An open letter to my daughters.

My dear beautiful princesses,

It is with a heart filled with love that I write this letter to you today. I can only address certain issues for now, because I really have no idea what the future holds for either of you. All I know is, everything about my life has changed since the two of you came into my life. I don’t just want to be a dad, protector and provider, but I also want to be your guide, and set the best examples for you to follow, so you can avoid the traps of generational curses, and cyclical dysfunctions for the women in my family, and other black female victims in society. I’m nowhere near perfect as a human being or father, but I promise to always be the best father that I can be to both of you. There’s no blueprint in place for me to follow, so I must establish my own blueprint, and I know that I will falter along the way. The best that I can do is learn from my mistakes, and hope for your forgiveness for my lack of knowledge and experience in certain areas. I promise to do for you everything that I wish my own father should’ve done for me. My job as a father is to ensure a proper upbringing, a decent and well-balanced life, and a just education for the two of you.

I understand it’s a tough world out there and neither of you are old enough to even understand what I’m saying right now, but please understand that I worry about you. I wake up worrying about you everyday. If there was a place I could go to obtain superpowers, I would make that sacrifice for a better future for both of you. I hope to live vicariously through both of you one day. What I mean by that is, I want to watch you pursue your dreams without worrying about your personal livelihood on a daily basis. There were so many things that I wanted to be and wanted to do growing up, but I was limited. Life happened early for me. I didn’t have the luxury of becoming all I could be. I want to remove those limitations for you, and offer you a world with endless opportunities. I want you to understand that you are both  beautiful, intelligent and talented young girls who will develop to beautiful, intelligent and talented women one day. I want to be there every step of the way, and I can’t wait to display my pride when you’re able to tell the world the significant role I have played in your lives as a father and dad. I don’t hide the fact that my most important accomplishment in life has been my role as a father in your lives. I have had my happiest moments with the two of you, and it’s always joyous to be around you two. Still, I worry. The reason why I worry is because cowardice racist white men are attacking black women, and there doesn’t seem to be too many black men around to protect and defend them. I worry a man might think it’s okay to put his hands on you, even though I’ve made it my mission to never use corporal punishment to discipline you. That whipping and hitting crap is for slaves. I worry I didn’t have a son, so you could have a brother to stand up for you when punk ass men think you can be their doormat. I worry about spending the rest of my life in prison defending your honor against just about any man who wants to be disrespectful, abusive or hurtful to you. I worry that most men nowadays believe that most black women are gold diggers, waiting to be taken care of by them. I worry that a lot of women no longer see the value in being classy and feminine, because they are being sold on feminism. I worry that a two-piece bra and panties has become the uniform for all black female performers, no matter how successful they are. I worry that most young black female artists don’t understand their value, and are trying to be role models to little girls. The blind can’t lead the blind. I worry that society will continue to take advantage of your gender, even though you may be more capable than any man that they value more. I worry about men like Trump and Harvey Weinstein taking advantage of you, which would be a straight ticket to prison for me. I worry that you may be looking for love in all the wrong places some day. I worry that you may be influenced by the wrong people, despite my hard work to help guide you. I worry that you may think experimenting with drugs is cool. I worry that you may try to find your worth in a man. I worry you may feel there’s a ceiling to your achievements. And I worry that you may not understand my job is to teach you love, and the hard lessons that will prepare you for life, and sometimes you will get upset at me for trying to enforce those values.

I understand my job is to set the standards for the man that you will seek to marry later in life, but my standards are not always going to be the best. I have my faults, and you must recognize those faults, and not be attracted to them. I want y’all to understand there’s nothing wrong with nice guys. They are good for you. A lot of them will treat you the way you want to be treated. The way I want you to be elevated from princesses to queens one day. Bad boys are often insecure men who are looking for attention, because no one was there to give them the attention they needed as children. I know about this firsthand. I’ve been there. While I’m trying my best to set the best example as a provider, I also want y’all to know that you must be your own provider as well. You should never rely on anybody to provide for you. The most important part of any relationship is shared responsibilities. You must understand that you have to fulfill your role and hold up your part of any relationship. No one should be burden to carry a relationship alone. It doesn’t work that way. Last but not least, you must always be honest with your family, friends and partner, no matter how much it might hurt them. Being honest actually brings peace of mind to you. No one can ever call you a liar. In the face of adversity, you must embrace your true self and understand that no one is responsible for your action in life but you.

With all that said, I want both of you to know that I love you with all my heart and I will always fight for you with my last breath. Being a father has not been a job to me, it’s been a wonderful journey full of adventures.



Forced humiliation!

There is something sinister taking place in America and around the world, and it has white supremacy, racism and imperialism written all over it. Black folks have not been paying too much attention, but there’s a narrative being portrayed out there that black people should be lucky if they walk away unscathed from an interaction or altercation of any kind with a police officer. First of all, no one in society should feel their life is in danger, just because they have an encounter with a police officer. Whether it’s behind the wheel, for a traffic infraction, or somebody’s sitting on their own porch, because some stupid racist asshole decides to use 911 as their racist enforcement against black people, black folks should not be victimized. Black folks are accepting this narrative, and too many of them are calling themselves lucky, just because they haven’t been shot by a cop after getting pulled over, or being addressed by a cop. You don’t have to do what I do, because my job is to raise your awareness to white supremacy, racism, and the well-oiled machine of white imperialism. We are being forced to cower, and give up our human dignity at the hands of cops. These cops are the enforcers of white supremacy at the lowest level. The district attorneys, judges and white juries are on the next level.

I just recently watched a video of a young black male getting pulled over by a white cop at gun point. When the young man asked, “Why do you have your gun pointed at me?” The white officer replied, “Because you’re not white.” This is blatant racism, and it’s part of a campaign to instill fear in black people, and force them into a position of humiliation, and to make them feel powerless. White supremacy has infiltrated every aspect of society. A politician in Georgia recently admitted that he has no problem with Trump using the N word. We have openly racist politicians running for office, and some of them are going to win. There’s a mostly black town in Georgia being denied the right to vote in the upcoming general state elections. We also had a white nincompoop who was getting arrested at the airport in Florida who felt the need to blurt out “You’re treating me like a black person,” while he used his white privilege to get combative with the cops. This dude is a doctor. White people are fully aware of the inhumane treatment black people receive at the hands of cops. They choose to stay silent. Silence is the supporter of injustice.  There’s another recent incident where a black man holding his baby was tased for no reason. How do you tase someone who’s a holding a newborn baby? Okay, this shit is getting inhumane to the point where these racist bastards don’t even give a fuck anymore. The time has come for black people to let go of their passive attitudes toward white people, their docility at the hands of cops, and their subservient position in America. At some point in life, everyone must establish some type of dignity. We cannot afford to raise another generation of cowards who will continue to allow white people to dictate the confines of our humanity. Too many of you are absent-minded of white history. When Napoleon and the rest of these cock-sucking racists set out to conquer Africa, they did it by the shipload. They were always outnumbered, but they managed to control an entire continent through force, violence, and intimidation. The same thing is happening today. Black folks are being forced into a subservient position, where they are forced to accept whatever type of livelihood imposed on them by white people.

There’s no fucking reason in the world that a black man or a black woman should feel lucky to walk away from a white officer for having done nothing wrong. Black parents are being forced to train their kids on ways to interact with officers. What the fuck are you raising, dogs? White boys are apprehended fully armed after murdering dozens of people, without a scratch on their bodies, but black people are being murdered without any weapons on them, or having killed anybody?  Furthermore, we should stop using Trump as the reason these racists are now starting to make their presence felt. Trump has been president for less than 2 years. His base of racists was established long before he announced his candidacy. This police chief in Florida was telling his officers to randomly arrest black men for no reason to keep crime down in his district, way before Trump became president. This asshole should be under a jail cell. Now, just pay a little closer attention to the way white supremacy is being invoked right before your eyes. What are the consequences to these people’s injustice against black people? This police chief is not even charged for the crime that he forced his officers to commit against an entire community. His officers are absolved from punishment, because they were following his directives. There’s a domino effect here with no culpability. It’s as if we’re watching Trump violate every single law and rule of the presidency, but no one has yet brought any charges against him, or even tried to impeach him. If you’re not noticing what’s taking place, you’re not just in a coma, you’re mentally dead. Never mind the fact that white cops get to go on a vacation and receive severance packages after murdering innocent black people, but prosecutors who knowingly send innocent black people to prison for long sentences, are dealt no repercussion for their heinous crimes against humanity. To take this on a grander scale, George W. Bush should be serving at least 50 consecutive life sentences for international crimes against humanity, but white supremacy seems to be above the law. Most US presidents should be buried under a jail cell, but when you’re white, you don’t have to follow any laws. White people can send their armies marching into sovereign republics to arrest and murder leaders at their own will, but nobody can touch these white people, though. The very thing that black people are trying to avoid, is the very thing that’s going to land them in bondage once again. We cannot live peacefully among a group of violent people that are against peace. There’s nothing more peaceful than watching innocent animals in their natural habitat, but white people have a problem with that. They must feed their need for violence and thirst for blood, by killing these innocent animals, and collect them as trophies. Yeah, you’re a real hero for killing a nonthreatening giraffe.

Immigrants tend to be the most blind people of them all. They honestly believe America and these other European countries present them with the most opportunities, without once realizing that these imperialist countries are the reason why there’s no opportunity in their own country. It’s like me coming over to your house to take your TV, microwave, computer, phone, refrigerator, food and everything else that you need, but at the same time, I want to now invite you to my house to enjoy all the shit that I took from you with my own established rules and guidelines. Immigrants are so fucking shortsighted, they don’t pay any attention to the reasons why they’ve had to flee their homeland to begin with. You can blame it on your government at home all you want, but destabilization and instability in any country around the world is always financed by the imperialists, on both sides. The US, France and England will deliver guns to both sides of a civil war in any country around the world. Why get involved when they can help you kill each other from afar? The same shit happens in America. Black people are killing each other daily, and the government is more than happy to provide the ammunition. You must also understand that ammunition doesn’t always come in the form of guns and other manufactured weapons. Drugs are part of the ammunition. Columbia is a long way from the ghettos of America, but cocaine and other drugs are easily accessible in every ghetto in America. That ammunition usually leads to devastation. Reagan is a primary example of the devastation crack caused in the black community. Too many of you are too fucking scared to fight their tactics, and force them into a position of fear with the intent of unadvertised revenge. We have suffered enough at the hands of white people. It is time to stop their control, and all the bullshit they have been doing around the world to subjugate us as a people.

Unfortunately, few black people are able to travel around the world to compare and contrast the conditions of black folks worldwide. Most of the black people in Africa and the Caribbean can hardly afford to survive, much less earn enough money to get a visa to travel anywhere, so they are forced to live in their cocoon of pain without knowing the suffering that their brethren experience worldwide daily. They are sold on a land of milk and honey abroad. They strive to make it abroad at all cost. Some of them have spent their life savings to come to a land where they are despised and treated as second class citizens. The reality, though, they still believe it’s better than their homeland; at least those who are able to escape their home hell to land in the belly of the beast.  Meanwhile, the black folks in America are too impacted socially and economically to see beyond the ghettos where they are forced live. The ghettos are prisons without bars. The CO’s (Correction Officers AKA cops) come as they please to regulate the ghetto, and when someone in the ghetto go against the rules and regulations of white supremacy, they are are unjustifiably murdered at the hands of these overseers who are protected by the justice system, primarily made up of district attorneys, white juries and judges. Only a district attorney can prosecute a murderer. Half the district attorneys in America have a white robe hanging in their closets, as less than 10% of district attorneys nationwide are black. You really think we stand a chance? We have to start thinking beyond the realm of our controlled world, in order to see the new campaign that white supremacy has unleashed against the black community. These are not isolated incidents. Too many of us are blinded by fake opportunities, which create the delusion that we live in an inclusive society. Your job, education, car, house and ability to live under the rules set forth by white people do not make America a just society. In an inclusive society, we wouldn’t have to be screaming “Black Lives Matter!” Let’s not get fooled by the labels set by these political oligarchs either. You can believe the democrats are liberal all you want, but I don’t see them gunning to impeach Trump like they should. I don’t see these democrats introducing legislation to prosecute cops, district attorneys who knowingly charge innocent people with crimes, judges who violate people’s civil rights, and the racists who want to murder the entire world because they’re angry with themselves. Nah, some of these people are so called liberals and democrats as well. Maxine Waters doesn’t seem to have too many democratic allies, whenever she stands up against these republican assholes. If you want to believe in liberals, you have not been paying too much attention to the abuse of black people. Liberal white people must forgo some of their white privilege, in order for black people to see any equality. Now ask yourself, would you forgo your own privileges for the betterment of another group that is responsible for the very privileges that you enjoy? It’s just commonsense, folks. I’m not a genius. I’m just a better analyst of white people than a lot of people. I also have more time in my hands than most people, because I realized long ago, while black people are forced to report to the plantation every morning for their survival to enrich white people for many generations to come, white people are innovating subjugation and exploitation tactics in ways that are beyond the scope of the average thinking man. They always stay 10 steps ahead of us. I’m always right on their heel, looking at the finish line, to hopefully one day meet them at their own demise. Too many black people don’t even know that they are slaves right now, and will forever remain slaves through their lifetime. That is a pity!

Loving the idea of love…

Normally, I wouldn’t even look at my computer on a Sunday. I refuse to work on Sundays, not because of any religious belief or anything like that, but because I like to lounge around and just rest, or chill at my own will. However, I woke up inspired with a thought this morning because of an article I just read on Rihanna.  Really.

I’m no expert at love, but I can be pretty skillful romanticizing love whenever I decide to take the time to sit down and write a book. It’s mostly fantasy, though, which is the reason why it works so well for my readers. The idea of love is a fantasy for both, men and women. Love is something that most people have the ability to romanticize in their own way, but not everyone can articulate it in a way that can bring clarity to their relationship. As many books as I have written that depicted so many different romantic relationships, I find it difficult to even define what love is to me personally. Unfortunately, too many people show up as their representative in search of love in the beginning of a relationship. Once a person is smitten by a representative, it’s difficult for that person to go back to the truth of who they really are. Showing up as who they are in a relationship from the very beginning, seems to be the most difficult thing for people to do. Gauging potential from a person can be difficult, because it takes time to peel the layers to uncover the truth about a person. We’re not so much in love with the idea of love, but we tend to fall in love with the action of love. A lot of us are walking around empty and in need of fulfillment. Some of us don’t even know what it is, but there are people out there who can examine your needs right away, and they can become skillful chameleons to fulfill your needs. Any need can be romanticized in a relationship, so we tend to fall in love with the idea of a romanticized need fulfilled.

Some people are out there looking for a mother or father figure. When your love shows up in the shape of a caring woman who can nurture you in ways that you never experienced, it can automatically trigger your mind to believe that this person is what you’ve wanted and needed all your life. In fact, you can take their caring ways and start to romanticize it in your head, without even opening your eyes to the flaws of the person. If that one need is fulfilled in the relationship, we tend to internalize it as love. It’s no different than a caring man showing up in the life of a woman who suffered from “absent father syndrome.” If that man treats her well, and is always a gentleman in the areas that she’s lacking, she can in turn take that experience and romanticize it to be something that fills a void she has experienced all her life. Most often love takes shape in the wrong way, otherwise the divorce rate wouldn’t be so high, and there wouldn’t be so many single women. There are plenty of men and women out there who want their financial needs met. So, when a person shows up to take care of their financial needs, the gesture is automatically equated to love, even when love doesn’t exist. When people want to fall in love, they tend to “remix” every gesture in their head to find romanticized gestures to fulfill the love that they seek. I’m sure you have heard plenty of women brag about how romantic her guy might be, just because he takes her shopping, away on trips, or just gives her money for no reason. Not too many men are in a position to do these things, so women who meet these rare finds tend to think these are romantic gestures related to love. For some guys, that’s all they know how to do to impress women. They may lack in every other area. That giving gesture is often romanticized in a way that is fulfilling to so many women, even men they aren’t attracted to, can potentially become their partner in love. We tend to label these people “gold diggers,” but the real issue is what they lacked all their lives. When a a girl grows up without a male provider all her life, as her mom struggles to provide the basic necessities for her, she’s growing up with a void that was never filled. No daddy ever walked through the door with bags of toys and clothing for her. It’s an experience she’s lacking, and she will somehow seek to fill that void, and any man that comes along who can make her feel like a princess, instead of a queen, will do. I’m not making a blanket statement here, but a lot of women tend to want to fill that void of an absent father in their personal relationship. There are grown ass women out there looking for a daddy. There are grown ass men out there looking for a mommy as well. I might be one of them. LOL. Contrary to popular belief, not all mothers are loving, and not all women want to raise their children and be mothers.

Love is so subjective, there are people out there who wake up every day in physical pain and abuse, but they somehow translate their pain as love. There’s a huge difference between a translation and a definition. When you translate someone’s ill will toward you as love, you are suffering from a chronic mental illness that keeps you from reality. It’s no different than lying and cheating. People who lie and cheat translate their action in a way that covers the scars and the pain they cause to themselves and others as love. Unfortunately, I have had my share of pathological liars and cheaters. My translation, however at the time, was that I was the better man. She wanted me because I was better than what she already had. A little delusional on my part, you think? I never once thought, “the same way you get them is the same way that you lose them.” I suffered from this chronic mental illness for a while. I haven’t met too many completely detached women in my life. What I mean by that is, I have met plenty of monkeys in the jungle. In the jungle, a monkey won’t let go of a branch, until that monkey gets her hand on another branch. I was always that other branch, until somebody else became the other branch to my relationship. I had to pull myself out of the jungle. Single women are hard to meet. though. A lot of women are only single in their heads, and until they meet the next man that they believe is better than the current man they’re dating. Women are much better at this than men. They are more calculated. I know so many women who live with men that they can’t stand, or are just not in love with anymore, but they won’t leave until they find security in another relationship. Most men aren’t built that way. We’ll leave a relationship even if it’s gonna hurt us financially.  I don’t want to deal with any woman who’s not completely single anymore. That player mentality bullshit is for the birds, because Karma don’t play that shit. There are so many people out there who are afraid of being by themselves, not necessarily alone, but it is sickening how they are defining love. They hold on to pain, heartache, resentment, infidelity, mistrust and so much more, until they can find deliverance in a new person. No such love can exist if someone didn’t let go long enough of their pain to heal. The mirror is a mother, but it’s the best reflection of reality. Too many people are afraid to look at the man/woman in the mirror. The most simple answers and solutions can be found in the mirror. When we translate our pain to serve our needs, we tend to correlate it with love. When we define our position in a relationship to fill a void, we embrace it as love. Some women are so blinded to love, they’d romanticize a simple gesture like “a guy sending them flowers,” to berate a husband who pays the mortgage, utilities and all the other important needs in their lives.  Do you know how many woman are out there cheating because they don’t think their husband or partner is romantic enough? If what you feel you’re lacking is romance in your life, any Joe will do. A dozen roses and dinner at a fancy restaurant for one night cannot replace the hard work and dedication that your husband may have to his family. Flowers and a meal simply do not equal to a roof over your head, a warm house, running water, electricity and stability. Having sex in the car or getting spontaneous head from some random horny chick looking for excitement is not equaled to the stability that your wife brings to your home. People are so shortsighted sometimes, they screw up love.

I honestly believe that true love can only happen once in a lifetime, but acceptable love can take place over and over again. Men and women tend to change their standards as they get older, because most often, they are looking for acceptable love after their desired fantasy of love wane. They might’ve messed up real love at some point in their lives, but now acceptable love will do. Their desired partner used to have to meet a certain height, weight, educational level, beauty standard and so on, but as father time takes over, those standards are thrown out the window, because acceptable love is just fulfilling enough. The slightly overweight person is sweet all of a sudden. The woman with a smaller butt is kind. The shorter man is generous. The guy with the oval head is cute now. And the changes to that list go on forever. No one has ever beaten father time, not even in love. We all grow with time, and our standards and taste tend to change over time. Still, we always manage to attach love to the changes that take place in our lives, and we romanticize everything to fulfill our need for love.

We need to be more disciplined financially.

Black people/the poor are taken advantage of by the system so much, sometimes I get tired of it. From overdraft fees, to late payment fees, to excess premiums on life, car, and property insurance, it takes a toll to be black and poor in this country. The system is built on the back of the less fortunate.
I try my best to educate as much as possible, to make sure you all are financially literate, but the system is always one step ahead. A lot of you who have no choice but to use your credit cards, are probably paying an exuberant amount in interest that you have no idea can keep you in debt for the rest of your life. Those credit card debt can also prevent you from ever becoming a homeowner. Please make sure you call your bank to have them remove additional interests from your credit cards after you have paid them off. This is a common practice where the banks charge extra ineterest that they should not legally charge to your card. However, if you don’t call them to have it removed, you’re just fattening the pockets of the bankers.
Not too long ago I wrote a post to teach you all how to avoid paying interest on your credit cards, while maintaining your good credit. I hope my advice is being put to good use. These banks make billions of dollars every year off interest, because they understand that most poor people lack the necessary financial discipline to function in a society that makes sure a carrot is dangling in front of them every year. In addition, poor people don’t have the expandable income to afford some of the basic luxuries they would like to have. Credit cards are used as an alternative form of payment, when extra money can’t be gotten. They are also the cause behind so many people’s credit being ruined in the black community. You may think I’m exaggerating, but it actually benefits the banks and other businesses when you have poor credit. There’s always going to be new phone that is released every year, but you don’t really need it. However, because you are poor and your self-esteem is attached to shit you can’t afford, you make every effort to upgrade your phone for no goddamn reason. I don’t get a new phone unless mine is completely nonfunctional, so a phone lasts me at least 5 years. Apple is now worth 1 trillion dollars, thanks to all those poor people who continue to waste their money buying the latest gadgets from Apple. Is Apple giving scholarships to your kids to go to college? We are building up these companies, and they give us nothing back in return. We need to stop. Apple doesn’t even have a program to increase diversity that includes black people in their company.
Poor credit certainly equals to higher interest rates to the consumer, and more money to the lenders. These piranhas are more than happy to enforce their predatory lending laws in the black community. Rent-A-Center seems to be everyone’s favorite, where black people get to pay four times the price for any item they want over their lifetime. Big screen televisions are hot sellers, and by the time they get done paying it off, there’s a new model on the market. The cyclical needs and want for poor people is different than the needs of rich people. A lot of rich people don’t waste money on the latest electronic gadgets, but poor people certainly feel the need to. Layaway plans and other forms of available financing make the poor believe what they want is attainable. However, what the banks are doing is keeping you poor and indebted to them indefinitely. The best way for the system to keep you captive, is to make sure you are indebted to them. Once you are in debt, there’s no more freedom. You can’t quit your job. You can’t take days off at work. You can’t call out sick. Everyone controls you when you are in debt. We have to make sure we do a better job to educate our children, so they don’t repeat the mistakes of the parents.
Unfortunately, it may be a little too late for many black children, as some of their parents have already ruined their credit the minute a social security number was issued to them. Utility bills arrive with their names attached as newborns. Cable, telephone and other unnecessary bullshit that their parents can’t afford to get on their own, are passed on to them, setting the children in a financial hole from birth. Some black parents are unconscionable, and they don’t deserve to be parents. You are supposed to provide for your children and protect them until they become adults. Unfortunately, too many black parents see their children as a come-up. Whether they are using the child support laws, which sometimes allow them to deprive the child access to his father, or using the child’s social security number for their own benefit to access material bullshit, we are doing a disservice to our children. They should not be paying the price for our lack of discipline. The revolving doors of poverty is a cycle that we must consciously make the decision to end. White people don’t look out for you, they look out for their white system that subjugates you. When you are receiving public assistance, and you are forced to reveal the name of your child’s father, the system wants to make sure the father repays every dime they ever assisted you with first. They don’t care about your child like you think they do. Otherwise, these judges and district attorneys wouldn’t let these murderers walk every time a black child is murdered by them.
White folks don’t care that a minor had no say in his/her credit getting ruined by a parent. No child wants to send his/her parents to prison for credit fraud. It’s a catch 22, but the losers are always the children. We have to do better!

When will we rise?

We have a lot of cowards in the black community who believe they have what it takes to become a leader, without learning the history of black leadership worldwide. You can’t be a true leader if you don’t understand that death comes with true black leadership. That means, you shouldn’t repeat the mistakes of your predecessors. Don’t die in vain!
We can talk about the modern notables like Dr. King, Malcolm X, Steve Biko, Patrice Lumumba, and Kwame Nkrumah, and we all know that they were all murdered, and their murder was orchestrated by the CIA. When you look at the history of these leaders, they were all the head of the snake. Once decapitated, the bodies of the cowards they left behind retrieved back into their holes. We cannot continue on the same course. We have to train more than one Dr. King, more than one Malcolm X, more than one Patrice Lumumba and more than one Kwame Nkrumah. There must be hundreds of them willing to put their lives on the line when a leader is killed, and the hundreds must train their millions of followers to exact revenge on the assassins who murder their leaders. We have not fought back.
All these black leaders were killed, and not one CIA member was touched. How can that be? You can’t continue to allow your leaders to get killed, and you don’t exact revenge on their murderers. How is your movement going to continue if everyone goes back to their regular life after their leader is killed? Jail should never be an option. When you’re in a war, you’re supposed to fight to the death. Black Panther members shouldn’t remain in prison after 46 years. What good is a movement when all your members are in prison? I don’t respect prisoners. Nobody should be willing to become a prisoner of war. If you can’t live as a dignified man, you don’t fucking deserve to live at all. We’re not gonna go back to square one anymore. We must keep up pace and continue the fight to let these people know we’re gonna fight until their fucking great grandchildren live with the fear that we’re fucking coming for them. White people are all about control and fear. They want to control us and instill fear in our people. That has worked since the beginning of time, but when do we stand up and stop this shit? It takes valor. We have all these white militias, and white boys talking racist shit like they’re tough. These bastards can’t even take a punch to the jaw. I’m not the only one who has seen the videos of racists getting knocked out left and right, because they are too weak to fight us. However, too many of us lack valor. Individual match ups are won, but what are we doing collectively to train ourselves for their war? The federal government, CIA, FBI, US armed forces aren’t coming to save us. They are part of white supremacy. Our subjugation at large works to their advantage. These motherfuckers are killing babies in their concentration camps, while separated from their families.
White people have been able to control black people in America, Brazil, Africa, the Caribbean, because they’re using the same old tactics and blueprint that worked during slavery. Whenever they kill one of us to set an example, the rest of us run. We can’t live like that anymore. How many black men have been killed and nothing is done about it? We already know the justice department is not willing to prosecute anybody, because they think of us as worthless. It is up to us to add value to our lives. That can only happen when we decide to stand up and fight back. Fuck all that kumbaya shit! We have to fight fire with fire. We shouldn’t allow any cop to come into our neighborhood, murder anybody, and leave us as witnesses to their action. They are basically telling us we’re subhumans to be hunted at will. The cops should be dealt with, and not in anybody’s fucking courtroom either. There’s never any justice there. They have all types of laws to murder black people, including “Stand Your Ground,” and black people aren’t doing shit to stop the slaughtering of our people. Get your guns and get ready, because a war has been going on, and too many of y’all have been waving the white flag. Man the fuck up, so we can stop this bullshit. Also, white people don’t outnumber us like they want you to believe. That’s a tactic they use to keep us from fighting back. We have the numbers, and we must push back before we face annihilation at their hands like the Indians.

The mind of a slave

The Mind Of A Slave
One of the most exhilarating feelings in the world, is when you’re able to tell a racist piece shit white boss, “Take your job and shove it up your ass. I fucking quit!” Not many people get to do that in their lifetime, but you should try it, though. That’s a feeling of freedom that I will never forget. I say all this to highlight how impactful a statement it would be, if all the Dallas Cowboys players were to get on that field and kneel together, leaving Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliot, and racist ass Jerry Jones and his son to fall on their racist ass faces in front of the world on opening day. It’s only wishful thinking on my part, because the plantation owner seems to have managed to make these players believe he has the upper hand in this situation. The black players are completely unaware of the fact that there is no Dallas Cowboys without them. Jerry Jones, the plantation owner, gets to call the shots. His highly paid slaves are more than happy to follow his directives.
A lot of black folks don’t even know they are slaves, even though most of them live like slaves every day. Jerry Jones is just one billionaire in the limelight who gets to expose his racism to the world, because he’s in the business of sports. How many Jerry Jones are out there in corporate America? How many field Negroes like Dak Prescott are out there working in corporate America? The circumstances of the football players aren’t any different than the circumstances that many black people face every day at work. Keep in mind, Jerry Jones is not alone in his thinking, and his forceful position against his highly paid slaves. There are plenty of other owners who share those same sentiments. As a matter of fact, there are also plenty of former slaves who left Jones’ plantation who agree with his stance. The mind of a slave is usually controlled by money. As long as a slave can get paid for being a slave, he’s comfortable in his position as a slave. Retired players who played for Jerry Jones can’t seem to get past the paychecks they earned while playing for him. It’s almost as if the slave owners who fed their slaves well were good people. That’s as close as an analogy I can give you right now.Some people might question why I’m referring to NFL players as slaves. Well, check out the process when they’re getting signed, it’s nothing less than a slave auction with a bunch of muscular naked men displaying their physical prowess for their buyer, I mean owner, I mean team president.
Moving on to the way the mind of a slave works…football players are no different than the average black worker. They just have a higher pay scale, and more vacation time than the rest of us. However, their livelihood depends more on their physical abilities and mental capabilities, occasionally. Not all these players use their brain on the field. The smarter players understand why Kaepernick had to do what he did. Still, they’re not cerebral enough to understand what it would take for Kaepernick’s stance to make an impact in their overall lives. Despite all the money they earn, they have yet to realize they are still black, and are even more of a target for murder by police, because they like to drive around in expensive cars, and live in big mansions near white people. Ask Ving Rhames how that almost worked out for him? Anyway, a slave is a controlled human being who’s under the hypnosis of his master without knowing it. Like I said, many black people are slaves, but they don’t know that they are. They’ve been under white hypnosis for so long, they have learned to function that way. Call it “a sunken place,” if you will.
Here’s what most slaves do, and why they often can’t take a stance against the injustice they face:
1- They live way above their means.
Most black people spend more money than they earn, so they usually put themselves in a position where they are at the mercy of their boss or employer. These football players can’t band together, because most of them spend more money than was guaranteed to them in their first contracts. They’re relying on the next contract in 3-4 years to sustain their lifestyle. Regular black folks do the same shit. They have Hyundai money, but they’re at the Mercedes dealership shopping for a car they can’t afford. When they can’t afford a brand new Mercedes, they usually buy a used one that’s gonna cost them thousands of dollars to maintain. In addition, they want to buy a mansion when their living wages is set up for a 3 bedroom house. When you live like that, you’ll always be a slave to your boss.
2-Slaves usually spend their check before it reaches their hand.
Black people amass so much debt, they can’t even keep up with them. We buy unnecessary shit, just because we know there’s another paycheck coming in. We don’t save for a rainy day, because we automatically assume that the sun is going to shine every day. Your boss is laughing at you meanwhile, because he knows when you pull up in that Mercedes, you just handed him your livelihood and control over your life through your job, ’cause your paycheck is half his, and he’s driving a Toyota. He’s gonna be the best slave driver you ever met, because he knows you need that job. That’s a real slave for you.
3-Slaves try to keep up with the Joneses.
Educated black folks especially, feel the need to show the world they have arrived. Not withstanding their student loan debt from their 6-8 years in college, these fools also feel they need to advertise their success to the world by buying shit that immediately give them status, a status most can’t afford right after college. They waste money on designer clothing, luxury cars, and usually live in areas they can barely afford, but they look successful to the rest of the world, though. And they are barely treading water. That’s how a slave thinks.
4-Slaves feel the need to impress other slaves.
This one is the funniest one yet, because these slaves are often found hanging at fancy lounges, hip restaurants and clubs owned by the children or relatives of the slave master, you know? white-owned establishments. They go there to display the latest fashion and designer clothing that they are wearing, and are quick to drop $1000.00 on a bottle of liquor that normally costs $50.00 at the liquor store. This is their stage, and they’ll do anything to own it, without realizing the white owner will throw their asses out or discriminate against them at will. Black-owned lounges, restaurants, bars and clubs around the neighborhood are not good enough for them. They need to be downtown where the trendy white folks hang out. They usually take over white establishments on certain nights. These nights are often designated as “Negro night.” White people know to stay away. Keywords like “Hip Hop night” is used. They feel the need to enrich white supremacy further by wasting their money at these white establishments. Typical slave.
5-These slaves think they are better slaves because of their position at work.
Most often these people are supervisors or managers at their company, but they mostly supervise or manage other black employees. They often refer to their good work habit, dedication, education, and drive to justify their position and why they are better than other black people. They are quick to throw around their many degrees, and brag about the different organizations that they are a part of, and most of the time, they’re not even as active in these organizations as they pretend to be. They’re too busy at work to have time to do anything else, but don’t let them tell it. These are the type of slaves who think they’re in charge of the plantation.
6-These slaves believe their masters love them.
In the eyes of these slaves, white people can do no wrong. As long as their boss gives them the overtime when they need it, that boss is the epitome of the picture of that white Jesus hanging on their wall at home and at work. These are your ass kissing slaves.
7-These slaves love their master more than they love themselves.
These slaves usually date out of their race, and they find every excuse in their heads to paint a bad picture of black men and women of their own race. Everything white is right, and everything black is bad. They don’t want to go to places where black people are the majority. Any Hip Hop spot is out of the question, because they automatically assume they might get shot, or get into a fight. They go to bars and stand out like a sore thumb around the white people who wish they weren’t there. White women and white men are gods and goddesses to them, and they will do anything to please them. They’re very submissive to their white partner. However, they like to bump heads with other black people in a relationship. These are basically your Sambos, a slave of a different type, who hate themselves and the skin they were born in.
8-These slaves don’t know that they are slaves.
These people are just lost. They think the world doesn’t see color, and all the black people that are discriminated against brought it on themselves. They blame black folks for dressing a certain way, for talking a certain way, an for acting a certain way in every situation that we face. These are your totally fucking lost slaves.
9-These slaves prepare their children to become slaves.
These folks are in love with the suburbs, white education, white society, white standards, white culture, and white people. They tell their kids to find a great job after college with a white company, and if they work hard enough, they can be just like their white neighbor. Their children usually date out of their race, because they are often the token Negro at the school they attend. If there’s another token female there, she’s more likely to be into white boys. These are your comatose slaves. These people aren’t even aware of the black world. They see a fictitious utopia in their heads.
10-These slaves are very comfortable in their positions as slaves.
This particular category includes all of the above categories, because for the most part, black people are very comfortable in their position as second class citizens, not just in this country, but worldwide. They don’t like to challenge white people in any way, so they just do what they’re told, and accept anything that white people dish out to them. They love to march, beg and protest peacefully. These are your comfortable slaves, and that’s most black people. If we weren’t so comfortable as slaves, white people wouldn’t be able to sleep at night, given all the shit they have done to us.