the white imperialists have banded together to force upon them. If any of these countries fail to pay France, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Germany, the imperialists will come together as one unit to destroy them. These despots are in Africa sucking the financial life out of the continent. Also, Haitians can’t seem to get away from the tag “The poorest nation in the western hemisphere,” but the white scoundrels are in Haiti trying to steal the newly discovered oil and gold reserves found in Haiti that can help the country back on its feet without any assistance from America and the other imperialist exploiters. Now, I would refer to this as racism masked by greed, or greed masked by racism, but either way, the privilege that white people have established for themselves through capitalism, make them feel they have the right to the resources of any country around the world. The wars in the Middle east have everything to do with oil, and nothing to do with democracy or human rights violations. White people also feel they have the right to murder any leader around the world at will. You know why? Because capitalism, greed and racism afford them that privilege. When was the last time a US or European president face charges in an international court for the ordered assassination of another leader? Capitalism also yield the kind of power where world leaders get to decide which country can develop nuclear power. It’s another form of racism and control established by capitalism.                                                                                                                           We can’t blame the white extortionists alone, because the corrupt leaders in Africa, South America, the Middle East, Asia, and the Caribbean play a major role in assisting these imperialists with their greed and racism. Survival of the fittest is also borne out of capitalism. Many third world leaders around the world are forced into corruption, because their power is controlled by the first world leaders. These leaders are used as overseers to enforce the best interest of the super powers. Any president of a third world country who believes his power is absolute, is also a delusional leader. Capitalism is the other cancer of the world, only second to religion.