A dictatorship is good as long as it is approved by the US and the other imperialists.

A dictatorship is good, as long as it is approved by the west.
First of all, let me just put this disclaimer out there: I have no problem with a dictatorship, as long as the president looks out for the best interest of his people and the development of his country.
Having said that, I know I’m running the risk of being barred from ever entering Rwanda again. I need to mention that I love the work that Paul Kagame is doing in Rwanda as a president, on the surface at least. The country is clean, and the economy seems to be thriving in a way that I have not noticed in other African countries that I’ve visited. As a dictator, maybe Kagame should hold training sessions for the other dictators across Africa to teach them a thing or two about patriotism, and the love for the African people. I understand that Kagame came from a rebellion background, where he fought for his position as president after defeating the Hutu rebels in Rwanda.That seems to be the case across Africa. Most of the presidents in African countries emerged from rebellious fighting against other groups or tribes. Too often these rebellions are financed by the west on both sides. There’s nothing white people enjoy more than a civil war that they created in Africa. They like to handout guns and money to both sides, because African genocides only benefit the west. The current president of Uganda is also a former rebel leader who came into power 32 years ago, without having accomplished shit for the country since he took over. Poverty is rampant and the infrastructure is nonexistent. My visitor’s pass across Africa may very well get revoked everywhere, but I’m not going to allow anybody to silence my voice, especially when they are corrupted leaders. Though I didn’t spend a month or two in Uganda and Rwanda, I was able to spend enough time in both countries to compare and contrast the two governments and their societies.
In Rwanda, Kagame runs a tight ship. On my very first night out, I was questioned by two detectives who work for his regime, and they wanted to know everything about my background, but most of all, they wanted to make sure I was not Nigerian. For some reason, Nigerians seems to be hated everywhere I have visited in Africa. Anyway, the detectives were polite, and they weren’t as inconspicuous as they thought they were. My driver knew right away they were cops, and he alerted me. After engaging them in a conversation for a few minutes, I also figured out they were undercover police officers working for a regime that keeps a tight lid on any movement across the nation. Everyone in Rwanda is a spy, so a person must be careful how they speak about the president and how they act around other people. A lot of people have lost their voices under the leadership of Paul Kagame. Much like any other dictatorship anywhere, African leaders want to take away the rights and voices of their people. They don’t seem to value feedback and opinions of their constituents. In Rwanda, everyone lives in fear, and nobody dares say anything about the government. My big mouth could’ve gotten me killed, but that story is for another day. I did explore the city of Kigali, and I found it to be a beautiful and clean city, being developed nicely and offering amenities that I have not found in other parts of Africa. Kagame has also made a commitment to finance 80% of the country’s projects with the country’s own money, which is commendable, given the fact that China is throwing money around all over Africa, in order to re-establish a new form of colonization through debt. China’s promise to build infrastructure around Africa is shoddy at best. Bridges less than 5 years old are already crumbling, and highways are falling apart across Africa. It’s a sham and a scam on the part of the Chinese. In addition, the Chinese are moving to Africa with unskilled laborers and criminals who act racist toward the African natives. Africa needs to kick them the fuck out quick! Zambia is already feeling the wrath of China’s fake philanthropy in Africa. They’ve taken over many industries due to defaulted loans.These black leaders are gonna learn that nothing in life is free.The promises made by China to these African presidents only benefit the personal pockets of these leaders and their family, not their country and people. The Chinese understand this, and they know it’s a matter of time before they own what’s left of Africa. China is positioning itself to be the global leader in commerce and defense around the world, so Africa will be a pawn in their chess game. Few leaders in Africa are smart enough to negotiate deals with China that will benefit their country in a way that will uplift their people from the abyss. The Chinese understand the history of corruption, dictatorship and poor leadership across Africa. They are taking full advantage of that! I give Kagame credit to a certain degree, but he’s still a dictator who’s trying to rule with an iron fist. A little feedback from the people might serve him well, because he seems to be well intended.
While the US and their allies are quick to assassinate many dictators around the world under the false pretense of installing democracy, they also allowed the Duvalier regime in Haiti to thrive under two different leaders for decades, because those dictators received their blessings and looked out for US interests. Meanwhile, they tried to assassinate Castro over 90 times without much success, because Castro undermined the imperialist ideals.  I’m sure they played a role in Hugo Chavez’s death in Venezuela, just as the US government played a role in the death of Johnny Cochran, after he announced he was planning to put a team of lawyers together to sue the government for reparation on behalf of the descendants of former slaves. The case would’ve been catastrophic to the US economy, and they knew that Cochran would’ve won. The answer is always cancer. These people know how to get that poison in anybody’s system. The sinister ways of white people have infested the world, and no leader is safe unless they get the approval of the white imperialists. President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe was made a “sir” in England, until he decided to stand up against white tyranny and imperialism. They undermined him with embargoes and crumbled his economy. The Chinese are now taking advantage of Zimbabwe. I’m hoping that president Paul Kagame is smart enough to understand the chess game he’s gotten himself involved in. These damn imperialists are only good for one thing, and one thing only, the exploitation of other people. Kagame is no more powerful than the former leader of Libya, Qaddafi. He seems to have taken a page from Qaddafi, based on what I’ve seen in Rwanda, as far as his leadership and the progress of his country. However, I don’t see how he can maintain power, unless he’s willing to allow the west to exploit his people to a certain degree. I understand that dictatorship has been a staple in Africa for decades now, but few African leaders understand that their limited power is determined by the west. They are only as strong as white people allow them to be. It’s a false sense of empowerment and security assured by America and its European allies for their own self-interest. These people also know how to crumble economies, suffocate a people, and bring their wrath onto a nation with impunity. These civil wars across Africa are well-orchestrated by the west. The fall of every regime is determined by them, and they are there to make sure only African blood is shed with every regime change that takes place. While I enjoyed the beauty of Rwanda and everything the country has to offer to a visiting American citizen tourist like myself, I must not be blinded to the fact that some Rwandans feel powerless and voiceless under the dictatorship of president Kagame. I was told many things by people on the hush hush. I gloated a little too much on behalf of Kagame. The picture is not always what it seems. Kagame is a great magician for now, creating an illusion that all other African leaders should follow. His country is clean and thriving…for now.
African leaders need to learn how to become moderate dictators, in order for their country to thrive in a way that will empower them as leaders, and allow their young generation a better future. When a government feels the need to take away the voices of people, those people will never maximize their potential, because they understand that any achievement can be wiped away without a moment’s notice for saying the wrong thing, and livelihoods can be destroyed. These leaders consciously act as the enforcers for white imperialism and supremacy against their own people. They don’t value the lives of their African citizens, and the absolute power they believe they have, is controlled by the superpowers who stand by to remove them at will, the minute they go against their interest. While I applaud president Kagame for the great work he has done with the city of Kigali and the development of his country, I also have a problem with him as a dictator who came into power through a rebellion, but now he’s acting like the very people he rebelled against.

The Crippling of the black race!

While I was suspended from Facebook, I went to Uganda and Rwanda for a couple of weeks to celebrate my birthday. I didn’t get a chance to visit Kenya as planned, but my visit left me with plenty to talk and write about.
I wrote a blog about my trip. Please enjoy it…
Since I just returned from a 2-week vacation from Africa, it’s important for me to write a blog on the state of black people. I have had plenty of time to reflect on the state of black people worldwide, while I was on a plane for over 24 hours on my way to Uganda. As much as black people would like to become completely independent of white people, it is entirely impossible to achieve such a feat without learning to love ourselves first. Never mind the fact that white people refuse to allow black people to develop any kind of self-sufficiency and self-dependency worldwide, but they go out of their way to prevent black progress on a grander scale. Period. I haven’t visited the entire continent of Africa just yet, but I’m a quarter of the way there. The systemic control of Africa by the west is evident in all the African countries that I have been to so far. I can blindfold a Ugandan and drop him off in Ghana, and he wouldn’t know the difference. I can do the same to a Ghanaian or a Nigerian. The infrastructure, or lack thereof, in all of these countries have forced me to believe that the problem is bigger than African leaders.The sinister ways of white people since colonization, have forced black people to be at their mercy on every level, even though black people in Africa and the Caribbean live on better resourceful grounds.
It’s not difficult to find civil wars taking place across Africa. From the Sudan, to the Republic of Congo, Uganda, Somalia, Ethiopia and many others, white people have played a role in the depopulation of Africa, a plan that has been systemically established by them long ago. Black folks have to stop thinking that we have everything to do with our own demise. That is far from the truth. What we lack is the ingenuity to understand white manipulation. African leaders in Africa are manipulated everyday, just as black politicians and leaders in America are functioning on a string being pulled by their white adversaries. We see crime taking place in the hood, we’re quick to blame ourselves for all its undertaking. We don’t look at the games that white people are playing with our lives, by forcing us to eliminate one another for their greater gain and benefit. I was in Rwanda for a few days, and while there, I visited the Genocide Memorial. While in this place, I grew angry and couldn’t understand how these black people gave the Belgians access into their country, and allowed them to manipulate them to the point where over a million people were murdered through white manipulation. The Hutus and Tutsis had been living in harmony for years, until the Germans showed up and started to create divisiveness among them. It was something as small as the Germans telling the Tutsis they were more intelligent than the Hutus. The Belgians would show up a few years later to help orchestrate a full blown civil war that saw the deaths of over a million people. Organized genocide at the hands of white people. Just imagine being manipulated to the point where you believe that your best friend, neighbors and even family members deserve death, because you are not from the same tribe? Never mind the fact that humanity has connected us as a people, but white people are so sinister, they design plans that force black people across Africa to kill one another ever so often, in order to maintain population control. The genocide in Uganda only ended in 1986. Rwanda is still recovering from their genocide.Those orphaned children are now adults trying to find their own way in life. It’s almost inhumane how we have always allowed our struggles and sufferings to connect us. Furthermore, we need to look at the fact that Christianity was not introduced in most of these countries in Africa by the Europeans until the early 1800’s. White people rely heavily on religion to control the entire African continent. Prior to their bible thumping across the African continent, Africans lived pretty peacefully.
I’m gonna go out of my way to expose the truth that white people are behaviorists, conquerors, manipulators and exploiters. They like to study human and animal behaviors, in order to stay one step ahead of everyone. In addition, they share the intel of their research with one another for manipulation purposes, which is why so many European countries took part in the slave trade and the colonization of Africa. When examined closely, white people have adopted the many ways of the lion in a jungle as a functioning group. Like white people, lions are cowards for the most part, but they understand their strength in numbers. Lions don’t usually hunt alone, because they understand they are weak as one. However, it’s very difficult for any animal to escape a pride of lion, even an elephant. In Africa, a man can ward off a lone lion attack with a simple stick. The lion fears violent retribution. It’s no different than white people. I have never in my life encountered a white boy who was tough by himself. However, when a group of 10 white boys or more are together against a lesser group of people, they have all the balls in the world. Lions are no different, they like to prey on the weakest animal in the jungle by separating them from their group. White people have singled out black people as their prey, because they understand that black unity is hard to achieve. If all 54 countries in Africa united, and pooled their resources to build stronger economies, currencies and armed forces, no other group on the planet would stand a chance against them. Unity is our weakness, and it is a weakness created long ago when white people landed in Africa. Since then, they have focused more on innovative ways to maintain that stronghold on Africa. Now, as far as their stronghold on us in America, it is done through legislation, incarceration. drug wars, guns access, crime, and a division between the educated blacks and the disadvantaged blacks. We must be aware of their manipulation tactics in order to escape their grip of control.
I understand that “Black Lives Matter” as a movement is supposed to be putting a microscope on the plight of black people against injustice, but do the research to find out who’s financing this movement. They have to counter everything we do, in order to create balance. Has Black Lives Matter reduced the number of police killings in the black community? That’s a simple no. However, the counter argument will always be that we kill more black people in the hood ourselves. Of course, that is the case, but we’re not scrutinizing the root of the violence perpetuated against our people by our people. Just as the Africans aren’t paying attention to the reason why they feel they need to engage in a civil war against their fellow Africans over dumb reasons. It’s all orchestrated by white people, and it is their way of depopulating the African race worldwide. We are quick to believe that white people can be our friends, without analyzing their fears over our friendship. Your white liberal brethren is not going to allow you to force him into a corner where his white privilege is stripped from him. No matter how progressive a white person can seem to be, it is innate in white people to want control and dominance over others. White people instilled an inferiority complex in black folks many generations ago that have been passed down. It is up to us to decipher their ways and the means that we need to use to overcome what they have done over the last few centuries. There’s really no counter attack against white oppression other than black unity. However, we have too many agents that are willing to sellout their own people for their own personal gain. The situation across Africa is sad, because the white people from the West have banded together like a pride of lions, to put the financial restraints over African countries over their own resources. The Chinese have also decided to bring their own chair to the table to feast on the steak that is the African continent. They’re already taking over and controlling industries in a few countries in Africa over defaulted loans. We shouldn’t be so quick to judge the Chinese, though, because they’re only following the blueprint that white people created long ago. Most of the leaders in Africa aren’t patriotic and they don’t love black people.Those sentiments are also found in America and the Caribbean as well. As black people, we should make every effort to find a way to love one another on a level that will be impenetrable by white hatred. I would rather see a movement of “black love and black pride,” instead of a fictitious “black lives matter movement” financed by racist white people. A black pride and black love movement needs no financing. It is the duty of each black individual to change their attitude toward their fellow black men and women. The strength of black unity, pride and love will weaken white power and white supremacy.
Just in case some people don’t know what I mean, let me break it down for you:
When you start to develop black pride and black love, your black sense automatically comes into play, and you will suddenly see black people in a different light. Your attitude toward your fellow black people will change, and you will understand that black progress from any individual from our community will benefit all black people. You will become more conscious of where and how you spend your money. The greater good for the black community will make sense to you. You will make black-owned businesses your first choice for spending, and you will try to tackle problems affecting us as a group. No one will have any influence over the decisions you make in life, because your decisions will yield results that will benefit your community at large. No longer will we allow puppet politicians and preachers who believe Trump is the best thing for the black community, to represent us. We will collectively root out the sellouts who want to fake their way to leadership positions for personal gain. When you develop black pride, you and your children will walk with your head up high. You will not allow the destruction of your own community by anybody. You will honor your women and children, and protect them with your life. Black pride and black love is the only thing that can change the black community. We have been forced into a position of distrust and hate for so long, everything we do is counterproductive for black people as a group. There has to be a light bulb somewhere trying to shine through that tunnel of darkness that our minds have become, but we must find a way to turn the switch on first.
The change that we need is gonna have to come from within, and we’re gonna have to be honest with our own assessment and evaluation of our community and people. I understand that many of our people are so far gone, that it seems they’re at the point of no return, but we must not think that way, because even a homeless person can find his way home. Let’s work on strengthening ourselves, so that our offspring don’t become a pawn in their mess of control and exploitation! This cyclical suffering must stop!